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The current focus on 'social networking' might make us think we should spend most of our efforts warming up distant relationships and creating new ones. One of the first books to use the, now fashionable, term "Business Ecosystem" was "The Death of Competition" written by James Moore and published in 1996. One of a number of 'gems' within this book is the idea of a "Personal Ecosystem" (p268-271) or an "egosystem". These are the folks who critically analyse these new ideas to see which ones are worth developing further. These are the guys who can take an idea which has survived the critical assessment of the advisors and can bring it to life through effective implementation and action. So what shape is your personal ecosystem or "egosystem" in, do you have one, how much effort are you investing in it and are there any critical gaps? Ken writes the highly popular bioteams blog which has over 500 articles on all aspects of bioteams (aka organizational biomimicry) - in other words how human groups can learn from nature's best teams.

Knowledge-based SMEs and SMBs (small fish) need to read "The Networked Enterprise (TNE) - competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks (VENs)" with its numerous real examples and proven techniques to find out how to use VENs to develop strategic partnerships with BIG FISH (large enterprises) to propel them to the next level of competitive success.
Avrei potuto fare un'ulteriore passo in piu e creare un'ipart, facendo scegliere all'utente le dimensioni dei due lati al momento dell'inserimento, ma non ho voluto perdere ulteriore tempo, oltretutto sul PC utilizzato c'era solo Libre-Office e Inventor richiede invece la presenza obbligatoria di Microsoft Excel per la generazione delle tabelle delle I-Part.
Avendo i mattoncini reali a portata di mano, li ho osservati e ho perfezionato i pezzi della libreria di Leocad, che in alcune parti non corrispondevano alla realta.
Sempre per non perdere tempo ho evitato di creare degli i-mate per un piu agevole vincolamento delle parti negli assiemi. Mi sarebbe piaciuto che si vedesse il contorno dei mattoncini LEGO affiancati, ma non ho trovato un modo pratico per ottenere la loro visibilita nel rendering. Naturalmente i pezzi modellati potranno essere riutilizzati per futuri modelli tridimensionali. Swarmteams enables groups to be more responsive and agile by fully integrating their mobile phones and the web with bioteam working techniques.

Nella seconda immagine sono stati volutamente tolti alcuni mattoncini piu esterni per far vedere meglio la parte interna. We can learn a lot about relationship ecosystems from Jim Henson the inventor of the Muppets. The latest Swarmteams implementation is SwarmTribes which helps musicians and bands form a unique collaboration with their fans for mutual benefit. Sicuramente ci sara un modo per evidenziare meglio i contorni dei mattoncini, ma al momento non lo conosco.

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