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Due to the different connection ports of iPhone (lightning) and Android (micro USB), different smartphones required different cables. The Parasound Zdac V.2 follows on the success of the original Zdac, adding enhanced preamplifier features, a new headphone amplifier with increased gain and dual output jacks, and improved system integration with 12-volt triggers. The broadcast station sits 205 feet above average terrain (Elk Mound Hill in Wisconsin), with the custom transmitter, an ASUS AC1750 802.11ac router, a 400w power inverter, and a 12-volt booster pack. Flintu, an Australian creative duo, says it has an easier fix: a keyring-sized device that charges your phone with a 9-volt battery. Our biggest complaint in the setup process is that the NexStar CB-SATAU3 also requires you to plug in a 12 volt wall wart that supplies power to both the drive and the adapter.

Provides instructions for building thirty-three projects that interact with the physical world, including a stuffed monkey video game controller and a battery powered GPS that reports its location over Bluetooth. Bundle this with any of our IPOD Interfaces and get a 3.5 AUX JACK (to headphones) with any of our ipod compatible interfaces.
Bundle this with any of our IPOD Interfaces and get Bluetooth streaming via the Dock connector. This GREAT cable, which is for GROM IPOD adapters only (search under GROM in our site), will let give you USB 5v charging and also give you a 3.5 INPUT to the GROM Ipod, Aux or USB adapter.
Link your smartphone to your vehicle?s factory radio for safe hands-free calling and high quality audio streaming.

Just drill a hole, mount this self tapping 3.5 plug into the hole and wire the RCAs to your AUX ADAPTER. BECAUSE THIS UNIT IS IMPROVED and is the ONLY unit on the unit in this price range to include - 2 Video inputs - Wireless remote control INCLUDED!!!
You also get access to our tech support, and access to our uncut videos (see our youtube videos).

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