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Birth Chart (Natal) Analysis and Interpretation See in-depth analysis and interpretation of your birth chart. Discover love compatibility with your partner Discover your unique mental, emotional, and sexual compatibilities. 12 Month Forecast Annual Horoscope Report Find out what your horoscope has in store for the year ahead. In reality, astrology and synastry (the branch of astrology that specializes in human relationships), are more complicated than this. To begin with, their Sun signs are considered incompatible: Simpson is a Gemini and Edward a Cancer. First of all, their basic signs might not be harmonious, but their respective Suns lie very close in the zodiac—just 3 degrees apart. The synastry of these two legendary lovers becomes more meaningful if we take into consideration the Houses their Lights are in, apart from the signs of their Lights. Edward’s Sun forms a harsh square aspect to his potent Mars (in Aries), bestowing upon him much energy, dynamism and virility. Edward’s Moon in his “cardinal” First House means that he needed a very dynamic, assertive, and independent woman by his side, as Wallis Simpson was. Another crucial latent element in their synastry is Edward’s Jupiter forming a conjunction to her Neptune—and to nearly all the planets of her remarkable Stellium in Gemini (Jupiter is traditionally considered the major benefic).
Wallis is a Gemini in excess (she has Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto in this dual sign). Then, if we progress Wallis’ chart for the same event, we notice her natal Stellium in Gemini (mainly her Sun, Mercury and Venus) being moved to Leo, into Edward’s natal Seventh House (a strong indication of attraction and integration among the two). Furthermore, on the occasion of their wedding, Edward’s progressed Jupiter was forming a perfect trine aspect to her natal North Node (a bountiful karmic aspect), and was simultaneously starting to form a conjunction to her natal Sun.
This one example should hopefully give you a general idea of how the latent elements work in synastry, weaving a multitude of invisible patterns of attraction and affinity. I am offering live consultations via Skype - or a 45 minutes audio file with the analysis of your Natal chart or Synastry at your E-mail (in a mp3 format) . This article accentuates the point that by any person’s perception, a case can be made for astrological compatibility (even through seemingly incompatibility). Astrology, in many ways, has to do with perception…understanding at best certain energies and the knowledge we have of it presently with the flexibility to recognize a higher design that may not be able to explained. I am SUPER analytical (Gemini Moon, Mars in Virgo, and two house ruled by Gemini with my Mercury in the 7th house). However, in my experience, the number one reason people usually get into astrology- is because there is some synastry in a relationship they are trying to figure out. I don’t think there is anything wrong at all with seeking out astrology due to a relationship challenge. What I am trying to express is that if astrology has merit as a science(and, I feel it does) it is in being able to interpret some consistent patterns (so that we may use this knowledge to the best of our knowledge). The simplest Truth is that we are all connected; so simple that it’s difficult to understand!
I noticed in a synastry, once, that we both had 9th House Moons, and 11th House Venus’us. Powerful Pisces, too; my South Node and his Pisces Stellium, including his Moon, in his 9th House.
Yes, its true…you can find latent synastry or obvious synastry to explain compatibility.
Astrology, at its best, helps us understand the forces at play- hopefully, for better integration of our own psyches.
While astrology holds some fascinating answers to questions regarding attraction, transits (timing), and provide wonderful insight as to why two people even got eachother’s attention in the first place, there is so much more to making a relationship work.
Interesting article to say the least, but I do have to say that the latent synastry part of it really didn’t make a strong supporting argument as to why these two people ended up spending the rest of their lives together. Dear Ms.Teeq1974 in a Synastry every kind of contact (Asc, Ic, Desc, Mc included) is meaningful. Though I enjoy most of your articles I find this one stretching the imagination a bit too far.Theirs was no love story. Feel free to leave a comment below, or scroll down a bit to comment using your Facebook identity. If you are purchasing a Natal Report for someone else, please use his or her full name and birth information.
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Horoscope, astrology, paris hilton, vedic astrology, world largest horoscope portal, western astrology,vedic, indian astrology, free services, sex and astrology. Psychic readings, chinese astrology, vedic astrology, mayan astrology, numerology, feng shui, zodiac 101, birth horoscope + natal chart.. Free vedic astrology this program also provides you with free analysis based on this data as well your your free vedic horoscope chart. Chinese astrology, vedic astrology, mayan astrology, numerology, feng shui, zodiac 101, birth horoscope + natal chart. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Just survey the people you know, and you will realize that in certain happy relationships, the Lights of the partners (their Sun and Moon) are found in mutually discordant signs.

