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I was excited to learn the official "birth month" flowers and am now pleased to know that Asters and Morning Glories represent September (their colors complement the September birthstone, Sapphire).
If you're interested in learning more about "The Language of Flowers," visit this comprehensive flower symbolism site.
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Daughtry the Rat-Cha at 6 months old and 6 pounds—"She loves to jump super high, loves kisses, and is the perfect lap dog!
Bud, a mix between Chihuahua and Rat Terrier (Rat-Cha hybrid), at around 1½years old weighs around 15 pounds. Barkley, a 4-month-old Rat-Cha with Cy, his cat friend—Barkley is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Rat Terrier.
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Do you create products or organize events for UX professionals or manage a UX team that’s hiring?
People might be interested to know that Miles Hunter and I have developed an Excel-based version of the desirability toolkit.
I’m curious to know about what kind of range of responses you got, in terms of adjectives that were picked by each group. Marco and Userfocus, thanks for your comments and for pointing out alternatives or extensions of the method I’ve presented in this article.
As noted in my column, SUS and other standard questionnaires can be a good proxy for these types of measures. We used the findings that Tom Tullis and Larry Wood published regarding sample size for card sorting as a guideline. We kept the list long to make sure we weren’t biasing the results too much by picking the adjectives on our own.
I wonder what benefit, if any, there would be to having a third group experience both options and complete the product reaction card for each—rather than giving a simple preference. How does this sample size relate to population, or does it not need to as the analysis is not strictly quantitative?
Coming from a background of practitioner-based qualitative testing, sample size is always a puzzle. It’s great to see your contribution to the small, but growing discussion of how people are using the product reaction cards to get at the desirability factor. We reported on several studies in which we had used the cards, and we showed several ways in which we illustrated the results. Hi Carol, glad to hear that this technique is gaining more traction, and I am excited to hear more about your experiences.

I will be doing a joint presentation on this topic with Paul Doncaster at the 2011 International UPA conference as well.
Having used this method in previous projects, I decided to create an online, free version of Microsoft’s Product Reaction Card method.
As with any set of things, there must be some words that appear frequently and some almost never. Hi Folks, Super stale, but figured I would comment in case David was still around and people are interested. The words in the original set were collected from multiple sources, including a focus group of users who were asked to bring in their favorite physical item and Web page.
The first chart explains the different color variety of roses for each month of the year, and the second conveys the Victorian meanings behind some popular flowers.
He sits at the top of our stairs and nudges a ball off the top step with his nose, then tries to get to the bottom step before the ball does! My hubby brought her home to me on the Harley in his pocket when she was 7 weeks old and we have been inseparable since. Compare these responses for different sections of the site—and try to get mini-SUS for each of these.
Changes to aesthetics, language, and layout improved the scores in regularized methods, allowing low numbers of iterations to move the bill pay system to rather good performance without a real change in the interaction.
The other examples that you reference are evidence that assessing emotional response is a growing need, and as a profession, we need to keep refining approaches that will help us understand this dimension of user experience.
You make a good point about the name associated with this method and the techniques I described. However, we’ve found that specific feedback on designs using the product-reaction adjectives can really help when discussing merits of certain design elements with stakeholders.
In our studies, we opted for a larger sample size that would allow us to keep the list of adjectives long.
We made sure to include more than 30 participants for each audience segment to help see the clustering and rank of adjectives. We recognized that participants might take a bit of time to look through the list, so we made this the only task they had to do in the survey. I’ve seen a couple of recommendations for a sample size of 30 as a minimum, up to 50.
Looks like Thursday, June 23 will be a good day to talk about desirability testing with both of our sessions back to back.
The objective is to usability test the visual design of just one option, not multiple design options. Even if you have only one option and a small sample size, I would say there is still value to using the reaction cards.

We then had them talk about what they liked and did not like and pulled top words from there. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Doc is so well behaved and so intelligent that she just sits automatically when it seems appropriate. If I am walking her on a leash and dogs bark at her from fenced yards, she just ignores them in rather regal fashion: walking with me is far more important than responding to another dog! It was clear that, with a long list of adjectives, there were primacy effects, in that users got tired of reading through the whole list and were more likely to pick the adjectives that were nearer the top of the list.
The emoticon identification of emotions is something that Benedek and Miner tried in their study—asking users to identify their emotional response by selecting a face or emoticon that represented their experience. People have called it desirability testing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about which designs are most attractive. Given the small sample size and the fact that I will have only one design artefact to test, do you see any benefits of using reaction cards? The real benefit in this situation would be to leverage the reaction cards as a trigger for research participants to discuss why they chose certain cards. We also scoured marketing materials and transcripts from prior usability research to draw on how people talked about products. She is very active and strong, nevertheless, and loves her daily walk, which is usually an hour-and-a-half stroll in the neighborhood. Randomizing the adjective list obviously helps, but I wonder what kind of sample size you need to get a good clustering of adjectives. What is most important is that the perspective of users aligns with the brand attributes and goals that you are trying to achieve.
She is solidly built with a wide stance, a deep and broad chest; she is ten inches high at the shoulder and weighs fourteen pounds.
I bought a small ball, hoping that she would enjoy chasing it in our fenced yard, but she has no interest in retrieving or in holding the ball in her mouth.
But then she settles down quickly to whatever pace I have chosen and ignores the squirrel, too. Using this approach may help you assess very specifically whether that is an attribute users associate with the design.

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