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You can also try smoky eye colors for your eye coupled with an excellent blend of lipstick. The eyes are important thing when you connect with someone and they are first thing that grows attention. Spring is almost here, so all the approaching trends that’ll be popular in the next few months are already well-known.
Pastel eye shadows are a huge trend right now and they’re something you should experiment with. The pictures below will tell you how to make your purple eye makeup more fabulous and just scroll down and check them out! If you are stressing about the fact that you have hooded eye lids, then we have many reasons to prove you the opposite! The rule for hooded eyes stands that you should use only mat colors, and shouldn’t use shimmery colors, but of course this is a rule that you can absolutely break if you know what you are doing. Look at this 10 tutorials below, and we guarantee that your problem will be solved from now on!
This tutorial is very simple, because you have to use only a little mat green shadow, in the inner part of your eye, leaving the crease untouched.
Cat eyes are just adorable, and this tutorial shows you how to get them without any eyeliner. This post is PERFECT so many gorgeous looks for those of us who feel like we’re missing out because we have hooded eyes but now I feel like Im not at all!
A fresh face is always in style. Natural makeup look is good for work, school and just everyday outings. Here are some great ideas and tutorials on how to minimize your makeup, but still look fabulous.
Of course, it is great for every day wear but most importantly it will distinguish you in a party.

I believe, you have already seen some girl with an amazing eyes who impressed you with her look. You can make black smokey eyes which look very sexy and incredible, neutral smokey eyes for everyday, dramatic smokey eyes, galaxy star smokey eyes and smokey eyes with A many others looks and colors. We’ve decided to open the countdown with something very easy, but very beautiful at the same time. In the picture above you have instructions for applying blue and yellow eye shadow, but you can always play with colors.
They are wonderful when you want to look special on work, but also they’re very irresistible for the night out with friends. You can merely apply the purple shadows with different shades and then draw a clear and thick black eyeliner. Although they are a little complicated when it comes to applying makeup, there are few amazing tricks that will make the whole process a piece of cake for you.
Just put this plum gold shadow above your actual crease, and define your eye with eyeliner and mascara. It is important to carefully choose your party makeup and that is why you need some helpful tips to get the best results. And I believe you noticed that the eyes are very important to make a glamorous and feminist impression.
Look below the tutorials, learn how to make up to look irresistible and look irresistible!! As a real woman who follows trends all the time, you’re probably aware what are the essential changes you have to make to upgrade your style and set it for the season of hot weather.
This style of makeup you can wear by the day when you want to be noticed and by the night when you want to have natural eyes.
It’s the right decision for brown eyed girls, because it will make the eyes to look deeper and sexier! Today, we’ve rounded up 20 beautiful makeup tutorials for you girls and follow our fabulous photos below!

But remember to finish your makeup with black eyeliner, which will make sure your eyes look more dramatic and attractive.
First of all you should know that when you have hooded lids you need to bring your contour higher than your natural crease, just to give the illusion of wider opened eyes. The good thing is that you can combine it with various lipsticks, like red, pink or maybe orange?! Purple is the most mysterious color and almost any skin tone are suitable for a purple eye makeup look.
If you want to look more spectacular, the cool metallic tones such as bronze, gold, browns, pinks and even blues can help you to get the very effect you are expecting. Be careful to draw your eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, and preferably thinner. You’re not a professional and it’s a real challenge when you have to play with eye-shadows to achieve the latest trends in makeup industry! So, below follow 10 irresistible smokey eyes tutorials which will help you to look glamorous and amazing A by yourself.
You can take a look at them, follow these steps and then you will get a stunning purple eye makeup! Here is a collection of Top 10 Trending Eye Makeup Tutorials that will make your life easier.
All tutorials are followed by step-by-step instructions, so feel free to experiment, there are no possibilities for mistakes!

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