The grandeur of their love stems from the fact that the Prince gave up the throne of England in order to marry the “mortal” (and already twice-divorced) Wallis Simpson. Furthermore, Edward’s Moon is in Pisces, which is in a very discordant position to Wallis’s Sun sign, Gemini.
Wallis’ Sun is in her natal Fifth House, but as the Fifth House corresponds to the sign of Leo (each sign bears a similarity to its respective house) Wallis has a regal, Leonean Sun. Her Moon is also in her Eighth House, therefore she has a Scorpio-flavored Moon (the Eight House corresponds to the sign of Scorpio), giving her a very penetrating and powerful, erotic, and passionate character.
The same square aspect though is creating in him (along with his Moon in his First House) a very impatient and quarrelsome sub-personality. Venus resides at the cusp of her natal Fourth House—a house corresponding to the sign of Cancer. When having an argument, she would easily lose her temper and, in those moments, he perceived her as inexplicably hostile and polemic. On the other hand, Simpson’s progressed Moon was forming an opposition to Edward’s natal Saturn (which by the way was already opposing Wallis’ natal Moon for a “double-whammy” effect!).
Though the process of pinpointing these latent elements may be difficult, it is crucial to dig into the many layers of astrological latency for a real understanding of synastry. I have written two astrology books and articles for many magazines (among them “American Astrology” and “Horoscope Guide”). As novice astrologers, when you like someone you can tend to look for anything that supports the notion that you both will work out. Very many people come to astrology not so much because they are extra-interested in our divine art but simply because they are trying to figure out their relationship to somebody…There is nothing wrong though with that. In fact, I think its very telling when a person is seeking to understand how another person relates.
Like up and coming psychoanalysts, I sometimes question the methodology or the concrete information of some astrologers interpretation.
Apparently she felt quite trapped in the marriage and by his watery planets clinging to her.
This latent synastry article is a way of using another viewfinder to explain the dynamics of attraction. My boyfriend has his Moon, Venus, and Saturn in my 5th house, and his Sun & Mars in my 7th house.
It has been disclosed through her letters that Wallis was very much in love with her ex husband but chose to stay with Edward because of moentary and polictial reasons. He was ousted because he favoured the Germans( him being of German heritage from his mother) which shocked his ministers.
If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account. There is ample evidence of relationships that went wrong even though the couple had compatible charts.
According to astrological tradition, this is a negative factor, because in a man’s chart the Moon represents his inner self, his “anima,” the kind of feminine figure he is ideally attracted to.
Still, his Moon and her Sun are within orb of a 120-degree angle, a much needed aspect in order to “button up” Edward’s inner world to the otherwise discordant (to him) core personality of Wallis.
Thanks to their synastry, Wallis Simpson was turned into a very prominent Leo (especially when standing beside the Duke!).
But this “Scorpio-tinted” Moon of Wallis perfectly matches both Edward’s Cancerian Sun and Piscean Moon (all three being watery signs, signs that crave deep feelings and a potent binding of the souls).
But Wallis probably had an equally virile and quarrelsome side as her Mars (in Aries) partile opposes her Scorpionic (Libra) Moon. When Duke Edward met Wallis, she was neither young (40 years old, too old back then!) nor really beautiful, and already twice-divorced. In this way, Wallis turns out to have a strong Cancerian tint in her personality (and, as we remember, Edward is a Cancer). This position suggests that the ideal other half of him should be an intelligent, youthful, communicative, versatile, woman—in other words, a Gemini, like Wallis. In any case, there was a strong intellectual stimulation between them and this too played a key role in their relationship, as Wallis had a whole bunch of planets in Gemini (a Mercurial sign in constant need of cerebral stimulation). The two became a very open and free couple (her Uranus is in opposition to his Venus), a cultivated couple, both spiritually and socially.
Its force of union (or repulsion) is irresistible, and when two persons come together under the urge of the Eighth House, the unitary force produced is of the deepest and most powerful kind. So, on their marriage day, both her lights were receiving strong Jovian and Saturnine energies. Starting from the most obvious and explicit layers, we should dive deep to uncover those layers that require a deeper and more sophisticated analysis. I have extensively lectured almost all over Europe and I have been invited to lecture at the UAC 2012 conference in New Orleans. Not that we miss obvious aspects, but it was nice to discover also some of the latent ones. That’s MASSIVE considering that his rising is actually in Capricorn too, whilst my own Scorpio rising is in his midheaven.
