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The Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Portuguese, Thai and Turkish names given are not official.
In many ways it represents the simplest of numbers, yet can also be perceived as being very complex. Of course, you stand a chance to strike gold!While we have a personal prime number or a lucky number according to numerology, there are other ways to generate a combination of numbers that will bring luck and prosperity.Check out some of the following websites that can inspire you to create your own lucky numbers!

In many situations, in both the East and the West, this number is also known to be the winner.
In Chinese culture, the number one can also symbolize the union of one heart, or to love one person wholeheartedly for eternity.
Everything in existence begins with one and also comes into awareness with this particular number.

The number one is said to embody masculine energy and is a number that can hold great power for creation.

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