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Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. The Passport Perks program is another great benefit of checking "yes" to the Recreation Passport when Michigan residents renew their vehicle registration through the Secretary of State.
Am I still eligible for Passport Perks discounts if I purchased my Recreation Passport at a state park or recreation area instead of through the Secretary of State when I renewed my license plate tab? No, only those who purchase a Recreation Passport through the Secretary of State (at a branch office, kiosk, through the mail or online) when renewing their license plate tab or purchasing a license plate are eligible for Passport Perks savings. You can renew your license plate at a Secretary of State branch office, kiosk, online or by mail.
Next time you visit the businesses, take a Passport Perks Provider Application with you and encourage them to participate. Approximately 600,000 Michiganders are eligible to renew their license plates each month, and each of these motorists have the opportunity to check "YES!" to the Recreation Passport through the Secretary of State and take advantage of the Passport Perks program.
To receive the discount, customers must show a vehicle registration with the words "RECREATION PASSPORT" printed at the top. Yes, becoming a Passport Perks provider is completely free and nearly every business in Michigan is eligible. Sometime in the early 1990's Allen Bukoff, fan of Fluxus and Acting Director of Fluxus Midwest, applied for and received a special "vanity" automotive license plate from the state of Michigan that said "FLUXUS." He has had a "FLUXUS" license plate on one of my cars continously since then. Yasanao Tone came to Detroit and performed "Paramedia Centripetal" at the Detroit Film Center on the evening of February 21, 2006.
FLUXUS Midwest has also given Michigan Fluxus license plates to several other people, including Jeff Berner, Owen Smith, and Alison Knowles.
Revenue raised from the Recreation Passport will be divided among several categories, with the majority of the funding going to the restricted fund used to operate and maintain state parks and boat launches. Olson reminded drivers that if their vehicle registration month is earlier than October, they can still enjoy Michigan state parks and recreation areas until they renew their vehicle registration in 2011 without paying an entrance fee. In Michigan, there's a Personalized Plate Program (Under section 257.803b of the Michigan Vehicle Code), wherein the Secretary of State may issue a personalized license plate instead of a standard plate. This voluntary program allows individuals to request a particular configuration for their license plate. Protect your vehicle license plates and the registration tabs, as they are being stolen and resold because proof of insurance is required in order to apply for current registration.
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The fees you pay for your base apportioned plate and cab card are only the license plate and registration fees due for the jurisdictions printed on your cab card.

Is used in combination, when the weight of such combination exceeds 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Vehicles, or combinations thereof, having a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or less and two-axle vehicles and buses used in transportation of chartered parties may be proportionally registered at the option of the registrant. Due to large numbers of customers, same-day service for walk-in customers may not be available during the renewal periods. Over 1,000 businesses around Michigan provide discounts on merchandise and services to Recreation Passport holders who purchased their Recreation Passport through the Secretary of State. Participating businesses also proudly display the Passport Perks window cling for all to see. They'll see the words "Recreation Passport" at the top of the registration, and know that you qualify for the Passport Perks discount. It's one of the benefits of purchasing your Recreation Passport through the Secretary of State. At that time, check "yes" to the Recreation Passport through the Secretary of State to continue enjoying your Passport Perks. It's free and easy to participate, and each business decides what type of discount they will offer. That's a lot of potential traffic to your business, with little additional effort by you or your staff. Depending on your business, it could be 10 percent off an oil change or tax preparation service.
This means that customer purchased the Recreation Passport through the Secretary of State (at a branch office or kiosk, online or through the mail). A portion of the funding will also support operation and maintenance of state forest campgrounds, state forest non-motorized trails and pathways, and cultural and historic resources in state parks and recreation areas.
Businesses interested in participating in the Passport Perks to support outdoor recreation in Michigan can contact Maia Stephens, DNRE recreation programmer, at 989-225-8573 for more information.
Because the Michigan Vehicle Code requires that the Secretary of State shall prescribe the letters and numbers for all plates, not all requests will be granted.
The base jurisdiction also issues a license plate showing the word "apportioned" and a cab card showing the jurisdictions and weights for which the carrier has paid fees. Participating businesses range from larger Michigan companies such as all Michigan Dunham's Sports stores to local hometown restaurants, service garages, tax preparation services and main street supermarkets.
Recreation Passport window stickers purchased at a state park or recreation area are not eligible for the Passport Perks discount.
Chances are, they're not participating because they don't yet know about the opportunity!

It could be a free cup of coffee for stopping into your restaurant or a free dessert with the purchase of a meal. Customers who purchased their Recreation Passport at a state park or recreation area instead of through the Secretary of State will only have a window sticker.
Once your application is processed, you will be mailed Passport Perks signage to display it in your store to inform customers of your participation in this statewide program. The Recreation Passport represents a 58 percent savings over the current annual state park and boat launch window sticker, which costs $24. Motorists can also find the nearest Self-Service Station by using the online Branch Office Locator. Discounts range from free coffee to percentages off oil changes, food, clothing, vehicles and more. These customers have the Recreation Passport, but since they did not purchase it through the Secretary of State, they will not have "RECREATION PASSPORT" printed on their registration and are not eligible for Passport Perks discounts.
Camping fees still apply.To get a Recreation Passport, motorists can add $10 at the time they renew their license plate tabs.
Premium charges billed to customer's wireless bill or deducted from customer's prepaid balance. Customers can stop participating and receiving messages by sending STOP or ARRET to 542542, receive help about issues by sending HELP, INFO or AIDE. From the western Upper Peninsula to southeastern lower Michigan, businesses are proud to participate in the Passport Perks program from every geographic area of the state. The money will be used to support state parks, state forest campgrounds, state boat launches, non-motorized trails and historical and cultural sites in state parks.
A portion of the funds will also be used to support local parks through a new grant program.
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