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If you try to open a new Colorbox while it is already open, it will update itself with the new content. Pythagoras Numerology or Modern or Western numerology, Mother Teresa numerology destiny numbers and lucky numerology. Most of us know about Pythagoras as a mathematician who developed a theorem in Geometry which states that in a right angled triangle, the sum of squares of the adjacent two sides will be equal to the square of its hypotenuse. He was able to communicate with Siddhas (enlightened souls) and went back into his past births and visualized his ninety nine thousand past lives in a row. He felt that numbers can be classified as having male or female qualities, introvert or extrovert nature, beautiful or ugly etc. Moody and impulsive, must learn selfishness, carelessness in money matters, inclination for high living. According to Pythagoras, the entire destiny of a person would be decided primarily by the numbers involved in his date of birth and name. Destiny number or Expression number: Destiny number or expression number represents the environment and opportunities that the person will come across in this life. Talent number or Life path number: This number represents the inner talents and abilities of the person and the lessons to be learned.
Since the master number 11 is encountered in the year number, we should not reduce it to a single digit. The Heart’s desire number or Soul urge number: This number represents the inner desire and motivation of the person. The Ultimate number or maturity number: It indicates an underlying wish or desire that gradually surfaces around the middle age of a person. The Challenge number: It represents a weakness or problem that the person has to face in the life. The fourth challenge number can be found from the difference between month digit and year digit.
When we divide the life of a person into 4 parts, these challenge numbers will influence those 4 stages one by one. Destiny number, Talent number, Heart's desire number, Personality number, Ultimate number and Challenge number are called major numbers since the whole picture of one’s life will be decided by these numbers. As I promised on Wednesday, here's how you can get a great collection of potentially life-changing reports, with each report costing less than a Grand Mocha Latte at Starbucks!
Learn the little known -- but astonishingly accurate -- system of Chinese Numerology known as Lo Shu Numerology. This easy-to-do system requires no mathematics, yet allows you to build a complete picture of someone by simply knowing their date of birth. Learn the basics of Western Numerology, and the incredibly accurate insights you can gain about a person from their date of birth and the name that was given to them. Within 24 to 48 hours of working with your Omega Matrix, you will begin to receive thoughts and ideas that will help you move towards the goal of your choosing. Many people carry their Omega Matrix with them at all times, and in the East it is common to place your yantra in a small pouch that is worn around your neck.

Learn how to make your very own horoscope predictions, for any day between today and the year 2040! Best of all, there are no complicated calculations involved, and no previous experience in Astrology is needed. You'll be surprising your friends with your astrological knowledge and ability within just hours of reading this amazing report that simplifies astrology to a new level. Next to the face, the human hand is the most expressive and revealing thing about a person. Have you ever been able to sense the presence of other people before you actually heard or saw them?
Take an enlightening journey into the world of your subconscious mind, as you learn to remember your dreams and interpret their hidden meaning.
To round out this insightful book, there is a section on Omens and Superstitions, including beliefs concerning the Human Body, Animals, Clothing, Household Superstitions, Weddings, and Weather Omens. This is the complete set of lecture notes from my 16-hour weekend workshop on Psychic Development. Learn how to tune into your subconscious and intuitive mind, as you use the power of the pendulum for improved health, happiness, and success. If you have any important decisions to make, the pendulum will provide you with answers you need. If there is any aspect of your life you would like to change, you can literally program your future with a simple pendulum session. Learning to read tarot cards can be a daunting task -- there are 78 different tarot cards, each card having its' own special meaning.
Here's an example: the element for the suit of cups is water, and season for this suit is Summer. When you read this report, you'll be ready to amaze your friends with Tarot Readings that will stun them. The lecture notes alone (the last item in the above list) are worth at least $49.95, so you're really getting all ten books for less than the price of one!
When you order you'll be given instant access to download all ten books, so you can be enjoying them just minutes from now. Born in 570 BC in Samos, Pythagoras was an Astrologer, Numerologist, Musician and a spiritual Guru. He was able to predict earthquakes and calm the waves of the seas and rivers while travelling on. The following are the important numbers in the life of a person, as calculated by Pythagoras system of Numerology.
Observe the word ‘Mother’ has 34 which represents spiritual purity attained by effort and the word ‘Teresa’ has 23 which represents love for people. While calculating Challenge numbers, the master numbers (11 and 22) should also be reduced to single digits.
Apart from these, there are other minor numbers which exert minor influences on a person’s life. Learn the dominant characteristics of the hand, and what they reveal about your character, your talents, and your destiny.

What's more, this system also allows you do to readings with an ordinary pack of cards, should you ever find yourself without a tarot deck. At under $4 per book, it's less than I pay for a Grande Mocha Latte at my local coffee shop. 11 and 22 represent the force of karma (past actions) which leads the person into success or failure in this life. Whereas the 8s represent the executive abilities, the master number 11 represents work at spiritual level and the final number 9 represents sacrificing everything for the sake of helping others. The personality number is calculated by adding the numerical values of the consonants of a name. The Ultimate number is calculated as the sum of Destiny number and Talent number reduced to a single digit or a master number.
Of course, a question arises here: “What happens if one changes one’s name?” Definitely, the change of one’s name will bring changes in most of these numbers. Cups hold water, and you can easily remember the season by recalling which season is best suited for swimming.
After getting enlightenment, he started his own school where he used to teach Numerology and philosophy to his students. While calculating destiny number, we should find the sum of numbers of each word in the name and reduce them to a single digit or master number.
In case of ‘Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu’, the personality number is 2 which represents a person dressed in neatly and giving homely appearance. For example, in case of ‘Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu’, it is 9 + 7 = 16 = 7 which represents a person who is desirous of retiring from worldly affairs and think about spiritual and religious matters.
When these numbers are set harmoniously and without any karmic intervention, then one is bound to get success. While initiating his students, he used to give a secret mantra (sacred sound) to his disciple. For example, the right hand side table shows how the alphabets are numbered in Pythagorean Numerology.
This is why Mother Teresa created her own society for destitute and poor and started doing service. For ‘Mother Teresa’, the heart’s desire number is 22 which is a master number as well as karmic number. In case of ‘Mother Teresa’, the personality number is 8 which shows a person with a neat and executive dress. In case of ‘Mother Teresa’, the Ultimate number is 9 + 3 = 12 = 3 which represents a person who attains success with optimism and self expression. For example, in Bible, it was written that Abram became Abraham and Sarai became Sarah when God promised them a child.

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