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This consultation consists in a 2-hour exploration of your natal chart with a brief look at current transits. A natal chart analysis offers comprehensive insights into one’s innate gifts and challenges, dispositions and life intentions, as well as the transformative intentions underlying difficult patterns of experience—internal or relational.
Clarifying and revelatory, it paves the way for a more “enlightened,” inclusive and creative relation with oneself and the various motivations at work in one’s psyche.
You leave with a new appreciation for the unique complexities of your life, integrative perspectives on issues, and inspiration to be more fully who you are. The consultation is recorded with a digital recorder, and the recording emailed to you as an mp3 or wma file you can download and listen to on your computer. The image speaks to the journey of human development—between subconscious instinctual nature (the dog) and soul presence (the winged angel ahead). Astrologically, the Moon, symbolized by lunar crescent and dog, speaks to one’s subconscious, automatic response to life.
The sign and aspects of the Moon in the natal chart suggest what this basic psychological ground of the personality feels like. The Ascendant points to a central line of soul purpose and self-development in this lifetime. I am here to help you and to provide with exhaustive answers to any questions or concerns you have about your professional success. Please allow me to explain in more details what exactly I will work on for you in your natal chart reading including a Full Career Reading. Powerful aspects reveal easy access to extra funding and plenty of opportunities for promotion and I will show you the right way to follow.
Secondly, I will deal with different practical aspects of the situations you may encounter in your professional environment during the next year.

And finally, I will analyze your personal characteristics in relation to your professional path in order to enable you to use your personal hidden qualities in your natal chart reading, your strong points and your inner motivations to achieve remarkable results in your career. You should start walking the path to success right now and I am completely with you on your way to professional recognition and prosperity.
So all what I need from you now just 8-10 days to work on your natal chart reading-Personal Career Reading once I get permission and I will do that with a great pleasure.
As this year will be rich in different planetary movements, shifts and retrogrades, I wanted to check your configuration, to see what it is going to bring into your life, as I feel that there are certain questions and concerns on your mind at the moment, especially in what your personal career path is concerned.
I will provide you with the very accurate analysis of your strong points, the challenges you may face, the possible sources of income, the key dates for your career during this year and much more. You can find out more about your Full Career Reading by clicking on the link– pay USD 75.
While confirmation is liberating, so is clarity about tendencies and patterns, as recognition builds a ground for choice. The program of the soul’s journey is to engage spirit and matter (stars and moon), mindfulness and patterns, conscious and unconscious into a growing center of consciousness, the soul or Ego.
Ahead, should he step forward into the waters of the unconscious, is the potential of human achievement. It represents instinctual and emotional dispositions carried over from the past—a familiar line of least resistance which conditions the present consciousness. They suggest emotional needs and habits associated with these “natural” lines of expression. Janampatri study-find out NOW how to fast track your path to professional successWhy do you need a natal chart reading? First of all I will of course concentrate on the coming year and all the unique chances the planets will offer you.

Please just go with the form, fill in the entire requested information to allow me to work on your reading and provide you with accurate and correct predictions.
The planets are going to give you an opportunity to harvest the fruit of your labour and just with a little of guidance you will be able to make a jump in your professional life, which of course will have important repercussions on your financial stability. There will be new opportunities, and there will appear the much expected changes for the better. They indicate the resourcefulness of a certain type of emotional disposition and the liability of a comfort zone.
I will help find out the key periods, the planetary movements that are going to influence you and I will explain to you how exactly you should act in order to grab all these opportunities. You need to understand now everything that may help you to improve and increase your talents to make you PECULIAR in your professional range. As soon as I receive your request, we will send you a payment link for USD 75 and once you have paid, I will start working on your Personal Career Reading.
You will find out all the facts you need to know eventually and only when you find yourself in the situation that requires a lot of foresight and understanding.
Awareness of the needs and attachments of the Moon is key to gaining freedom from its automatisms, and in that, key to conscious growth. The moon signals what must come under one’s feet (what esoteric astrology refers to as “the prison of the soul”): modes of being to draw from as capacities, not to identify with and be governed by.

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