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You may find youself pre-occupied with an intimate relationship, money or legal matters today. With Venus being their ruling planet they are very inclined to romance and love and have abundant sexual forces.
How to seduce a Taurus woman: Send her flowers, invite her for romantic home-cooked candlelit dinners. Funny joke - One of my friends told me that she has to wear a pretty panties everything, do you know the reason?

Anyway, wearing a lucky underwear, will really make you have confident, for example, after you workout, you wearing a dirty underwear will definitely make you feel shame, or when you are dating your dream lover, when the moment come, will you dare to show your dirty underwear? Here are the lucky underwear designed by different company, mainly, they use clover as pattern, so that's no doubt, lucky underwear has it market, there are many people believe that a speical underwear can bring good luck to them, no matter in love, in wealth or in career.
An example of this is a blessing that a minister or a priest gives at the end of a ceremony.
Later on, people assumed that spoken words were temporary whereas a solid object is more permanent.

Objects that have extraordinary significance such as the splinter believed to be from the cross of Jesus Christ were substituted for the original spoken or sung charms.
If you believe in color, underwear would be the closest item contribute the luck power to you.

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