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Numerology Name Calculator will reveal your life path number with a description about your personalities strong and weak points. Lucky Number Calculator – Find your numerology lucky number with numerology calculator. Calculate your Life Path number for free and see what this most important numerology number reveals … Changing Your Name? Wejee’s free numerology calculates and gives meaning to your name, destiny,personality and soul urge numbers. Numerology puts numbers to your name and your birth and through a series of … reading done instantly just enter your birthday and your full real name below. Cosmic Ordering is easy, it really can work, and it's FREE to do – so what do you have to lose? Numerology is the study of numbers and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. Numbers can also be used to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life, like when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs, or relocate. I have studied the ancient schools of Vedic numerology and Pythagorean systems for over 30 years and now use these two systems to not only provide a complete reading for my clients. If you want the full Number Advantage package of your numerology reading + your personal geometric signature, go here now!
The birth path number, which suggests your overall path in life and place in the world, is based on your complete birth date. Use the birth name--the name given a person at birth--to determine the Name Number (also known as the Expression Number), which reveals the overall personality. As lovers: Although steady and generally trustworthy, Fours can be quite emotional and frustrated if they feel caged in. Keywords: adaptable, freedom-loving, romantic, resourceful, witty, fun-loving, curious, flexible, accommodating.
As lovers: These lovers are generally attractive to the opposite sex, as they are adaptable, curious, and friendly. As lovers: Number Sixes have a deep dislike of discord and will generally work hard at keeping the peace. As lovers: These lovers are a little spaced out, and sometimes hard to reach and to understand. Keywords: ambitious, business-minded, practical, leading, authoritative, successful, courageous, accomplished, organized. Keywords: jack of all trades, humanitarian, sympathetic, helpful, emotional, tolerant, active, determined. In the first example above, in which the calculations for the Birth Path Number were demonstrated, the final number was reduced from an 11 to a 2. Here is a crystal-clear reference guide to the science and art of numerology, including each number's corresponding color, flower, musical note and instrument, food, gem, crystal, state, city, planet, and compatible and incompatible numbers.Using Dodge's step-by-step instructions and simple worksheets, you will learn how to use your name and birthdate to calculate the personal numbers that reveal your motivations, marriage and job opportunities, self-image, destiny and life purpose, personal year, month and day numbers, and more -- plus an in-depth analysis of the all-important challenge number, the indicator of hidden talents and the key to personal growth and success.
Mildred Newman psychologist and coauthor of How to Be Your Own Best Friend Whether by means of numerology or by virtue of her powers of intuition, Ellin Dodge has remarkable insights.
David Mamet Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright As delineated by Ellin Dodge, numerology is certainly most useful for ordering one's thoughts. Samuel Botero international architectural designer It never ceases to amaze me how accurate Ellin has been. Bruce Weber noted photographer You can't choose your lover's name, but you can choose your dog or cat's name. Read the latest teen books for free and more on Riveted, where YA Fiction is Our Addiction! Get book club recommendations, access to more 1,000 reading group guides, author updates, and more! Get relationship help, parenting advice, healthy recipes, and tips for living a happy life from our author experts.
Numerology reveals a lot about ourselves, not just our innate personalities, but also our potentials, dreams, challenges, and other crucial aspects of our lives. A Numerology readings offer unique insight into your self, your past, present, and your future.

Is the personal numerology readings from Blair Gorman, the famous numerologist the real deal?
I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading. The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of value derived from the letters in the name provide an interrelation of vibrations. We are all under the influence of numbers through our names, addresses, time, money, addresses, telephones, keyboards, tapes, security numbers, bank accounts, elevators etc.
To calculate the name number, find the number that corresponds to each letter in the name in the chart below, add the numerals up, and then "reduce" the final number to a single digit, as you did with the birth path number, above.
However, their disinterest in material things and focus on spirituality makes for interesting, if a little kooky, bed partners and mates.
When they treat relationships like business deals, however, they can easily alienate partners and fall short of creating a tolerant and romantic atmosphere. If expressed negatively: financially careless, moody, bullying, overly emotional, sullen, restless. In Numerology, there are such things as Master Numbers that are noted, and these are the numbers 11 and 22. Although Number Twenty-twos are idealists and visionaries, they still manage to keep their feet on the ground. Simple, fun, and brimming with insights, here is today's most authoritative manual on numerology by the nations foremost expert. Hay author of You Can Heal Your Life Reading Numerology Has Your Number is almost like having a private reading with Ellin Dodge, one of my favorite numerologists. Ellin's numerology reading for one of my clients contributed significantly toward reducing the number of years she would have had to spend in therapy. Similarly, each phonetic letter has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. Simply add up the digits of your birth data, and keep "reducing" (explained via the example here) to a single digit. The number two is associated with the Moon and, since the Moon rules Cancer in astrology, is similar to the Cancer vibration. These are "idea" people with a love of variety and the ability to adapt to most situations. At their best, they are devoted and stable partners who do whatever they can to maintain balance and harmony.
These people are not very attached to material things, are introspective, and generally quiet. They are intuitive, some are psychic, and although they can be loners at different times in their lives, they are often devoted partners.
Essentially, the number 11 is a 2, but it is considered a higher vibration of the number 2. They are generally bent on achieving in life, and their sheer intensity is something people either love or hate. Though the effect these numbers have on us cannot be seen or felt by us, these numbers do have an enormous effect on our lives, that's the theory behind Numerology.
These lovers are willing to experiment, and they can be quite exciting--they can also require a lot of excitement because they can bore easily. Allowed the freedom to socialize and scatter their energies, they are exciting and happy lovers. They love to solve problems, and if allowed to "take on" and tackle predicaments, they are very loyal lovers. At their worst, they take their peace-loving natures too far, and become lethargic, diplomatic to the point of superficiality, and jealous. If triggered, their emotions can be volcanic, and a seemingly meek personality can resort to bullying tactics when unhappy. They are quick to adapt to ups and downs, but when under-stimulated, they can be inconsistent and resisting of making commitments. However, their goals in love may be too lofty and thus they can be prone to disappointment when relationships inevitably fall short of ideal.

