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I loved her winter outfit, one of my favourites(along with Elsa’s beautiful ice dress). I liked Anna from the very beginning if the movie and by the end of it she became one of my favourite disney characters. I am also a big romantic, and would love to see more relationship development between Anna and Kristoff.
I loved Frozen and all the characters that stared in that beautiful move, But out of all of those characters. I thought she had the beautifulest color scheme of all the characters, and I loved all of her costume. There was something so human about her and yet she was so strong, and a lot of people don’t know how hared it is to be social. It’s development which is why I like Kristanna so much(along with RapunzelxFlynn, but whatever).

It didn’t even come to me that Disney made a joke about the whole love at first site, it was pointed out and I guess it made sense. I found it funny when I found out it was apparently a joke but like I said I felt the apparent joke was necessary for Anna. I didn’t get to feel that whole poor Anna when it came to love(beside her and Elsa) because I saw a spoiler about Hans so I was kinda prepared for the whole love at first site not working and Kristoff comes and it became obvious.
Why did you like her so much and what do you hope you’ll see her doing in the second move? It’s the only one Anna has had were she was never pushed away or not trusted in or hurt from.
I think for this movie necessarily it was needed because Anna was also naive and saw the best in people especially since she was kept in for most of her life. But I still wanted to punch Hans in the face for what he said to Anna about how quick she was to marry him.

Anna may not have had the magical touch, but that’s what made her enchanting and lovable. I like that Kristoff is a protective guy and he can get so nervous around Anna because he likes her and he’s also not used to being social with humans.
The last seven years have been heard on me, but I’m looking forwarder to seventy years of happiness and good fortune. Characters that no matter how bad it gets they don’t let the depression of negativity lead their life. They had already done it before in other films of theirs.I thought by making fun of that classic notion that two people could just be meant to be.

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