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I am always on the hunt for a perfect brow solution, whether it’s pencil, powder, gel or cream.
If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you already know my brow struggle is real. It wasn't a surprise that I took my time and effort taking care of my brows the moment I reached the "right age" to apply makeup!  I was a bit too late, it was when I graduated college as it was required to look at least presentable working in an Airlines.
If you are an eyebrow enthusiast like me!  Lucky you!  You'll find random brow products that I will review here just because I am biased to them!
Even without sharpening, the pencil comes out perfect each time to fill in brows without looking stubby or fake!

You cannot see when the pencil is running out as you can only twist it upwards, it cannot retract.
Given that you picked the right shade for you, the effect will always natural to look at and it stays the whole day!  Easy to apply and works well for first time users! If you have dark brows and light hair color, do not forget to invest on a brow tint or brow gel. With my personal observation, Brunette is almost similar to Blonde shade if compared to Korean branded eye brow pencils!  Not too red or too ashy, it has a warm golden brown shade that works well for girls with light colored hair! Filling in my brows and changing the shape is easy with the MAC Automatic Eye Brow Pencil!  All I need to do is use my favorite tinted brow gel to lighten up my brows!

Gel MAC Brow Set adds shine, style and grooming eyebrows which gently glides, leaving no lumps or sticking eyebrows. I can recall that it produced a clear gel (Clear), light brown with gray mid-tone (Beguile), Brown, and dark brown to very dark eyebrows (Show-off). It can be used alone or for natural looking eyebrows eyeliner and can be applied to the eyelashes, sideburns and any other facial hair.

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