Simultaneously, if you are a pessimist or the relationship does not work out, you can look to elements that support that. The element that impressed me the most is your Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto in his 8th house.

Many couples have been recorded to have a longevity, but it doesn’t not signify if the relationship was in their best evolutionary interest.
ANY ONE PERSON whom you have obsessed over, experienced unrequited love for, had a wonderful relationship with that did last, had a wonderful relationship with that didn’t last, repelled you, intrigued you, were unexplainable to you- AND, your experience of them has been SIGNIFICANT enough to contemplate means you HAVE SYNASTRY with them (latent or obvious). Plus she got a lot of materialistic gifts from Edward that she found difficult to wihold from. On the other hand, we often encounter incompatible elements in so-called happy, long-term relationships.
When the Lights of partners are found in discordant signs, an energizing pattern is formed that carries the potential of forging deep bonds.
Incompatible or not, the fact remains that Edward’s and Wallis’ Suns are in conjunction, so they do share some fundamental common energy, some sort of affinity in their core personalities. Since both their Suns dwell in their natural House, we have here two individuals who are radiant, glamorous, and aristocratic. These similar aspects in their charts produced “kindred” traits in their characters (remember that a man functions mostly through his Sun while a woman mostly through her Moon). But the Duke’s Jupiter remedies Wallis’ “frailty” because it actually conjuncts her Geminian Stellium (meaning that Edward is graciously offering her what she lacks).
We should not forget, as well, that the Eighth House is the House of the sex drive; therefore, passion and sex must have been paramount for this couple. This means that Wallis experienced her wedding with Edward as a very joyful event, as an event that expanded considerably her horizons and catapulted her socially, but brought her excessive obligations too as the Duchess of Windsor. The more we bring to light the latent elements of a synastry the more we can understand the mystery of love. There are so many facets at play- natal charts, their synastry together, progressions, transits, etc. Because if there can be various interpretations, then I feel that there can be many ways their synastry, latent or obvious and potent, could have played out…and, something else a bit less defined is at play there.
These critical nuances certainly won’t appear in those computerized chart readings that have inundated the Internet.
And undoubtedly this reciprocal Fifth House emphasis breeds a strong sense of community between them. In particular, his Jupiter in tight conjunction to her Neptune brought her a lot of faith and magic in her life—made her literally believe the unbelievable.
When the relationships are going great, you can read soooo many boards of people attributing it to certain aspects.
But, whether these experiences elevate us or expand our capacity to love as human beings, involves more exploration into our own integration of learning life lessons. Moreover, I think many, if not most, professional astrologers frequently fail to take into consideration or at least do not pay sufficient attention to these latent synastric elements when they do chart comparisons.
Edward and Wallis stayed together not for some utilitarian convenience, but because they really wanted to, because they enjoyed each other’s presence.
So we have to plunge deeper into their synastry in order to understand the mystery of their union. We are drawn to people for whom we feel a natural affinity, a recognizing of kindred spirits.
And, how we learn and integrate affects (or works in tandem) with the astrological forces at play. Edward also had Asperger’s Syndrome and his attraction for Wallis was a bit Freudian considering he was a product of a Victorian upbringing. For example, essentially this means that someone with a Moon in Gemini in the fourth house would have a Cancer-inflected Moon, which would be the basis for a latent synastric dynamic with someone who has a Sun in Cancer. I wonder how helpful it is to analyze all of the details, without the added balance of acknowledging a grand design that we may not be able to chart or calculate with degrees. Since more people gravitate towards dissecting charts when there is a problem, part of me can’t help wondering if it turns into a situation where judgment is clouded and people see only what they want to see. We are also drawn to people who are opposite us, whether that attracts or repels us for we need that opposition for integration. We can learn more why certain energies exist between us and a person, but there is no guarantee in synastry for longevity. The basic essence of cardinal signs is survival.You prefer to follow in other people's footsteps rather than initiate actions.
You can be relied on to come up with the "Goods" as long as someone else has the initial ideas.
Other keywords include: hidden enemies, the collective unconscious, spirituality, unredeemed karma, selfless service to humanity.
You like to map out your own life and follow your own path, experiencing difficulties only if anyone stands in your way. You enjoy the company of other people, but only if they give you plenty of freedom for your own pursuits.

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