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We're very proud of our high quality vintage number plates and the excellent service we provide coupled with a fast turnaround, and think you will be too. For information on legal use of number plates on classic motorcycles over a certain age, please take a look at our information page. Goulds have been making number plates since 1964, and are proud to be one of the largest number plate manufacturers in the UK.
Gould’s number plates are produced in a large variety of styles, shapes and finishes, using the highest quality materials available, all of our products meet the stringent requirements of the new British Standard AU145d.
We offer a same day delivery service which is second to none, we will taylor our service to meet your needs, should you require a single plate or 5000 pairs we will endeavor to meet your daily, delivery requirements. Gould Autoplates are proud to be one of the founder members of the BNMA, the association is made up from over 90% of the UK major number plate suppliers, we work closely with the DVLA and the government bodies to ensure that new legislation and requirements are enforced and understood. Pro Plates are about professionally produced custom show plates, bespoke road-legal number plates, personalised for car, motorcycle, truck, trailer or agricultural vehicle. Add your favourite sports team or cartoon character badge to your Pro Plates Design, choose from 100s of styles to create your own personalised, custom Show Plates.
We are the UK's leading Show Plates manufacturer supplying to the Trade and Public delivering quality products and service. Low on electrolyte, with sulfated plates, this battery is now little more than hazardous waste. Over the years I've written any number of articles that described, often in excruciating detail, how to prep your bike for a winter layover.
All of that made an impact, so until further notice I'm not doing any more "How to Put your Bike Away for the winter" stories. Adding fuel stabilizer prevents the little gummies from invading your carburetors, and if that happens there's absolutely no reason to take it apart in the spring and give it a good cleaning, let alone replace the jets, float valves or anything that's too gooey to work. Here's my take on it: The bike is only going to be laid up for, what, three or four months? We offer a massive range of classic motorcycle plates and this website represents our most popular styles.
We supply ready made plates, number plate systems and components, worldwide to a wide range of customers which include car dealerships, PDI sites, motor factors, accessory shops, motorcycle dealerships and general public. All our products are tested and conform to the stringent requirements of the British Standard.
If you see an image and you are the individual copyright holder please contact us immediately if you wish for such images to be removed. This is what happens when your motorcycle spends a winter or two parked in a damp garage with an empty fuel tank. Some of you followed my instructions to the letter and come first grass were rewarded with a machine that looked and ran the way it should.

However, I do believe in presenting both sides of most issues, so I'm going to step aside now and let my cousin Zippy take over. A good coating of road grime combined with rust and corrosion gives your ride a salty look that says, "I'm a real biker who's too busy riding to clean my motorcycle." It'll also seal the paint and any polished pieces with a coat of oxidation to protect them. See, when a bike is parked for any length of time the gasoline starts to turn into something like a root beer gummy bear that's been left in the sun too long. So not only are you depriving yourself of a good education in carburetor overhaul, you're actually preventing guys who clean carbs from making a living. Sure, antifreeze goes bad, but if the stuff in your bike has been working for three years why would it go bad now?
Jeez, some of these guys even put duct tape or steel wool into the pipes and air inlet to keep mice and rats from getting in. Just park the thing and if it doesn't start or run in the spring, call the local shop to pick it up and straighten everything out. If you can't find what you're looking for however, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to help you.
Dan is smiling because the oil he's holding in the pan hasn't been changed in quite a while and is full of grit. Others ignored me and spent a considerable amount of time, money and energy replacing batteries, cleaning carburetors and fuming when you could've been riding. Although I've interjected comments where I felt clarification was in order, I gave Zippy free reign to speak his mind, or at least what's left of it.
I know motorcycles don't run real well on sugar and glucose syrup, especially when it's gooey, but converting gasoline to gummy bears is an interesting experiment in the transformation of matter. And the brakes will still work, maybe not as well as they did when the fluid was new, but how hard do you use them anyway? Heck, most of the dealers in my neck of the woods only take a month or two and charge maybe five or six hundred bucks-a grand, tops-to get a bike running. Please be aware that all of our show plates are not for use on the public highway and by doing do you are in breach of the road traffic act. Then there were a few of you who didn't do a damn thing and rode merrily off into the sunset wondering what all the fuss was about in the first place.
Bear in mind that Zip is not a professional mechanic-hell, he's not a mechanic or a professional of any kind, so his theories are at best suspect.
To carry the look off you'll need to practice saying, "It'll get washed when it rains" with a sneer. If there's not a flood of bikes that need carburetor cleanings in the spring, how will the owner and his favorite secretary pay for their next trip to Vegas? As for rust damage in the master cylinder and calipers, well, that's why they make rebuild kits.

And even if they do build a nest in your air cleaner, sheesh, have a little compassion for our rodent friends! Show plates are therefore sold on the strict understanding that they will not be fitted to a road going vehicle and it is your responsibility as the purchaser to use them only in a legal fashion. Like they say-the opinions presented here are not necessarily those held by the management. I mean, what's more adventurous than leaving home on a bike that's practically guaranteed to have you stranded by the side of the road with a contaminated carburetor, plugged fuel line or ruined injector? But when you park the bike-especially when the oil is nice and dirty-those particles drop out and form little communities of dirt and sludge in there, like little crappy neighborhoods, and when the crud drops out it rejuvenates the oil. If you feel guilty about not washing your ride, think of all the cash you're saving on soap and wax and how proud of you Al Gore would be for not wasting precious water resources on something as frivolous as a motorcycle. So don't charge it, don't clean that powdery stuff off the terminals-that's what prevents the electricity from leaking out the top-and don't add water. Hell, if the stuff is still green let it go-what's the worst that could happen if it does freeze?
That's what I do, and my bike usually runs on both cylinders-at least half the time I ride it. Besides, just consider how much time and money you'll save when the thing finally goes terminal and refuses to start.
The less water, the less damage there'll be to the paint and chrome when the battery freezes and cracks and everything leaks out. Besides, when the engine is restarted it'll get swept up again anyway, so why worry about it?
Of course if you listen to my smartass cousin he'll tell you it should run good all the time, but he's one of those guys who actually believes what it says in the shop manual about routine maintenance being a cornerstone of reliability. Then you can get back to the important things in life like watching Dancing with the Has-Beens instead of riding. Maybe you'll end up with an etched bearing or cam surface or a little pocket of sludge someplace, but chances are there won't be a whole lot of damage-at least none that can't be fixed by a good mechanic and a small bank loan. Also, who wants to waste good money on oil when you're not even going to be riding for a few months?

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