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You are hardworking, daring, courageous and work painstakingly, You are of introvert nature and your life will be full of struggles, miseries and accidents.
You will be greatly influenced by the planet Saturn , especially if you are born between 20th January to 20th February or from 20th September to 25th October. For success and progress in your business and job the directions of south, south-west, south-east will be favourable to you. For MARRIAGE purpose, the persons born on 3, 4, 5, 7 or 8 of any month will be suitable to you and they can be your FRIENDS also. Caution- Every year during the months of January, March and April, take special care of your health and unnecessary expenditures. The period from 20th January to 20th February and from 20th September to 25th October brings prosperity and good luck to you. You are likely to suffer from the constipation, arthirities, gout, weekness of bladder, teeth trouble, diseases related to ear and nose. Your luck can change immediately, solving all of your problems if you have a Yantra suitable to you.
For good luck and the best of health you must wear Sapphire (Neelum) in iron ring made out of the horse shoe of black horse. Number 8 persons should start their signature from zero degrees to nineteen degrees and it should slant upwards. Lucky name is devised after careful study of sum number, birth number and planetary details at the time of birth.
Person having name number 17 will rise superior in spirit to trials and difficulties of earlier life.

Similarly there are characteristics of persons whose name sums up to 62, 71, 80, 89, 98, 107 and 116. Disclaimer : This website may contain links to other websites which are not under our control or which are not maintained by us. Numerology is the study of the numbers and the meanings of numbers as an integral part of the cosmic plan. English baby names: The only baby names dictionary in the web to find out baby names with meaning, of all races for free online. Creative and self-expressive sword are decided numerology master numbers are so powerful ?Principles.
But the people born on 1, 2, 6, or 9 of any month will not be suitable to you as a marriage partners and will be your enemies.
The dates favourable to you are 8, 17, 26 and specially if they fall on Saturday, including Wednesday and Thursday You are advised to do all your important works on these days.
To avoid accidents and bad luck you should prefer the Car and two wheelers of the same colours. You believe in hard work but you should improve your skills to get better opportunities in your life. Read your weekly updated numerology, calculate your life path number, view the different number characteristics!
You should prefer the clothes of same colours and keep handkerchief, pens in your pocket of same colours. And you have the chances of your progress by leaps and bounds between the age of 35 to 70 years.

This is a great time to incorporate stress-management habits, such as a morning meditation, soothing affirmations or gentle walks.
The amount of struggle you have seen in your life cannot be seen by an ordinary person in his life. It is high time for you to let your partner know how your life has changed since he or she has arrived. Construction, Sports, Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment, Garments and home care industries are profitable for you.
New enrolments of partners will work effectively and start showing scope of opportunities in business.
Take the time to listen to your partner and work together to figure out how to meet each other's needs. Cash inflow is likely from other sources simultaneously you will decrease expenses tremendously. If you are looking for a new job, it's right time to get better job and also right time to get promotion.

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