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This is a simple and effective switched mode power supply (SMPS) that I built to power a LCD monitor that I repaired a while ago. It uses a LM2576-ADJ regulator which requires very few external parts and as you can see from the schematic of figure 1. It uses the simple buck-converter topology which allows to obtain a fairly stable and regulated output voltage.
I designed a simple one layer PCB layout, with wide traces for the paths where the current is substantial, maybe too wide ?? (see figure 2.) You can get both the schematic and PCB in the Eagle file format from my git repo here. In the following figures you can see the power supply already assembled and with the load (monitor) applied. AI SMPS888 VER1.3 a ianoi (neaaiie) 5m02659 (F) iinoaaee RM6222 iiea-?oi ?aaioaao aan i?iaeai.
Ia iieaoa iaienaii ?oi ai?ia noiyou VIPer22a, iinoaaee VIPer22a, caionoeeny ii ?aaioeao a eiioeuna, i?aaeaiiiioiio , ?oi iao iiaieoee n aii. A iica ca?ai?An? i?aiu i?inoi au?eneyaony.Au oieuei ienaou o?eoanu?O?eoanu aua oiou eiiaaa ?eoaou.
So, I used this particular schematic for one reason- its laid out clearly and easy to read.
So the first pic is of the entire schematic, just so you can put the relationships together.
The second pic is a close up of the power supply section- usually the primary source of problems.
So the really interesting thing is how the voltage is switched back and forth from AC to DC as it works its way through- I highlighted it in color. But before it can be B+ the DC is converted back to AC so it can be fed through that transformer in the middle via the action of that DC powered control mechanism I mentioned- namely a MOSFET switch. So AC is fed into the transformer and a couple things happen- first a small amount of AC is returned to that control mechanism and converted back to DC and I think is called the DC sense line.
AC is broken up and some is fed back and converted to DC for MOSFET control, the rest is outputed and converted to DC (B+ and other). Ok, so now on to why all of that is important- Basically, most problems are in the power supply, but many can be else where. First, check for correct B+ voltage on the right side of that diode or choke I marked all the way over to the right.
Next, separate the power supply from everything else by unsoldering that right leg of the diode. If the light bulb lights then check the voltage to see if its correct or can be adjusted to correct.
Something I have been doing for a while now whenever I work on a monitor chassis is- after finding that B+ check point (which is usually buried in a terrible place) I solder a 6" red wire to the diode leg and cap the free end with a red butt connector so it can't touch anything. Printer, UPS, TFT, CRT, Monitor, Motherboard, SMPS, Scanner Repairing Services in Lucknow by H.R. The U?SMPS consists of a size classifier, defined in ISO 15900 as differential electrical mobility classifier (DEMC), also known as differential mobility analyzer (DMA), in which the aerosol particles are selected according to their electrical mobility and passed to its exit.
Based on the user settings a scan of the particle size distribution can be performed in as few as 30 seconds or in as many as 64 size channels per decade. Especially for calibration setups accurate sizing and reliable performance of the U?SMPS is extremely important.
The Palas® U?SMPS universally connects to DMAs, CPCs and aerosol electrometers of other manufacturers. The sheath air is a dry particle free carrier gas (typically air) that is continuously circulated in a closed loop and of a higher volume than the aerosol. By applying a voltage, a radial symmetric electrical field between the inner and outer electrode is created.

In operation, the voltage and therefore the electrical field is continuously changed and at different times particles of different mobility are exiting the DEMC and are successively counted by a submicron particle counter like a condensation particle counter (e.g.
The well?proven software offers special advantages to combine the data (voltage, particle number, etc.) to produce a particle size distribution as shown in figure 2.
Based on continuous customer feedback the user interface and software is designed for intuitive operation and real?time control and display of measurement data & parameters. The user interface also provides data management with the integrated data logger, various export capabilities and network support. Palas® is continuously setting standards in aerosol technology with more than 50 patents filed since 1983.
As you can see all the details of our circuit designing the transformer core information feedback, etc.. I didn’t go much far from the bare application example, that you can find in the National Semiconductor datasheet. The switching mode approach dictates a much better efficiency than the linear regulator normally used in simple circuits. I don't guarantee complete precision- just some assistance understanding what you're looking at. This is really only good for troubleshooting more modern monitors with smps switching power supplies.
This is done primarily to provide the necessary DC voltage needed to create a control mechanism for the eventual B+ DC voltage. This DC sense is what tells the MOSFET to turn on longer or shorter to get the amount of AC going into the transformer right.
The problem with that is: if the power supply is bad then no output voltage AND if the problem is outside the power supply it can also result in no output voltage!
Now we must create a dummy load, that we know is working right, and attach it to the power supply- the power supply cannot be tested properly without a load. If its not correct or missing, then there is something wrong with the power supply (and maybe else where too). Then I just hang it off to the side where it is easy to reach the next time I need to check the B+!
It is commonly used when it is important to know the number concentration and size of ultra?fine and nanoparticles, for example in health related research like inhalation and exposure studies or workplace evaluations.
The voltage in the DEMC is thereby varied continuously, not in steps, which results in higher count statistics per size channel. It offers linear and logarithmic display of measurement values and data management of the integrated datalogger. The aerosol flow along the outer electrode is then carefully combined with a sheath air flow. The ratio between sheath air volume to sample air volume defines the transfer function and therefore the resolution of the DEMC. The inner electrode is kept at a positive potential and is outfitted with a small slit at the top end.
With the software the measured data can be displayed and evaluated with many options available. In addition most DMAs, CPCs and aerosol electrometers of other manufacturers are supported for use as component of the U?SMPS system. Our innovations result in superior quality and durability of the products that lead to unique technical and economic advantages for our customers.
Optimization choices for cost or efficiency are included to deliver designs that meet specific needs. Intelligent shield selection is included to simplify the task of meeting EMI standards, with optimized bobbin pin assignment for ease of layout.

