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Adapted from an ac-output resonant half-bridge inverter circuit, the resonant CLC (capacitor-inductor capacitor) dc-dc converter employs a π-filter loaded by a rectifier. Adapted from an ac-output resonant half-bridge inverter circuit, the resonant CLC (capacitor-inductor capacitor) dc-dc converter employs a π-filter loaded by a rectifier. It also allows me to understand more about a person’s fate based on their pinnacle number plus planning ahead of the events from my own personal year, month and day.” Enoch Tan, Singapore“Name numerology, compatibility analysis and personal cycles -personal month and day are the key takeaways for me for this course. I was doubtful if Numerology could do the same since most practitioners I encountered could not give me the answer I am looking for.It took me by surprise when Jacqueline could tell me what exactly happened to me during certain months in 2014.
As always, Jac’s teaching is fun, engaging and animated.” Clarence Yang, Singapore“The pinnacle numbers coupled with compatibility analysis is the most interesting in this class and it is easy to apply straight away once you know the step by step guide in doing the reading” Budy Santosa, Indonesia“Able to read even when we only have the minimum information of that person such as name. That was after she gave me a very thorough break-down of my personality and things that I thought only I would know. Jacqueline’s teaching style is good, personal and down-to-earth.” Zhiting Loh, Singapore”As this system is simple yet powerful, i can easily work out the numbers on the aspect that I want, such as name, behavior, pinnacle, etc.
Nevertheless, I was not fully convinced and began to “grill” her with many cases to check that if it was just “guess work”. However, if the required output power exceeds the 100-kW level, the situation is not so clear.
However, she amazed me with her consistency in her analyses.Without the hour of birth of a person, she actually can spot-on when a person will change job, is going through a divorce, meeting a soul-mate, traveling, spending unnecessarily, had an car accident, making good money, buying house, brushes with law and etc. No well-known solution operating at a sub-kilowatt power level can successfully scale up to provide 100 kW or more of output power.
She is interactive, gives examples and lots of information shared during the course.” Josephine Chia, Singapore“Ability to go through a structured learning session with like-minded people.
When we first met, she asked for my house unit number and told me my house consists 4 occupants and other things that I am not convenient to share here.Okay, I told myself she is the one that I must have her on our panel. She is generous in sharing her “trade secrets” and I believe students would be able to benefit from her teaching tremendously. As the system does not factor in the tim eof birth like our Chinese BaZi, I believe that there is a limitation to be used as a robust forecasting or fortunetelling tool.
Profile of Trainer - Jacqueline Ng Jacqueline, effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, is a Certified Practitioner Member (CPM) with the Association International De Numerologues Asia.Jacqueline has been practicing Numerology since 2009, giving consults mainly to top corporate honchos as wellas advising individuals how to overcome challenges in life. Furthermore, they cannot be instantly turned off because of significant parasitic tail current, which is “enemy No.
Since then she has also been giving private coaching and was often invited to conduct customised seminars for corporates on using this science as a profiling system.She is also a certified ACTA trainer (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) from WSQ.

The zero-voltage switching mode eliminates turn-on losses, but very dangerous turn-off stress and associated power losses are still present. Unfortunately, no existing technical solution can eliminate tail-current-related problems completely for regulated dc-output converters.
However, it is possible to reduce the harmful tail-current influence to an acceptable level. This type of inverter must operate in a zero-voltage switching mode; otherwise, energy stored in C2 can destroy power switches. Input filter capacitor C2 works as a very efficient snubber, reducing IGBT collector voltage rise speed. For example, the tail current of the typical 300-A, 1200-V rated high-speed IGBT decays near exponentially with 200-ns to 500-ns time constant.
Therefore, if a snubber capacitor slows down IGBT voltage rise time to 3 µs, then the total IGBT turn-off energy loss becomes three to five times lower than that without snubber capacitor. The dc-output CLC-inverter can operate either in a half-bridge or full-bridge configuration. A resonant capacitor CRES value is also reflected to the primary side via turn ratio squared.
However, the best power-conversion efficiency is reached when the reflected output voltage equals bus voltage. It is composed of a noise-immune steering logic, proportionally integrating error amplifier and voltage-to-frequency converter. The minimum error amplifier output voltage corresponds to maximum IGBT on time and vice versa.
IGBT switching loss is now only 12% of total loss due to slow voltage buildup on snubber capacitors. The IGBT start-up peak current, as well as short output current, is almost twice as high and can exceed 500 A. Although it is safe for 300-A rated IGBT blocks, the soft-start and overcurrent protection circuit is desirable. The soft-start can be realized by slow ramping up of bus voltage or by starting inverter operation at maximum switching frequency.
The first way is better, but it requires an SCR-based phase-control line-voltage rectifier.
The open-load operation is safe for the inverter, but its output voltage gets out of regulation.

It can stay in regulation even at open-load condition (capacitor bank charge mode) if LRES-CRES resonant frequency is reduced from 39 kHz to 30 kHz. 4 shows the light-load operation waveforms, and Table 3 presents the simulation test results. The total IGBT power loss is reduced by 35%, but the switching loss contribution is now 39% of total loss. Note that resonant capacitor CRES works at high ac-voltage, about two times the output dc-voltage peak-to-peak at 46 kHz. However, there is a real danger of getting out of zero-voltage switching mode if snubber capacitors are too large.
The reason for this is because resonant-inductor current cannot completely discharge that large capacitor during IGBT dead time prior to the next IGBT turn-on. If that happens, the residual snubber capacitor energy is dissipated in the IGBT every switching cycle and results in IGBT overheat.
The inverter can operate without snubber capacitors at all, but very high turn-off loss dramatically reduces the maximum switching frequency to 8 kHz or less for reliable, continuous operation.
However, this mode is not intrinsically protected from a lethal IGBT zero-voltage switching violation. Therefore, all critical component values must be properly chosen to guarantee normal operation under all possible working conditions. Due to its excellent tolerance to the bus voltage variation, it can operate from three-phase ac-line rectifier without filter capacitors, which improves power factor. It is the best topology for the megawatt-level dc-output power supplies, as well as for large capacitor bank chargers. It allows the gathering of complete information about the entire circuit operation as well as every single component. It is especially important because no formulae or equations are derived for that type of power inverter.

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