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We will strive to shorten this process and will always ship out as soon as they are completed.
All Laser Engraved name tags are sent out in a standard #10 envelope unless 3 or more are purchased at once. If you order both bling and laser engraved tag you item will ship in a padded envelope with tracking. TweetCynthia D’Alba is a wonderfully funny, clever, and dynamic person who lights up a room with her smile. The names you give your characters plays as major a role in your story as other traits and habits.
Names matter and spending the necessary time to discover your characters’ names will be time well spent. What are your answers to Cynthia’s questions?  Any suggestions or tips on picking the right name for your characters? Many guest bloggers can offer a copy of a backlist book to be given away as a potential prize for a blog commenter. I still think I’d love to write a hero with the name of Wilber – talk about adding character to his character!
If her name is Angel but no one is allowed to call her that, what do friends and family call her? It takes me a while to pick a name, especially because I Google search first and last name combinations to avoid using a real person’s name. In the south, it’s common to see the nicknames in parentheses in the obits like Shirley Mae Jones (Big Momma). Hi, Cyndi: I tell ya I work hard to name my characters and when I sold stories to the Trues, several names were changed and for me, did not reflect my image of the character. I never thought about the magazines changing the names of your characters in your short stories! I now alphabetize all my names with both first and last names to make sure I’m not using the same letter too many times, etc. I have read books where two names are either very similar or two male (or female) names start with the same first letter. Most of the time I start with the first letter, pull out a baby book and then start looking at definitions and fitting them to the person. Though I have a tendancy to use common names for my stories, I gave my kids names that were furter down on the populatiry charts. I agree that hard to pronounce names are a pain to read, and I’ll just skip over them and say whatever suits me. In keeping with the beautiful ‘Summer Romance’ collection, this luggage tag style cream place name setting has been embellished with co-ordinating paper flowers with lace and cream satin ribbon strands.
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A hero by another name may not be “as sweet.” Names can play a large role in your character’s identity. Character names should help define the character…who they are, where they’re going in life, where they’ve been. Since I’m writing cowboys right now, I spend a lot of time with rodeo news, old western novels, things like that. I don’t know if you follow Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) but she calls her husband The Marlboro Man (MM for short) in all her blog posts. I wanted the heroines pet name to be Jilly (her dad would have called her that), but the hero was Billy and that was just weird. If I have trouble with that, I either don’t finish the book or I just change the names in my head. I’ve warned my husband that if my Obit lists my name with (Big Momma) in parentheses, I’ll haunt him forever!
I get free local paper that lists a lot of school names, and for my current series, I’m using it for names. I figure out my characters’ ages, then frequently check lists of the most popular names for the year in which they were born. I have a tendency to use a lot of Hispanic names (I am in Texas!!) Anyway,the copy editor in my last book picked up on a name I had used casually in book 1 of the series. Who would have thought I could speak that name and almost everyone knows who I’m talking about. I used to just puul them from my head and you know what I found – I tend to reuse names. Probably because I got poiled being the only Cayla (yess that’s my nick name) in my school growing up. In my current WIP all Scout Troops (a small miltray reconnicence unit)are given Animal names after their Sergeants who often have some aspect of that animal. Names can be printed along with your wedding details or left blank for you to handwrite your guest names only. There are three layout options available with two sizes are currently available for purchase right from the shop. Character names need to be unique to your character and in getting the name right, you build in a memorable element to the story. Choosing a name that is popular today but wasn’t in the 1880’s (when your story is set) will pull the reader out of the story.
Readers want to identify with your characters and that might be difficult if your character’s name is Zyonicaebec or Crystal Rhinestone. Going back to Scarlett O’Hara…That’s not a name you’d expect to see given to a heroine born and raised in Michigan or Maine. Thinking of names for my children, the advice I got was make sure they don’t have to spend their lives spelling it for others.

Whenever I see a name I like, I jot it down for future use – if I can find it on whatever scrap of paper I’ve written it down on!!!! It was a character that barely got a sentence mention but was an employees at the sane place as my heroine.
When my characters stand in line to receive their names we have to have a serious talk about their goals, their history, if their name is a metaphor of some kind.
If you are writing futuristic stories, then I would expect the names to be different than today’s (or yesterday’s) names. Scarlett O’Hara conjures up the images of Southern Bell, hoop dresses, a drawl in her talk. At Christmas, I have to label the gifts a certain way to I know the right Amy or Scott gift goes to the right person!
At the moment I’m working on a middle-grade story set in a primitive setting, so some of my names come from making different sounds… Great fun! Wallpaper images in the My Chemical Romance club tagged: gerard way my chemical romance ray. If you read the Stephanie Plum series you would have recognized the terms of endearment given her by Morelli and Ranger. Comments left on this blog will be counted toward the Texas Two Step Faithful Follower Gift Certificate. What I do know is that you don’t want readers to stumble over the names, or for the names to pull the reader out of the story as (s)he tries to decide how to pronounce Zyonicaebec. In my new book, Texas Two Step, my heroine’s brothers call her “kitten.” That nickname plays a vital role late in the book in defining Olivia’s (my heroine) relationship to her ex-husband.
I don’t have a favorite nickname, but I think they should be meaningful, cute, and easy to pronounce. Good old, hard-working American name, but using Jack is so unoriginal, not what you want with your story.
My sons in the military might get questioned on why thier mother is surfing terrorist sights and FBI wanted lists. The same can be said for Kate (or Katherine or Catherine.) Guess what the hero and heroine names were in my first WIP?
Keep ethnicity in mine as you search as that can make a huge difference in the name you select.
I’m not saying you can’t use names with popular cultural elements, but to remember what having that name can mean to your hero or heroine and their view on the world, or even how others view your character. Having a certain name can make others in the story have certain expectations of your characters…expectations that you will need to either confirm or (better yet) blow up!

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