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Peak Years are based on your Date of Birth Number so the years on which your Peak Years fall is individual to your journey.
Once the base numbers are identified, they are inserted in their slots at the base of the Pyramids of Maturity. The peak year numbers represent the dominant vibrations that will influence you during your peak years. Add together the two base numbers of the first pyramid to find your first peak year number. To find your second peak year, add together your second and third base numbers (your reduced day and year numbers). The final peak year number is determined by adding together your first and third base numbers (your reduced month and year numbers). Once you've calculated your peak year numbers, write them into their corresponding slots on the pyramid diagram. Once you've calculated your ages at each of the peak years, determine the calendar year corresponding to each of those 4 birthdays and put those years in their corresponding slots on the pyramid diagram. As for the interpretation, remember that the more you learn about the meaning of each number, the better you will be able to interpret the results of your calculations. This is not a time for rapid material advancement and people with a two as their peak number will find progress slow and laborious.

When the number nine occurs at a peak you should be prepared for almost anything to happen.
Your first Peak Year is experienced just after adolescence and is meant to be the time when you are asked to learn to grow and mature on an emotional level. Peak Years represent key transition phases in your life during which major changes will occur to shift you to a new stage on your journey. During the period beginning at your first Peak Year, you will be given tests that will be meant to help you develop responsibility and self-awareness.
Reducing each of the three numbers of your birth date (in the order month - day - year) to single digits will give you your base numbers.
Add 9 to your Age of Commencement to determine the age you'll be when you reach your second peak. It can also be a very creative year when ideas begin to take shape, plans are put into action and you can see some results after much preparation. During this peak year you should try to express your feelings more, get your emotions properly under control and learn to use your instincts to their best advantage. If your Date of Birth Number is even you could benefit financially during this peak year but if it is odd your rewards could be academic.
There are four Peak Years that mark the start of specific new stages in your life called Pinnacle Periods.

The extent to which you are successful in passing through this first period with grace and openness to growth will determine the quality of your later years in life.
Add another nine years to that to find out what age you'll be when you reach your third peak. You could also be required to give up some of your time to help others less fortunate than yourself. The third covering middle-age and growing maturity of judgment represents the autumn of life, and the fourth, consolidating the experiences of life, is represented by winter.
The way to calculate when you begin your first Peak Year is done by subtracting your Date of Birth Number from the number 36. If you want to avoid doing these calculations by hand, you can use the chart below for guidance. Using our example, Penelope's Date of Birth Number is 22 (which must be reduced to a single digit for the purpose of this calculation, gives us 2 + 2 = 4), so the calculation is: 36 - 4 = 32. Now that we have Penelope's Age of Commencement, we can begin calculating when each of her Peak Years will occur and what numbers are associated with each of them.

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