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SHRI AGASTHIYAR MAHARISHI is the ancient maharishi who was one of the senior and powerful among the 18 siddhas as like as Agasthiyar, Idaikadar, Sattai Nathar, Pathanjali, Konganar, Kuthambai Sithar, Kamalamuni, Vanmikar, Pambatti Sithar, Sundharanadar, Sivavakkiyar, Karuvurar, Thanvanthiri, Macha Muni, Korakkar, Bokar, Thirumular, Ramathevar as below in the photos. In the other side, Lord Vishnu had a birth as Dharuman and in certain age he started Chant. According to this one day when she was with Mithiran she thought of Varunan, knowing this Mithiran gave her a curse that "you have to birth in world as a girl and you will have to be the wife of Purooravan." But the sexual relation with Mithiran-Varunan expressed in a kumbam (Acquiries) from that a person named Nimi had a birth. Lord Shiva & Parvathi had a arguement about the other birth for the human beings according to the karmic debit & credit. When he was in research of human life in south he had seen many Rishi they are in the tree upside down. By thinking of the above, Agasthiyar went to Vidharpa country and married Uloba Muthirai, who she was borned by the Yagam (prayer for Lord Agni)of that king.
But when we came to know the history of Agasthiyar there we will be able to know that there were many histories & stories about Agasthiyar life. But if all this is in other side also when we come to know about Naadi Astrology, siddhas, sidhas medicines, we will be remembering Agasthiyar maharishi. Regarding naadi astrology and medicines now a days also we have many questions and doubts but in that ancient period itself with his power he had explained all about those in his palm leafs by which we predict you. By knowing all these details the Naadi Astrologers, who are from the valluvar's family predicting in this century also.
One of the major rediscoveries in the field of Vedic Science was the understanding by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that yagyas are significantly more effective if the Vedic Pundit performs the yagya from the level of para – transcendental consciousness. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
When we feel rested and fresh, all activity seems to be easier and more creative, while on days when we are strained, this tired mood is expressed in everything we do. The surface condition of tiredness we call fatigue; the deeper aspect of tiredness may be called stress. Transcendental Meditation provides profound physiological rest and normalization of the nervous system. Research in the field of physiology has shown that mental activity has a corresponding physiological activity.
Removal of tensions through the Transcendental Meditation Technique removes the very cause of psychosomatic diseases, which arise from worries, anxiety, failures, and disappointments in life. Transcendental Meditation improves both the functioning of the physical nervous system and its coordination with the mind. This increased coordination between mind and body is beneficial to physical and mental health. This rejuvenating influence led researchers in the field of ageing to find that those practising Transcendental Meditation for five years or longer had a biological age twelve years younger than the population norms. Up to now, there has been no knowledge and programme to maintain the good health of the community or the nation; there has been no way to neutralize the stress and strain in society that affects the collective health of the nation.
The Maharishi Effect, produced by collective practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying, is the most effective means for the prevention and cure of collective ill health. A society composed entirely of healthy individuals must necessarily function as a healthy society.
By dissolving stress day by day, Transcendental Meditation is a means to create stress-free, healthy individuals, and is therefore a powerful means of prevention on one side, and promotion of better health on the other side. The discovery of the Veda and Vedic Literature in the human physiology has substantiated the effect of Transcendental Meditation for prevention and for the enhancement of better health. Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health applies the recent discovery of a precise one-to-one correspondence between the forty structuring dynamics of Natural Law expressed in the Veda and Vedic Literature and the forty structures and functions of the human physiology to enliven integration, vitality, balance, and to promote perfect health and prevent disease. It maintains balance between the body and its own inner intelligence and between the inner intelligence of the individual, the collective intelligence of society, and the Cosmic Intelligence of the universe. Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health utilizes self-pulse reading, which is the only means for proper diagnosis of the whole and its relation to the parts.
Through the simple procedure of self-pulse reading, one can detect imbalances developing in the physiology in order to prevent disease through timely adjustment of diet and behaviour.

