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Missouri License Plates - Easily find Missouri College License Plates, Missouri Military License Plates, Missouri Vanity Plates. Missouri Vehicle Registrations and License Plates are available in a variety of license plate designs. To order the Missouri Wildlife Conservation Licence Plate of your choice, you need to purchase a "Conservation Heritage Plate Emblem Use Authorization Form." Your purchase of the form is a tax-deductible donation to the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation.
Missouri Military and Veterans License Plate applications will also require some certification paperwork such as Form DD-214, medal citations, or letter from Veterans Administration. Disabled Veteran specialty license plates are available to eligible applicants at no fee (limit one set per applicant). Missouri Special Interest Licence Plates are generally available to any supporter, but some are restricted to organization members. Missouri Fight Terrorism Licence Plates are available with a $25 Antiterrorism Fund donation to the Department of Revenue or the Office of Homeland Security. To qualify for historic license plates the vehicle must be 25 years old or older, owned solely as a collector's item, and used for exhibition and educational purposes. The owner of any historic vehicle possessing a license plate issued by the state of Missouri that is over 25 years old in which the year of issuance of such plate is consistent with the model year of the vehicle may register such plate as a historic vehicle plate. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Its all here in one place with information, links, and images to see and find what you are looking for.

Many of them may be personalized with up to six letters including one space, dash, or apostrophe.
The form serves as a proof of donation that is needed to order a plate from the Missouri Department of Revenue.
Former Prisoner of War (POW) specialty license plates are available to eligible applicants at no fee (limit one set per applicant). You must be a tribal member and also submit an Emblem Use Authorization Statement from Tribe of Mic-O-Say Kansas City District, or the Tribe of Mic-O-Say St Joseph District, as proof of a donation. The donation is used for the prevention, detection and emergency response activities to terrorism that are undertaken by Missouri state and local governments. The owner is responsible for keeping a log of the miles driven for personal use each calendar year.
Personalized historic license plates expire each year, and an annual personalized plate fee is charged. Applicants must submit a picture of the plate with application form DOR-570 and other required certification documents. Regular personalized license plates with no emblem or wheelchair symbol may have up to six letters including one space, dash, or apostrophe.
INFORMATION CAN BE UPDATED BY STATES WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE.BE SURE TO CONTACT THE APPROPRIATE GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY, DEPARTMENT, DIVISION, OR OFFICE TO CONFIRM ACCURACY. Park officials say that people should not interfere with the animals in national parks.More >The tourists put the bison in their car because they believed it to be cold and sick.

You may purchase the form from any Department of Conservation hunting or fishing permit vendor in Missouri, using the online process, or by phone at 800-392-4115.
These plates may be personalized, and for these there is no additional personalized plate fee. Many of the collegiate, military, and specialty license plates may also be ordered personalized.
Some special provisions may apply and an additional contribution to the sponsoring organization may be required. These plates are both available with the Wheelchair Accessibility Symbol to allow parking in disabled parking spots, but this requires an additional certification form signed by the proper medical personnel.
These plates allow six characters or five characters and one dash, space or apostrophe for your personalized message. The images are public record and come from various law enforcement and detention center websites. Those who are pictured are innocent until proven guilty.More >These are images of people who have been arrested in the Midlands.
Rescue groups and communities have very different ways to try and control the population.More >Thousands of feral cats roam the metro.

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