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New and unique - new movie reviews are now coming with Level of Embitterment and Level of Disappointment! The plot is predictable and hardly original, and so is the message of the movie, but nonetheless CLICK manages to be emotionally engaging. Naturally Sandler uses this remote to do a couple funny things like mute his wife while she is yelling at him, fast forward through foreplay and sex, and replay some embarrassing scenes from his past, etc. Its always an awkward transition when a movie goes from fart jokes to re-examining some of the characters values.

And in the end he gets a second chance its such a ripoff of Its a Wonderful Life that Im surprised Sandler didnt wish the Ole Savings and Loan a Happy Hanukah.
In this case, Sandler ends up abusing the fast forward option on his remote and misses all important events in his family in favor of moving his career forward.
The supporting actors (Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff, Sean Astin) are cast perfectly and bring their characters to life, but CLICK rests definitly on the shoulders of Adam Sandler – and he stems it easily and with grace. I got wrapped up in the ordinary characters and got pulled into the story even as it veered into Jimmy Stewart-land.

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