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They always take into account the positive and negative aspects of a situation before reaching to a solution. The monthly horoscope for May 2015 for people born under Virgo sun sign reveals that all this month you will be involved in activities related with your work. The love and relationship horoscope for Virgo forecasts that it is going to be a good month for you. On the social front, you will be engaged in too many gatherings as work will keep you busy.
As far as health is concerned, the astrology predictions reveal that this is the only front wherein you need to be a little cautious. The monthly horoscope for people born under Sagittarius sun sign predicts that the month of May 2015 will demand your attention on the family matters. The Libra sun sign’s May 2015 monthly horoscope predicts that it is the time for you to focus on your professional life. The monthly horoscope for people born under Leo zodiac sign for month of May 2015 predicts that your planetary positions are in a disturbed state in this month. The May 2015 horoscope for Taurus reveals that this time of the year you will experience strong will power which will impart strength to your actions and thoughts. The monthly horoscope for people born under Gemini sun sign reveals that May 2015 will be the time when you will feel like a confident soul. The monthly horoscope for Cancer sun sign suggests that May 2015 is going to bring along lots of changes in your life which is going to have a strong and long lasting effect on your life.
The monthly horoscope for Aquarius sun sign reveals that the month of May 2015 will be a time when you will be required to give more attention to your family. May 2015 horoscope for the people born under Scorpio sun sign reveals that during this month lots of things will be a focus of your life.
Monthly horoscope for people born under Pisces sun sign for month of May 2015 reveals that you will be in high energies which will infuse you with great determination and enthusiasm to work harder to achieve all your goals. The monthly horoscope for Capricorn zodiac sign for May 2015 forecasts that this will be quite a smooth month for you. Monthly horoscope for May 2015 for people born under Aries zodiac sign forecasts that focus of your life during this phase will be your family and your emotions. If life has been up and down of late, this month should see you more able to settle into cruise mode.
Do be aware that Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, ends his retrograde cycle this month. Mr Hand and I (aka The Fangirl) were talking at one point during a break, and we got to discussing Jupiter and Saturn. Building on Mr Hand’s comments, it would be fair to say that when Jupiter touches Saturn, he somehow makes Saturn a bit nicer and a little bit less of a drag. SAGITTARIUS – this is actually the lucky break you have been waiting for – you could find some of your hard work is now paying off! AQUARIUS – it’s time to lighten up when it comes to dealing with your friends – being too serious will take its toll, otherwise!
PISCES – The hard work you have been putting into your career should start to pay dividends now – or at least show some promise of a pay-off!
One thing which stands out looking at the stars for the month ahead is that Venus is in really good shape. The New Moon is in your 9th House, the part of your chart related to study, travel, adventure, and The Great Cosmic Quest.
It doesn’t matter which Star Sign you are, this New Moon also looks very promising for love and abundance, thanks to the romantic Venus links taking place shortly after the New Moon. The Archangel guiding this New Moon is Chamuel, who can help you find whatever you’re looking for.
Taurus – the New Moon this month is in your sign bringing you your annual chance to ditch any bad habits and start all over again!
Cancer – make up to 10 wishes around 8.30pm on May 6 – the New Moon is in your Wishing Zone and super-charging your dreams! Virgo – you need to find a balance between the work you’re obliged to do and your own need for some inner peace and family time. Sagittarius – the Full Moon in your sign this month means it’s time to turn the corner.
Aquarius – if you wish things could go back more to the way they used to be at home or with family, you could get your wish this month. Pisces – it’s time for you to start expressing how you really feel, the way you used to before you got so worried about what others think.
The chakra to focus on this month at the time of the Full Moon is the Crown, which is violet and located at the top of your head. Being a Virgo you've also got a keen understanding of the need to look after your body as you realize it's easy to damage your health. You may often find yourself suffering a sense of urgency; regularly putting your own needs and emotions aside for what you feel is a more necessary task to focus on. The monthly horoscope for Virgo sun sign for the month of April 2015 forecasts that you need to be a little cautious as it is not a good time to get involved into any kind of disagreements and arguments with people around you. The career horoscope for Virgo zodiac sign reveals that this month will be a time when you need to focus on your professional life. The love and relationship horoscope for people born under Virgo zodiac sign reveal that it is not a very good time for you. The health horoscope for April 2015 predicts that you will enjoy a beautiful month as far as your health is concerned as there will be a wonderful improvement in your well-being. The April 2015 monthly horoscope for the people born under the Aquarius sun sign predicts that this month will be driven by your personal aims and goals.
