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This NTC directory lists almost every subscriber in Great Britain and Ireland in a single volume. Aside from being irritating, this means that if you have numbers without any spaces in them you can easily copy down a number incorrectly, leaving room for errors when sharing numbers with coworkers or clients. Along with clearing up duplicate contacts in your address book, Scrubly can standardize the phone number formatting for all your contacts, making it quick and easy to see whom you’re calling and to get the number right every time.
Once your contacts are uploaded to Scrubly, you can move on to Step 2 and start the scrubbing process.
While there are two levels of scrubbing you can apply to your address book, formatting your numbers is only done during the Deep Scrub.
It’s worth noting that this method only works on 10-digit phone numbers, including international numbers that happen to be 10 digits long.
After your phone numbers are formatted, the final step is getting your contacts back to your computer.

Depending on how you uploaded your contacts to Scrubly, you’ll have to follow the steps to download them once again. Once your contacts are in place on your machine, check them for the newly formatted phone numbers. Description Sri Lanka Business Directory, Classified business Directory in Sri Lanka, Rainbow Pages Classified Directory, Online Telephone Directory Sri Lanka.
This was posible as the yearly telephone line rental of 10 pounds was far too expensive for most people.
This works if you’re exporting a CSV from Outlook or a vCard file (VCF) from the Mac or Google. If you’re just looking to format your phone numbers you can skip over much of the scrubbing process, but since you’re here you might as well do it, right? The only warning here is that if you exported your contacts as a file, you’ll need to clear out your contacts list BEFORE importing the file yourself.

The NTC, with about 100,000 subscribers, had a virtual monopoly in the early days of telephony. Although the Post Office owned the long-distance trunk network, it carried only two per cent of the calls at this time. However you prefer your numbers formatted, there are quite a few other people that don’t do it the same way, so when you get their contact information you’re stuck with their method.

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