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One personalised plate surround to fit New Zealand motorcycle licence plates and some Australian plates (see below). This frame will fit the larger size ACT motorbike plates (254mm x 100mm), the larger personalised South Australian motorcycle plates (252mm x 98mm), the VIC 3 or 4 character Slimline plates (250mm x 100mm), and WA larger aluminium and polycarbonate plastic motorbike plates (254mm x 100mm). We offer a huge range of number plate fonts, but the majority of our fonts are for show plate use only. If you are ordering showplates for your motorcycle, then you are free to add or move spaces as you choose.

Yes, they display the legally required British Standards number, (BS AU 145d) along with our name in the bottom right hand corner. The British standards number indicates that our plates are manufactured using a superior grade of acrylic, which has passed the impact, weathering, and bending tests outlined in BS AU 145d. The lettering is made using the best quality external use signwriting vinyl which is designed to last at least 7 to 9 years outdoors. It also confirms that our number plates meet all retro-reflective requirements defined in the Standard.

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