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A couple from a city with a famous cathedral moves one step closer to their dream retirement plan. A man with his own unique style meets someone that is ultra-conservative, and it’s a match made in heaven. 18+ We may send you free promo msgs, to optout call Helpline: 0207 111 6210 18+ Entertainment only. It’s equally important to ensure your data is backed up and you double-check all your communications. New information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct and you then discover that the goalposts have moved significantly.

In the run up to the games, there were numerous reports about the athletes facilities and accommodation being unfinished and the condition of the toilets and the drinking water looked scary.
In a classic Mercury Retrograde miscommunication, both President Elects were announced as the winner separately by different media in different parts of the USA. Again Mercury was retrograde and the voting was so close that it resulted in a hung parliament. It took another six days and for Mercury to turn direct in the heavens before the coalition government was finally formed between David Cameron and the Conservatives and Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. Roads are flooded or hidden under snow, airports are closed and some natural disasters create even worse conditions putting a stop to everything.

Eruptions began on April 14 2010 just a few days before Mercury turned retrograde on April 18 2010.

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