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The new AC Power Base & Charger XACU is a 60 amp 12 volt DC power source to power any Lumedyne Power Packs.
Even the Action Packs or #068 Packs or Cyclers which could never run from AC Power before can now operate fully from either version of these two AC Adapters. The XACU also has a built in Hyper Charger with one output to charge a Lumedyne Battery with or without a Power Pack being used on top of it. The XPSU is the smaller and lighter AC Adapter that provides 30 amps of power at 12 volts DC.
THE AC POWER BASE & CHARGER IS THE ULTIMATE WAY TO RUN YOUR LUMEDYNE EQUIPMENT FROM AC POWER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD AS LONG AS YOU ARE NEAR AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET. The Power Pack and Battery shown here are not included with the XACU AC Power Base & Charger. The XACU should only be used to charge Batteries with serial numbers higher than 149300 or modified since 2003. THE AC POWER SUPPLY IS SMALLER AND LIGHTER THAN THE OTHER AC POWER OPTIONS AND IT PROVIDES CONTINUOUS RECYCLING POWER FOR THE PACKS. When this product was announced, some readers balked at the US$325 price tag, as well as expressing misgivings about the unconventional form factor. I tried the VXNA with the Nikon Speedlight SB-800 and the VXCA with the Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-III and Godox ThinkLite TT660. I tried holding the SB-800 X-side down and shaking it violently and couldn’t get the battery pack to fall out. It’s clear that the Flash Recycle Accelerator is doing what it says on the tin — shortening recycle times. The other possible benefit would be taking some of the strain off the batteries inside the flash itself. With a freshly-charged set of AAs alone, the YN560-III managed about the same number of shots before recycle times got too long. It’s clear that the X was reducing the chances (however slightly) of the equipment catching fire. The X Flash Recycle Accelerator is available directly from Lumedyne’s dedicated web site for US$325 per unit. If it were upright, but the same shape, then you wouldn’t be able to swivel the flash head horizontally. No overheats on the SB 800 or 900, particularly useful in keeping the onboard batteries cool on the SB800.

Performs very different and much better than the cheep Chinese extra batteries that only extend battery time but do nothing to speed up the recycle time of the flash. Once you get used to using the X or a Cycler and your flash fires every time at the correct intensity it’s hard to settle for the basic performance and missed shots that the onboard batteries alone provide. I find that the Lumedyne X now lives in my camera bag as a light weight alternative to a cycler battery pack. I’m a professional wedding photographer and found the Lumedyne X to be a great and useful addition to my bag. Lumedyne, is also a great company that really stands behind it’s products that are made in the USA.
Both are international and can run from AC power worldwide while they provide 12 volt DC output so that the Lumedyne Power Packs can run as if they are always connected to a fresh battery. This provides more than enough power for modeling lights and very fast recycling and even accommodates a High Speed Module including the extra fast versions like the XSMX.
The short cable for charging a Battery can be stored inside the unit when not in use just by pushing it gently inside. It is designed to speed up the recycle time of your flash and make the batteries last longer. I decided to reserve judgement until going hands-on with the actual units, and fortunately Lumedyne’s DJ Ladez gave me the opportunity to do so.
The case is strong and the connector isn’t nearly as brittle as perhaps it might appear in photographs. A number of third-party manufacturers use the same types of connectors on their flashes, so you aren’t limited to specifically Canon or Nikon brand units, but everyone seems to put their sockets in a slightly different position so you might want to check that it fits properly first.
The first two combinations fit perfectly — in the case of the SB-800 on the front and the YN560-III on the side. The advantage over other battery packs is that you don’t have a great big box hanging and clanging around your light stand. However the flash kept firing with circa ten-second recycle times for a further 100 shots without running out of juice. But when I removed the batteries (after just 250 frames) they were so hot that an impressive burnt paint smell permeated the air, and the previously-shiny coating on my Infiniums had turned into an interesting matte snakeskin pattern. And having a Propac clipped to my belt was not an issue, even with revellers spilling their pints of beer over it at regular intervals. Apparently there are people out there to whom the Lumedyne X is more appealing, but I’m not entirely sure who those people are.

For your money you get the battery pack, two USB cables, a car charger and universal mains adapter.
I meant that the pack would be straight up, with the broad side to the flash, instead of sticking out that much.
Save your money and get the Lumedyne X it’s a much more useful extremely well built and a real photographers tool. It is strong enough to also include Boosters with the Power Pack but the XPSU is not intended for use with High Speed Modules.
So it seems that concerns about the X snapping or falling off the side of a flash were unfounded. Your experience with other flashes might vary, though.
The positioning of the X on the front of the SB-800 also lets the flash stand upright on a tabletop without the need for a dedicated mini-stand. In terms of recycle speeds, I got the following results, using the Lumedyne X in combination with my usual choice of Panasonic Infinium rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries.
And are you simultaneously so annoyed by the concept of clipping a battery pack to your belt or hanging it from a light stand that you’re prepared to pay more in money and performance to avoid it? There are plans for a UK distributor too, but there is no word on pricing or availability for that yet.
Performs as advertised doubles the life of the onboard batteries and cuts the recycle time in half. In particular, you might want to check that it doesn’t block other connectors, such as the sync port, which is sometimes adjacent to the power input. Even with a big Propac battery pack, my flash would risk overheating in the crowded, hot venues. Not as fast as the big belt cyclers on full flash dumps but with higher ISO and TTL use you may not notice any difference. Normally the capacitors loose some of their charge before topping off again from the onboard batteries.

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