Numerology is a mystical arithmetic system that reveals character, personality, and experience through the sensible progressions of numbers.Numerology's simple arithmetic bases its startling revelations on over 11,000 years of coincidence. Clan leaders, philosophers, and priests throughout the ages have organized its psychical information. Numbers are not just cumulative values to be totaled by a calculator or applied to odds at a crap table. This is the eighties, the age of numbers, and the duality of their importance is even more in focus. We are drawn to people, places, and things that vibe with us, and most of us find one or two numbers that feel lucky or seem to turn up in addresses or phone numbers no matter how often we change them.
When you understand the gist of the number meanings, you will be able to understand the types of people and experiences that your changing home, phone, and auto repeatedly attract.For those interested in metaphysics, numerology can sharpen mind-expansion techniques and prepare the mind to use extrasensory perceptions and mental transference easily. You may visualize how you look, feel, and act at your highest possible potential based on its number meanings. As the ancients knew and today's forecasters believe, whatever the mind can visualize, one can achieve.Numerology provides a complete personality-lifestyle profile when we apply the meanings of individual numbers to our birth names and birth dates. The numbers of our birth dates describe the things that we have to learn.The number symbols for the letters in your name outline your natural instincts, self-image, and talents. Metaphysicians believe that the soul selects its name prior to birth to reflect the sound of its capacities. To the listener a name is the person's melody, and those who are soulmates respond favorably when it is spoken. If you compared the name numbers of best friends and intimate lovers, you would find the same numbers in their numerology charts.
That's because, according to Pythagoras, the father of modern numerology, "like" numbers have an affinity for one another.
Certain numbers that crop up in a person's life repeatedly -- in addresses, telephone listings, auto license plates, bank accounts, social security numbers -- originate in the numbers of their name or birth date.The numbers in your birth date describe lifetime experiences and their objectives. The subdivisions of the birth date -- the month, day, and year numbers -- are symbols for three major cycles of life experiences, and the total number meaning explains the types of people and experiences you will meet along the way, otherwise known as your destiny.The birth-month and birthday-number meanings describe attitudes and actions. The birthday number symbolizes experiences during the twenty-seven-year mid-life productivity cycle, including the period from approximately age twenty-eight to age thirty-six, when you mature and stabilize.
The day-of-birth number can help during that time by putting a focus on your career and explaining options.Then there is the challenge number. I believe this number, found through a subtraction of your birth-date numbers, is one of the most important numbers in a person's life because it describes how you will cope with your destiny. It tells how you will use your natural instincts and talents (symbolized by your birth-name number) and how you will deal with the people and experiences you meet (symbolized by your birth-date number).
And, after all, it is not your fate but your attitude toward it that determines success or failure, happiness or misery.According to psychologists and therapists who have listened to their clients' taped numerology counselings, the perceptions of the challenge-number meanings are accurate and usually prove to be valuable tools for growth.
While the childhood training ground for what later becomes obsessive and compulsive behavior may take years to identify in therapy, with numerology it is simply a matter of subtracting the month, day, and year of birth numbers. After these patterns are identified, trained professionals can offer methods for behavior modification.
If the interpretation of your challenge number brings past mistakes to mind, it's up to you whether the experience sparks self-delusion or a new awakening.
As always, you have a choice.But while challenge numbers describe self-destructive attitudes, negative habits, angers, and frustrations, they can also be the key to revealing hidden talents and opportunities and can help point the way to success. Challenge patterns are deeply ingrained in us from childhood, and when we learn to balance their extremes, challenges can become major pluses. At their negative extreme these numerological "Freudian slips" describe think-stuck attitudes, inappropriate reactions, and unrealistic self-appraisals.
But by identifying these unpleasant tendencies, challenges can trigger the desire to finally call a halt to black-and-white decision making, self-destructive behavior, and the mental, emotional, and physical problems they create.When you use numerology as a companion to common sense, all things are possible. For people who will take all the help they can get, numerology can be a wonderful copemate.

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