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For the color shades (the last three, above), I found that these layered color very quickly.
Between the two, I found the Nars Brow Gel to come out of the tube slightly wetter than Bobbi Brown’s. Two thumbs up for value, convenience, quality, and price (particularly when the quantity is compared to Bobbi Brown). EileenJuly 16, 2013 4:36 PMI know what you mean when you say Nars could have done with a fifth shade for truly dark brows.
I love comments and appreciate the time you take to connect with me, but please do not insert links to your blog or store. Everything you want to know about my policies and guidelines.More about how and why I blog. NARS Brow Gel ($22) is a new product by NARS that tidies and grooms the brows with a glossy gel formula.
NARS Brow Gel is available in (4) shades: Oural (clear), Athens (blonde), Piraeus (medium brown) and Kinshasa (dark brown). I love tinted brow gels because my natural brows are very dark and if I fill them in with a dark brown color that matches my brows, they can sometimes look a bit harsh. Now, if you have very light or invisible brows, tinted brow gels can work to your advantage by choosing a shade darker than your brows and lightly combing over them to bring more attention to them. As with many tinted brow gel formulas, a lot of product gets dispensed on the brush - almost too much if you have very sparse or thin brows.
Here are my brows filled in without the brow gel (left) and my brows with the brow gel (right).
I kind of wish these were slightly more pigmented and came in a couple additional shades - otherwise, they're great!
Le sopracciglia, spesso trascurate, sono un elemento fondamentale di ogni makeup: la loro forma dona infatti carattere al viso, influenzando l’espressione naturale del volto ed incorniciandone i lineamenti. Il fenomeno blog e Youtube, rendendo facilmente accessibili nozioni un tempo custodite dai soli esperti del settore, ha indubbiamente acuito la sensibilita sul tema, facendo rapidamente assurgere le sopracciglia a problema di primaria, per quanto frivola, importanza. E’ il caso di NARS, che a fine agosto lancera sul mercato italiano il nuovissimo Brow Gel (22 euro), un utile ausilio per ordinare e cesellare le sopracciglia con praticita grazie all’applicatore ad alta precisione. L’alternativa puo essere trovata nel Brow Perfector (22 euro), una matita automatica adatta a ridare corpo, riempire e disegnare sopracciglia impeccabili con un effetto opaco; la particolare forma della mina, ovale anziche tonda, permette un maggiore controllo ed un risultato piu naturale.
BENEFIT, dal canto suo, ha individuato una problematica molto specifica e molto sentita – le sopracciglia talvolta troppo rade – ed ha trovato una soluzione: il Gimme Brow (25,50 euro), un gel volumizzante arricchito di microfibre capaci di aderire alla pelle ed alle sopracciglia naturali, studiato per offrire un immediato effetto infoltente. A riprova che il 2014 sara l’anno della sopracciglia-mania, anche URBAN DECAY propone un proprio kit studiato all’uopo, puntando sulla maneggevolezza e sulla completezza.

La cera, morbida e malleabile, modella e fissa le sopracciglia senza incollarle e senza creare un effetto posticcio, mentre le due sfumature di cipria ultrafine possono essere miscelate per creare il colore piu adatto al proprio volto. Il cofanetto e proposto in due varianti di colore: Honey Pot (chiaro) e Brown Sugar (scuro). Se invece desiderate scoprire tutte le altre novita autunnali dei marchi citati, eccovi accontentate: Nars, Benefit ed Urban Decay.
Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration. Vampy Varnish is dedicated to showing high resolution makeup and nail polish swatches, and providing honest product reviews. This allows me to use the Nars to give more affirmative shape to my brow–for example, to sweep all the brow hairs horizontally in a way that holds them all day and gives the brow an overall flat appearance. I get all day wear (and some of my days lately have been quite long!) There’s no stiffness in the brow, no flaking, no fading.
My laptop has self destructed last night, so while the husband has managed to MacGyver something, I'm working on a less than ideal machine and have used my iPad to take the photos in this post (I doubt I'll repeat this particular experience).
They come in four colors from black to blond (NARS Perfector) and from clear to dark brown for the gel.
My eyebrows (and lashes) are a very dark brown, and I always need a cool toned color that borders on gray to get a natural look. A unique precision tapered brush adds shape and definition to every angle while creating a fuller, smoother brow look. So I like to finish my brows off with a tinted brow gel in a shade or two lighter than my brows to lighten them up slightly so they have a softer appearance. Studio Treat and Tame) whereas I find MAC to be more creamy and mascara-like, and a bit more pigmented. You can try wiping off the excess on the opening of the tube, but for the most part, I like taking a separate spoolie and patting it on the wand of the brow gel so I'll only pick up very little product and comb it through my brows. As you can see, it's not a huge difference, but you can see that the individual brow hairs stand out a little more and my overall brow color looks a tad bit lighter. Basti pensare a star come Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn ed Elizabeth Taylor, donne capaci di trasformarsi in vere e proprie leggende ed il cui look risulta fortemente segnato proprio dal disegno dell’arcata sopracciagliare. Le aziende cosmetiche piu attente hanno colto i primi segnali ed hanno risposto mettendo a disposizione della clientela comune prodotti fino ad allora studiati esclusivamente per un target professionale. Vivo nel nord dell'Inghilterra, sono contributor per ed ho un'insana passione per borse e rossetti! This gel applies easily like a mascara, and adds color (well the tinted ones do) and definition to your brows.

They don’t really work well for me by themselves because my brows are sparse and must be filled in with a powder or pencil first.
Initially they felt a little hard but after a second they warm up and offer nice pigmentation. I do prefer the clear for me, but if I am using a clear brow gel, I probably wouldn’t spend this much on it! I received the brown ones: Brow Gel in Piraeus (medium brown) and Brow Perfcetor in Caucase (brown). Caucase and Piraeus are almost there but not perfect; I suspect that the clear gel, Oural, would have been a better option in this case.
The comment feature is not intended to provide an advertising venue for your blog or your commercial site. The lighter gel adds almost a highlight to my brow, creating texture and definition as it coats my brow hairs.
I do the same when working with MAC Brow Set, as the colored formulas can deposit too much color at once. I love to obsess over all of the latest products in beauty and write about my thoughts here! Also, I tended to need fewer sweeps through the brow to get good color coverage–one sweep with the Nars, and done. This is a professional-type product that I had confidence using even when speaking to large groups. I usually prefer a brow wax like the one in the Younblood Brow Artiste) and not a gel, because it allows for more control. But NARS Brow Gel is perfectly functional as long as you remember to wipe about 90% of the product the brush picks on the edge of the tube, and even then you need to tissue off some of the excess before applying. Otherwise you get way too much color on your brows and it's going to feel crunchy and stiff when dry. Seriously, practice and experiment before you leave the house with this stuff in your brows.NARS Brow Perfector pencil has much less of a learning curve.
It's actually one of the best in class as far as I'm concerned, as the pencil appears and feels hard (I couldn't even swatch on the back of my hand, but applies like a charm on the eyebrows and takes less effort or tugging the classic Shu Uemura pencil).
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