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View PhotosNadi Jyotish or Nadi Astrology is an ancient and divine predictive science that throws light on the past, present and future of an individual.
If NASA's engineers only had eleventh-century astronomy knowledge, do you think they could have landed the "Rover" on Mars? Founder of Nadi Bachao Andolan, Suresh Bhai, said that though he was happy with the order, he couldn't help being a tad sceptical. Breathe like the yogis do with pranayama, which boasts the ability to heat the body among other benefits. The Palm leaves are a set of highly organized manuscripts divided into sixteen chapters or Kandams. The 4th Kandam has details about the Mother, the role and influence of Mother in the Nadi seeker's life, its benefits and problems in his life. The 6th Kandam has details about Diseases, their causes, duration and the extent of damage it has on the life of the Nadi Seeker.
This chapter gives information about the Nadi seeker's matrimonial details like the Date, Time and Place of Marriage. This chapter deals with ones' life span, about accidents if any might occur, court litigation, etc. The tenth Kandam deals with your business life, it tells about what type of business is suited for you, or which type of business shall fetch you ample profits, losses if any, etc. This chapter deals with the history of last birth, last birth sins, demerits accrued in present birth due to last birth sins and remedial measures. This chapter deals with holy mantras (sacred chants) to be recited, and the holy materials to be kept in prayer room. This chapter deals with Development of spirituality, the possibility, of attaining wisdom and God.

Jyotish which means science of light actually utilizes the divinely channeled sacred inscriptions that were etched on palm leaves, collectively known as Nadi Leaves.
See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Nadi Astrology. And what is above is like what is below, so that the miracle of the One may be accomplished. These Kandams serialize the various aspects of materialistic and spiritual life of an individual such as family, marriage, profession, wealth, luck, a relationship between brothers & sisters etc., some chapter gives details about previous birth & sins, and committed problems & solutions for successful life in this birth. There are also details about the Nadi seeker's House, Vehicles, Land, treasures and general material comforts and achievements. Birth, lifespan, achievements, problems, death and their overall performance have been predicted. It also provides information regarding Enemies, Litigation, their causes and duration of suffering on account of the above.
That is about the way in which you have spent your money, the way in which it happened, it also explains about Moksha or heavenly status, any monetary benefits, higher status arising from foreign tours and foreign contacts.
Subjugation of enemies and use of mantra to prevail over them, litigation, bad and evil effects, etc. With the help of Nadi Astrology, astrologers can trace the soul's entire journey, whether it is of previous birth or the current one.Your Truth Etched On Palm LeavesAccording to Vedic Scholars, about 5000 years ago, our soul's past, present and future was channeled by the ancient seers or Rishis and etched on palm leaves. It also provides information about the positive and negative aspects of the relationship with siblings.
It also suggests remedial measures for avoidance and positive measures for achieving success. Causes and Measures for delay in marriage, Future of the marriage, aspects of compatibility and conflicts if any with the spouse etc.

It also deals with your next birth that is where you will be born, what will be your living conditions, etc. They perfected the skill of seeing with their 3rd eye and cracking the secret code and accessing other dimensions of reality where timeless truths are revealed. There are also predictions about whether the Nadi seeker will or will not have children and details about the same. Kandam 2 to 12 will give future predictions upto end of life from the date of perusal of that kandam. Your truth was also etched on Palm leaves with the purpose of reaching you when you need it the most.Not only do people continue to awaken to higher powers, especially of the planetary influences, their family is also helped indirectly through family bonds or directly by having their own Nadi or Vedic readings done.
The intriguing fact about Nadi Astrology is that it isn't completely definable, there is still an element of mystery and divinity surrounding around it.Know the Soul Agenda of Your LifeA Nadi Astrology Reading can help you know the soul agenda of your life and the causes or reasons behind the current and past unfavorable events. It can also find answers to questions you always wanted to ask but knew not whom to turn towards.Nadi reading also helps in identifying the remedies needed to remove the blockages which keep you stuck. In Nadi Astrology, only your thumb impression is needed, which will then be matched with the 108 categories of thumb impressions under which the Nadi leaves are arranged. Since, the Nadi leaves have been pre-recorded centuries ago; there is no doubt about the prediction.

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