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The numbers 7, 77, and 777 are considered lucky by both the Brotherhood and the general public. The pineal gland is the only asymmetrical organ in our heads, lying at the perfect geometric center of the brain. The actress Robin Tunney is used repeatedly by the Masons in Hollywood to resonate this OZ theme.
I am a fan of Japanese animation, and i do like Gundam a lot.This post reminded me of OZ ( Organization of the Zodiac) and Romefeller Foundation (the group that controls most other countries, as well as OZ)I love Japanese Animation! If 7 is associated with the knights move, it's connection to devastating, transforming events may, in part, act like a calling card, like the mark of Zoro. I think one thing that's important to understand about qabalists is that they believe in two kinds of Satan. The way to criticize kabbalah logic is this:Being receptive to change and creating change are not good virtues if misdirected. However, the mysticism has taken it far from the subject of mathematics and modern scientists today describe it as a paranormal science.
Numerologists in 2013 claim to give you an insight for the future ahead via a detailed prediction according your lucky number. This prediction is usually made by subjective experience only, which is sometimes claimed to represent 'deep research'. Geometry, Number, Music and Cosmology are the basic universal languages found in every culture.
Almost Killed Over a Formula on How to Win the Lottery, Guaranteed; How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed? Judith from Wrexham, North Wales, UK"I just wanted to thank you for casting the Full Moon Triple Cast Love Spell from the bottom of my heart. Brown is connected with the Element of Earth, the direction North, the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the planet Earth. Wear this colour, decorate your home or just enjoy it within nature to help you become stable and grounded.
Choosing Brown as a favourite colour indicates that you are very in tune with nature and are very gifted in communicating with and dealing with animals.
The use of colour, their colour meanings and what they represent are very important in my  Magic Spell Casting to change destiny for the better!!!

HOMEThe law requires me to state that the contents of this website are for entertainment purposes only. The Fool characterizes the naive explorer, the soul not yet manifest into the material world. At school we are taught that they represent quantities, but their significance is greater: they symbolize an unfolding sequence. One kind of Satan blocks change, the other kind facilitates change.The apostle Peter is rebuked by Jesus, called satan by jesus, for showing compassion towards Jesus and resisting the idea that Jesus must die in Jerusalem (Matthew 16). From numerology to quizzes and iPhone applications, look through these ways of finding your true colors. Many people fail to realize that numerology also can play a big part in where you choose to live. I know the full moon can be powerful but I didna€™t expect such great results so soon."Charles from Smithfield, Queensland, Australia"Thank you so much for the amazing and fantastic extreme success you had in the Return Lover Spell you did.
The reaction I got just days after you cast the Sex Spell was incredible." Nina from Picton, NSW, Australia"I just wanted to share with you the best news ever! It helps bring to reality and down to earth too fanciful and flighty feelings associated with paranoia. Brown is also connected to the Chariot Tarot CardThe colour Brown is used in rituals and Spells for success, creativity, wealth and prosperity. It helps keep your feet on the ground and gives you strength and determination to get any job done. The other 77 cards portray all the emotions and archetypes we all experience throughout our lifetimes.
Brown is not seen as a frivolous or flighty colour and is the preferred colour of both men and women who are practical and like to get things done.
You also have your feet on the ground and are very practical and not afraid to roll your sleeves up and get down to work. It can be applied as much to understanding the development of an embryo as to the building of a cathedral; as much to the creation of a musical score, as to the unfolding of the universe. You helped me in a great way."Terrence from Sacramento, California USA"I wanted to thank you for the Money Spell you cast for me.
Thank you so much Alizon."Yvette from Singapore"The Psychic Ability Spell you cast has begun to work.

It points towards Polaris the North Star which is the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper: again, 7 stars with 4 in its ladle.
The meaning of brown is also associated with a love of nature, animals and the environment. Not only that, they both occurred the same day: April 19th, 1993 for Waco, April 19th, 1995 for Oklahoma City, then on April 19th, 2004 was the Chicago Sears tower bombing attempt. People interpret things from their own perspective, their interpretation is a reflection of themselves.
You can look at it this way: 6 is preparing the conditions, 7 is the motion that creates change, 8 is the storehouse of potential that is created by the change. This has given rise to what we can call the psychopathic reinterpretation of the unfolding universal process. The 2 circles of 8 relate to the yin yang, receptive and active potentials of a storehouse.
Murder, destruction, slaughter, all create change, and therefore good; living peacefully in harmony with others and with nature, not much action, so shockingly evil.
As mathematician-philosophers (for example Pythagoras, Plato and Pope Sylvester II) conspired to keep the universal process an elite secret, the psychopathic interpretation is largely all that remains, and that mostly to the initiated followers of the way of death. Although the psychopathic interpretation of the symbology is warped by their own insanity, their knowledge is still powerful in an ignorant world.
It represents the emergence of the passive, receptive yin quality, and the active, shaping yang quality. 7 embodies emergence, transformation, and the development of the receptive and active potentials. In chess the knight is the only piece that follows a crooked path, the only piece that can leap above others, it’s moves unpredictable, it wrong foots opponents, striking in eight directions.
Defensively and offensively, the knight is tactically the most creative piece on the board.

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