The astrological predictions for Sagittarius sun sign for the month of April 2015 forecast that the focus of your life during this month will be your relationship with your mother and father.

The horoscope for April 2015 reveals that people born under Libra sun sign will experience a shift in your approach towards life. The monthly horoscope for Scorpio sun sign for the month of April 2015 forecasts that you are going to impress everyone with your unmatched charm and glory. The monthly horoscope for Leo for the month of April 2015 forecasts that you will need to learn to adjust and adapt yourself with the changes happening around you. The April 2015 horoscope for people born under Taurus sun sign reveals that you will enjoy amazing support of your planets and stars.
The April 2015 horoscope for the people born under Gemini sun sign forecasts that you will be in full energy to work hard to achieve all your goals.
The horoscope for Capricorn zodiac sign for April 2015 predicts that this month you will experience that your family will be the center of your life.
The monthly horoscope for April 2015 for people born under Cancer zodiac sign reveals that you need to understand that to be able to achieve your goals and dreams, you need to depend on your own self as relying on others will not get you anything.
The horoscope for April 2015 for people born under Aries zodiac sign reveals that you will feel at ease during this month as your aggression will not be very visible. The April 2015 monthly horoscope for people born under Pisces sun sign reveals that it is the time to get into the action mode.
The main focus of your life will be your profession and career and you will work with complete dedication to handle the changes and make the most out of the opportunities. The career horoscope for Virgo predicts that this will be a significant month for you as you will work hard to make progressive changes at work which will have long lasting influence on your working. All those who are single will be showered with lots of opportunities to meet new people and start a new relationship. The retrograde shouldn’t have been an issue, per se, however to have Jupiter moving forward is preferable. Jupiter is the planet of Good Fortune and to have him moving through this part of your chart will instantly boost your cheeriness which in turn boosts your popularity. It boasts the best astrology teachers in the world, and pretty much the best of the best, a gentleman called Robert Hand was on the speakers list. This is a man who allegedly taught himself Latin and ancient Greek so he could decode centuries old astrology documents. Venus is the planet that covers issues (and non-issues) related to love and abundance so when she is doing well, most of us are doing relatively well too. If you’re about to head off into the wild blue yonder on an adventure, you really do have the stars on your side.
Reason being, it takes place very handily on a Friday night, all the better for getting together with a couple of friends to set your intentions for the month ahead ( but you can also do it just as well alone). Re study, travel and adventure – just remember that you have a rush of new energy in both those parts of your life, so if you have plans in those areas, then you can the skies’ support. Venus is the planet of love and abundance and after the New Moon will link first to soulmates planet Neptune and then to lucky Jupiter. It’s time for you to rate yourself more highly – that will also boost your bank balance.
If that’s the case, you can expect your personal life to start demanding some more of your attention now, as the Full Moon takes place across your career and family zones. They can become very good lawyers and health care professionals as they pay very good attention to finer details. However you need to get your habit of over thinking and analyzing under control as this can sometimes lead you to be too harsh with yourself and others. This can lead to unhealthy situations for yourself, horoscope signs and readings can help you curb these self-depriving tendencies by letting you know when it's best to step back, relax and look after yourself.
To keep your career on the right track, you must fulfill all your responsibilities and roles with the best of your efforts. Your planetary positions predict that you are expected to face some kind of discord and problems in your romantic relationships which will leave you with a bad feeling. If you have been planning to leave any of the addictions then this is the time to get started with it. The only issue will be on the romantic front as things will not be that smooth and comfortable.
During the third week of this month, you will find yourself deeply engrossed in work because of which you will enjoy great success and rewards. But your family and friends will be there to support you as they will understand your busy schedules. There are demands on you which, being a Virgo and being attuned to helping others, you won’t ignore. Essentially what it means is that the good luck planet is going to be triggering new and lucky developments for us all, new opportunities will be opening up and there will be chances to make easy improvements in all parts of our life.
You and your extra optimistic view of the world is going to be more in demand than you have been in years. That means wherever Sagittarius is for you is where you have a lot of hard work to do and a lot of lessons to learn. If you’re seeking more love or abundance in your life, take time out on the New Moon night to let the Universe know your desires. It’s all very fabulous doing brilliantly at work and getting kudos (or at least managing to hold your own).
