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Although the choices are varied, the majority of the sites give you a limited glimpse of your full chart. An astrological birth chart is the basis for all of the horoscope reports an astrologer offers. You might think this is all the astrologer needs, but in order to receive information about your rising sign, you also need to provide an accurate time of birth. Many sites offer free compatibility charts to help you understand your love relationship better. You can get a general feel for your financial prospects with a sun sign chart reading, but to narrow down specifics, you'll want to invest in a detailed chart report.
In addition to many of the free charts available to you, most sites also giveaway free daily, monthly, weekly, and annual forecasts. Reading annual horoscope forecasts is always a fun way to see what's in store for the upcoming year.
Private Consultationswith Katie SweetmanNo matter where you are in the world, I'm available via phone, Skype, or FaceTime for private astrology + psychic consultations. I’ve been talking recently about the Cardinal Climax and how many of us are feeling the pressure to transform. Shannon has surely been feeling this shift, most notably along the personal versus public, home versus career axis.
Let’s back up a sec because I want to take a look at the core of Shannon and the sort of karmic lessons she brought from other lives. Saturn, The Lord of Karma himself, is in the 3rd house of communication opposite Mercury in the 9th.
Success for Shannon comes when she puts herself first, even when she’s fighting for others. As I said initially, it’s quite possible that Shannon has been undergoing changes to her career in addition to changes to the home.
About MeKatie SweetmanI'm an astrologer, writer, and psychic medium living in Brooklyn, New York. Mailing List LoveSign up for Empowering Astrology in your inbox, from cosmic updates to info on events.
To find out what your personal year number is for 2013, add the day and month of your birthday + 2013 which reduces to 6.
Capricorn Rising 9 deg: You have deep penetrating eyes, a beautiful smile, good - looking teeth. The 3rd House: communication, learning, writing, short distance travel, relatives, siblings. Virgo 11th House Cusp: You may like to do work behind the scenes with causes, charities, etc. Pluto in the 11th House: Pluto here can make it hard for you to enter into solid lasting friendships. The 8th House: inner strength, regeneration, transformation, death, legacy, inheritance, sex. Pluto in the 8th House: You have a strong desire to achieve combined with a need to analyze what you do. Panchanga is one of the factors of muhurta, which is used to select an auspicious time to start an activity or event. Thus, Sun (spirit) and Moon (matter) combine and incarnate through the five elements of matter to create our world and everything in it, including us.

Each of the five limbs has a planetary lord that describes how that limb manifests in one?s life.
The day on which one was born describes how one?s creative energy is most naturally expressed. Monday?s child is fair of face, Tuesday?s child is full of grace, Wednesday?s child is full of woe, Thursday?s child has far to go, Friday?s child is loving and giving, Saturday?s child works hard for a living.
Nakshatra The nakshatra placement of the Moon describes how one?s life is nurtured and grown. Tithi A lunar month, or complete Moon phase, has 30 tithis of varying start time and duration.
Water (rikta) is good at relationships, but sometimes need relationships too much and can be needy. Jobs? nitya yoga is Shubha, a particularly favorable yoga that indicates a life held together by being eminent, happy, graceful, successful, a wise advisor, and achieving what one sets out to be. Jobs? Jupiter was retrograde, an indicator of its strength and its manifestation in unusual, perhaps more unpredictable, ways. The panchanga offers a unique lens into the deeper meaning of the present incarnation in the birth chart. This gives you an idea of what the full report will provide and the style in which it's written.
Astrology dogma says each of these phases imbues certain personality traits to those born during a specific lunar phase. With this kind of report, it's always best to read both your sun sign and your rising sun to get a balanced view of what the day holds in store for you. If you know what possible challenges, obstacles and events to expect, you can pre-plan a strategy for handling what otherwise might take you completely off-guard.
Some sites give detailed highlights including dates that you can mark on your calendar to help you prepare or take advantage of cosmic-afforded opportunities. You may wish to explore Chinese astrology for additional websites offering: astrological charts free. Discover the secrets of yourself through your natal chart and how you can open up its highest potential. Those who are feeling this energy the most have been people with planets and angles in the early cardinal degrees. She is learning to strike a balance between serving others (Neptune in the 6th house; 12th house ruler in Pisces square Neptune) and nurturing a healthy ego and her integral sense of self worth (6th house ruler, Jupiter, conjunct North Node in the 2nd house, cusp of 3rd). Picking up this theme, Gemini rules the 12th house and speaks of karma surrounding words, ideas, and beliefs. This gives her natural leadership abilities, but her Sun is caught in a juicy, if not a little intimidating, opposition to Pluto in the 4th house. Saturn entering the 4th house by transit speaks to putting great effort towards putting down roots or the foundation that will serve us for the next Saturn cycle.
Some free charts even give you the latitude and longitude of the place of your birth so you will have it for your records. Of course, it's necessary you give the astrologer your birth date and the location of your birth, and this usually includes the city, state (province), county and country. That's why it's important to provide your time of birth (usually found on birth certificates) to an astrologer. Most compatibility reports are partial, and you can purchase the full report once you've had time to read over it and decide if this is what you want.

You might find it very helpful to learn about your particular lunar phase, and use it to the fullest advantage. These can be helpful to point out areas of possible careers that you may not have considered. This is an excellent free service and allows you to prepare for the upcoming month as well as the current one.
That’s just a hair shy of being at 0 degrees Aries, which is close enough that if her birth time is off by a couple of minutes, she could have a Aries MC, and one that points to spending a career in the public eye.
She’s also learning to make her own wealth instead of relying on the resources of others. The square to Neptune hints that some sort of miscommunication or abuse of ideas in a previous life, which would have been reflected in this life with problems in schooling or speech. Maybe she’s a legal aid lawyer or someone who is an activist or works for a non-profit. Pluto in the 4th house natally shows that the home environment was not always a fun place growing up, so Saturn transiting this area show where she can really create a home that someone with such 2nd house emphasis in their chart can love. Get a fresh look on the planets and learn how to use astrology to unlock your highest potential.
If you've read generic monthly sign predictions and felt the astrologer was wrong because nothing matched, that's porbably why. You may be surprised to discover something about yourself or your lover that hasn't been apparent.
The first degree of each of those signs is associated with the change of seasons, therefore when the outer planets transit these degrees, we can experience quite a bit of change, like we are turning a corner from one season to the next. If it is rocky or uneven, she then expends too much energy towards keeping her equilibrium and not enough towards the battle at hand.
Whatever her job is, her chart says that service to mankind and social welfare needs to play a role. With so much of Shannon’s chart pointing towards career, it would be nice for her to have a soft place to land. Oftentimes, a compatibility report can help clear up misunderstandings or misconceptions you have about yourself and your mate. With this and other kinds of periodic generic forecasts, be sure to include your rising sign when you read to give you a better overview. Caught in the angles of the Cardinal Climax, the question, Shannon, is how do you want to transform your career? Everything feels like a battle and I suspect that Shannon is someone who struggles to balance who she is and who she attracts versus perhaps what her family and even society dictates for her. If she’s not volunteering or doing something charitable, Neptune will always trip her up.
Jobs nurtured and grew his creative gift of artistic expansive communication by fulfilling the need for sharing information and communication with a concrete product that has brought a certain nourishment to humanity. She may have leadership qualities, but she really has to assert herself first and find her voice.

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