Detecting imbalances by self-pulse reading, and adjusting diet and daily and seasonal routines through Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health, will allow one to correct imbalances before disease arises. It is striking how quickly and effortlessly Maharishi’s Vedic Technology for Instant Cure is able to transform a state of physiological disorder into a state of orderly physiological functioning.
The scientific explanation of such a sudden transformation of disorder into order can be derived from recent findings of the Theories of Self-Organization and of Chaos Theory. One of the most important findings of Chaos Theory and of the Theories of Self-Organization is the principle that a tender impulse can transform chaos, or disorder, into order. Maharishi’s Vedic Technology for Instant Cure utilizes this principle that a tender impulse can transform disorder into order. This shows that Maharishi’s Vedic Technology for Instant Cure utilizes an extremely sensitive and powerful procedure, and the experts who practise this method of instantaneously restoring health have undergone a proper, systematic, and profound training.
Through their ability to operate at the fundamental level of the Unified Field of Natural Law, the experts of Maharishi’s Vedic Technology for Instant Cure enliven the holistic qualities of the Unified Field of Natural Law in the human physiology and thereby guarantee that the effects are always holistic and conducive to the balanced functioning of the whole physiology. Whereas the forty aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature have been found to be the source of every aspect of the human physiology, different aspects of these forty have been found to have their counterparts in the structure of the Cosmic Physiology—in the structure of the galactic universe and the solar system. The Cosmic Counterparts of the individual physiology have their direct influence on the individual physiology, mind, and behaviour, and influence every aspect of health, all the time, around the clock, day after day, season after season, and year afteryear. The cardinal rule of Vedic Health requires that the connectedness of individual life with Cosmic Life must be properly maintained. The basic point of knowledge is that the physiology of the individual has been discovered to have its counterparts in the physiology of our solar system. On the basis of this reality of individual life being essentially Cosmic in nature, Vedic Knowledge brings to light the procedures and programmes whereby a healthy relationship can be maintained between all values of individual life and Cosmic Life. No one can ever be always completely healthy unless this missing knowledge is introduced in health education, and unless programmes are made available to rectify or neutralize the negative influences that come on the individual from outside, and enhance those influences that are positive. This Vedic Science of Structuring, or Vedic Science of Building, which is Nature’s own system of structuring, or building, can be seen as the system of harmonizing individual life with Cosmic Life. The science of Vedic Architecture is not a matter of belief or faith; it is as concrete as the burning nature of fire, and the cooling nature of ice.
A study conducted at Sumitomo Heavy Industries by the Japanese National Institute of Industrial Health found significant improvements in physical and mental health in workers who practised Transcendental Meditation.
A study of health insurance statistics on over 2,000 people practising Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme over a five-year period found that participants required much less medical treatment in all 16 major disease categories. Individuals who were randomly assigned to learn Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation reported increased energy levels over a fourteen-week period, in comparison to controls.
Individuals who learnt Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme showed significant improvements, over a three-month period, in comparison to controls in overall physical health, mental well-being, vitality, and sleep quality. People practising Transcendental Meditation for longer than five years showed a biological age 12 years younger than their actual age—significantly different from short-term meditators and non-meditating controls. Subjects who participate in Maharishi Ayur-Veda health programmes showed significant improvements on a number of general health measures as compared to controls.
Twenty-four cities in which one per cent of the population had been instructed in the Transcendental Meditation Programme displayed significant decreases in crime rate during the next year and decreased crime rate trend during the subsequent five years.
So Lord Indhiran thought to control or kill them with the help of Agni Deva and Vayu Deva gods. For that they choosed Agasthiyar and asked him to have research about it and to write about the life and birth.
Seeing this Agasthiyar questioned them , they said our family wise named person Agasthiyar had not entered into family life and he is having a karmic debt so that our soul hadn’t got Moksham(Heaven).
In the name of him many of them were lived like Vadhapi Agasthiyar, Ulbo Agasthiyar, Podhiya Agasthiyar like that. Vedas establish that knowledge is the foundation of creative processes, and that there is a creative energy or organizing power which is inherent in knowledge. Anyone can achieve freedom from fatigue and deep stress through the practice of Transcendental Meditation. From this it is clear why, when during Transcendental Meditation mental activity becomes finer, physical activity also becomes finer and metabolic rate drops—the physical system receives deep rest.

Energy and efficiency in action increase, so that one is able to accomplish more without becoming unduly tired. The perfect approach to health requires caring for the whole and parts at the same time—balance between consciousness and its expression, the physiology. Self-pulse reading and Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique create a balancing influence between the whole (consciousness) and the parts (physiology). These theories have developed very rapidly within the last few decades and have led to extremely important scientific insights regarding the functioning of dynamic self-organizing systems, including the functioning of our physiology. This has been mathematically well studied for example for autocatalytic cyclic reaction chains, whose dynamic patterns easily shift from chaos to order if one slightly varies specific control parameters. Through a tender impulse it transforms pain into a feeling of pleasantness—it transforms abnormality into normal physiological functioning. Any degree of non-alignment of individual life with its counterparts in Cosmic Life is the basic cause of discomfort, disease, and suffering. Human physiology has a sun, a moon, planets, and stars in exactly the same way as the sun, moon, planets, and stars are existing in the sky. Every humanly designed, man-made structure should conform to the Natural Laws of structuring if that structure is to be in harmony with the structure of the universe—the expression of Cosmic Intelligence. These results indicate the development of health and the promotion of longevity through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme. So Vashistar got angry on him and gave a curse that you should not have body for your soul, Nimi also cursed the same to Vashistar, because of the blessings of Bhramma. He made a research about human life and wrote in the palm leaf about their birth according to their karmic debit.
After this Agasthiyar went to pothigai hill and with the blessing of Lord Subramani (Karthikeyan) he learned Tamil language and developed. They declare that primordial knowledge (Vedas) and its organizing power are structured in the transcendental field of existence, which must be known in order to gain mastery over natural law.
All the forty areas of human physiology have been identified with all the forty areas of intelligence, which are available as the reverberations of sound in the Vedic Literature: there is a one-to-one relationship between the structure and function of the Veda and Vedic Literature and the structure and function of the human physiology.
This knowledge of the reality of individual intelligence and physiology in the perspective of Cosmic Intelligence and Cosmic Physiology has been brought to light from the ancient Vedic Literature by Maharishi.
To identify one's leaf he classified the thumb impression as 108 names and he separated it like top, middle and low by certain lines. It is, therefore, important for gaining maximum benefit from the Yagya that the mind of Vedic pundits who recite the mantras has been opened to this level of reality.
This knowledge presents the principles underlying Maharishi’s Vedic Technology for Instant Cure. At Anamay Ashram, Yagyas are performed by highly qualified pundits who have integrated transcendental consciousness into their daily activities through regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and the TM Sidhi program. When the number of TM-Sidhi participants was at its highest level, the Soviet actions towards the U.S.
By seeing this, Lord Indiran was angry with Agni Deva and told him to suck the sea and kill them. In this situation, seeing the beauty of Urvashi, Varunan was in infatuation and he loved her, he expressed his love to Urvasi. According to the indhiran’s curse Agasthiyar sucked the sea water and killed the Ashuras with his sidhi power and also he destroyed the poison of sea. By seeing this, all mummoorthi’s (Lord shiva, Vishu and Brahmma) gave blessings to shri Agasthiyar to be as a sidhar for billion years in future in the south.
But Varunan requested her that “if you don’t expect my love, just think about me, when you are having sexual interaction with Mithiran.

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