There you can also find the required calculations necessary to obtain all the part values that surround the regulator, in particular the coil inductance and output capacitor.
I got its core from a broken PC power supply and patiently winded the dozens of turns with wire I had laying around. Yaz?da bahsi gececek olan ATX guc kaynag? 230W ve nadir bulunuyor simdiye kadar 2 adet gordum zaten bu yaz?y? 2 gorusme sayesinde haz?rl?yorum. But I guarantee if you can get your head around this, all others will be a piece of cake for you.
The other two things that happen in the transformer are a result of that- it puts out two seperate AC voltages that are then converted to DC by diodes. If it checks out good, then you can forget about the power supply and look to the rest of the chassis. An increasing number of SMPS systems is also deployed in environmental monitoring stations. The evaluation software provides sophisticated data evaluation (extensive statistics and averaging) and export possibilities. By balancing the electrical force on each particle with its aerodynamic drag force in the electrical field negatively charged particles are diverted to the positive electrode. This is why Palas® established itself as a market leader in aerosol generation, aerosol dilution, and aerosol particle measurement world?wide. The remaining parts I salvaged from the junkbox, except the regulator which I bought from an online electronics distributor.
Konuyu elimden geldigi kadar detayl? anlatacag?m bu nedenle yaz? iki bolum olacak ilk bolumde guc kaynag?n?, cal?sma sistemini anlatacag?m ikinci bolumde tek c?k?s icin nas?l modifiye edildigini anlatacag?m ayr?ca c?k?s guc trafosunun tel, sar?m bilgilerini verecegim Yaz?y? haz?rlamak cok ugrast?rd? eksikler olabilir.
One of those is the B+ and the other is a lower voltage used to power the rest on the monitor chassis. The surfaces of the electrodes need to be of extremely high quality in regards to smoothness and tolerances.
Based on their electrical mobility some particles will traverse the slit and be able to exit the DEMC. The regulator can sustain 3A output current which is more than enough for the required 2.3A of the LCD. So I just got a rubber light bulb socket with two wires sticking out of it from the hardware store and clipped one wire to the unsoldered diode leg and the other to the chassis (ground). A well?known and optimized algorithm inverts the measured data to yield the particle size distribution.
Kondansatorlere paralel bagl? 220k direncler cihaz kapat?ld?g?nda voltaj?n k?sa surede kondansator uzerinden al?nmas? icin bu direnclerin degerleri 100k, 220k, 330k, 470k, 560k olabilir 100k alt?nda deger simdiye kadar gormedim genelde yeterli inceleme yapmadan yap?lan tamir islerinde bu direncler fazla onemsenir sistemin cal?smas?nda bir gorevleri yoktur. An impactor at the inlet of the DEMC is used to remove particles larger than the classifier size range. Sekonder c?k?s?nda bilgisayar?n cal?smas? icin gerekli voltajlar? (12v, 5v, vb.) sagl?yor primer k?sm?nda sadece iki uc var biri sebekeden dogrultulan yuksek voltaja digeri de mosfetin drain ucuna bagl? asl?nda bir sarg?da UC3843 beslemesi icin olmal?yd? ama 3843 yard?mc? beslemeden cal?st?g? icin gerek gorulmemis.
Zaten bu olanaks?z say?l?r cunki guc kaynag?nda uyku modu var yani pasif olarak surekli cal?sacak ek sarg? ile beslemede bunu saglamak maliyeti artt?r?r ATX guc kaynaklar? icin en kolay ucuz yontem budur. C?k?s kat?nda yuksek guclu voltajlar transistor tipi sogutucuya bagl? h?zl? diyotlar ile dogrultuluyor 5 volt icin STPS1545 kullan?lm?s bu diyotun bir cok modeli var 15 rakam? amperi 45 rakam? cal?sma voltaj?n? belirtir yani 15 amper 45 volt  anlam?nda 12 volt icinse ad?n? pek duymad?g?m bir diyot 10GWJ2CZ  kullan?lm?s 10 rakam? 10 amper oldugunu 2 rakam? ise cal?sma voltaj?n?n 200 volt oldugunu belirtiyor bir cok firma bu sekilde kodlama kullan?yor farkl? modellerle ugrast?kca tecrubeniz artar diyotlar transistorler sorun olmaktan c?kar. Trafonun bir uucuna gelen dc ak?m ve mosfetin d cundan c?kan dalgal? ak?m birlesrek trafoyu harekete gecirip bir voltaj saglan?yor bu voltaj ac ak?m olarak trafonun sekonderinden voltaj dusuruluyor mosfetten c?kan voltaj cook dusuk 5 10 volt gibi ac dalgal? ak?m traofada dogrultulan sebeke voltaj?yla beslenip dedgim gibi once voltaj? dusurulen k?s?m 3-Stansby-yard?mc?-besleme: yani bu k?s?m entegreyi besliyor ve kare dalglar ak?m olarak mosfetten gucleniyor ben boyle biliyorum bir amator olarak arast?rarak ogrendim eger yanl?s?m varsa duzeltin lutfen !!!

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