People generally don’t like a Virgo as they have been actual rather than perceived OCD.They are very sophisticated and expect the same level of impeccably organized lifestyle from others as well. You're also very dependable and often more than willing to burn the candle at both ends while running your affairs like clockwork. Also you want to resist your susceptibility to perceive that your suspicions, perception or opinions are actually reality, as this can sometimes lead to problems. If you are into job then you must make sure that you deliver your best performance to impress your administration.

Not only your physical health will see an improvement but your emotional well being is also going to improve. You can always be a little more cautious with your partner by avoiding any heated arguments so that you can have a perfect month with no tensions. This phase presents an opportunity to get rid of what doesn’t work in your life, while also discovering what does.Vedic astrology indications caution that Rahu could goad you to assert yourself, making you yearn for recognition, while Saturn may push you to keep a low profile. Their harsh comments seriously hurt people as not everyone longs for perfection like they do. If you’re going with a lover, it could be an extremely romantic getaway which teaches you both about each other. It might feel a big childish but drawing a picture of what you want with coloured pens and really envisaging it working out in your mind’s eye is a super powerful exercise. That is the part of us that knows we are actually part of God, that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, that we are all connected to all life everywhere. You might be facing a divorce if you are prone to leave your socks in the living room with a Virgo. Be careful though, as your expectations tend to be much higher than other's and because of this it's usually hard for people to live up to your standards. With horoscope signs and readings you can get a better handle on understanding the situations and people in your life for what they are rather than for how you might mistakenly perceive them. If you are looking for a job then chances are that you might find a great job with a large company.
Your interpersonal relationships will be smooth and easy during this month and there is nothing major to worry. As an outcome of these influences, you will mature professionally and build up fortitude to face new challenges. They are gifted with an ability to analyze the situation which makes them a practical person.
And if you are in business then you will surprise everyone with your planning and execution. If you are already married then you will enjoy the best time with your spouse as your planetary positions suggest that you will have amazing compatibility with your partner.
Horoscope signs and readings can help you understand other signs so you can better comprehend people's abilities and when it might better to just put your expectations aside rather than feeling frustrated or trying to do everything yourself. You must know how to strike a balance between your personal life and professional life so that both get equal attention and you don’t miss on anything important. If you are in business then your planetary positions forecast that you are expected to enter into new deals and ventures which will bring lots of profit to your company. The only advice for you for this time is that you must strike a balance between what ought to be happening and what should be happening.
If you can find a balance between doing what you need to at home and work, you will inch your way closer to feeling more fulfilled and balanced. This is the month to open your eyes to the big wide world rather than fretting about all the little details on the home front. Sure, there will be time to start to focus again on your professional life, but right now, if you listen to the Stars, you will hear them reminding you to take care of your personal life. Your planetary positions suggest that you will enjoy support of your spouse in your financial planning.
But remember the secret to manifesting is believing what you’re aiming for can happen – feel it already real in your body. If there are some old loans which have been bothering you then it is the time to pay them off.
If you are planning to take some important decisions related with money then take them in the second half of the month.
You are not perfect – no one is, so take criticism in the right spirit.By the end of the month, news of encouraging returns from investments made earlier will cheer you up. The part of your chart being stimulated by Venus is also the part of your chart which broadens your mind. Love, romance, adventure, study and self-improvement will all do that for you, now and over the next four weeks.
Those keen to buy a house should firm up decisions now as planetary transits will be conducive to take loans.Since the beginning of the year the planets remain harmonious in favour of your family and long-standing relationships.
Foreigners and people recently returned from out of town or overseas should also hold extra interest. What you need to be careful of as you embrace Jupiter and all that he has to offer is that you don’t get lulled into a Jupiter stupor and start to just assume that everything is going to be allright with no effort on your behalf. Everything still requires effort though you really can expect all parts of your life to flow more easily over the next year. You feel a little more playful now, and love matters tend to be exaggerated with a shade of excitement.
Also watch you if you start to act arrogantly – another Easy Jupiter Trap which will negate some of the Popularly Brownie Points you’ve been handed.
Finally Jupiter is the travel agent of the zodiac so if you want to get away anytime soon, you have excellent stars for it. Stay alert and keep stress in check by remaining close with loved ones, cultivating existing relationships and endeavors rather than embarking on new ventures.Virgo February 2016 horoscope however indicates some trouble for married couples, the whimsical attitude of your spouse will annoy you. There seems to be little compatibility and plenty of disillusionment in the air, at this moment.
Heated situations are most likely because you are taking things very personally right now, or because you are deliberately imposing your beliefs and ideas.Extra caution is advised in driving or anything related to transportation according to the February horoscope.

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