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We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. Celebrity Emilio Navaira Dead At 53 From Heart Attack Entertainment Alicia Machado Recalls How Trump Treated Her After Gaining Weight Telenovelas The 10 Telenovelas Telemundo Announced At The Upfronts Entertainment Comedian Margarito Esparza Dies From Pneumonia Sports Miss BumBum Sends Pique Explicit Photos! In Case You Missed Lifestyle Natural Ways To Detox Your Body After The Holidays Entertainment Hottest Latino Artists Who Turned Up The Heat In 2015! All of us irrespective of our age look forward for festivals to celebrate, because festivals are the celebration of love and happiness. Her work has been published in VICE, Weight Watchers Magazine, Unique Homes Magazine, US Airways Magazine, Vista Magazine, Daily Glow and Kaplan. So celebrate your life with our greeting cards and make your festival more special by sharing the happiness of festival with your friends and beloved ones. Send your hearty wishes to your beloved ones with a greeting card which makes them special about you and your greetings.
If you're a believer in astrology--or just curious about what your future holds--then chances are you check out daily updates for your astrological sign. A self-proclaimed foodie, Susmita is a freelance list maker, part-time Shaq devotee, and a full-time eyeliner junkie who believes mac and cheese is a birthright.
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Family support for your goals will be very strong, and family may help you with a loan or outright gift.
This trend will last until July 16, and actually began last year, in late June 2013.When Jupiter moves into Leo on July 16, 2014, your chances of finding true love will skyrocket. If you are a single Aries you will have a chance to meet the person of your dreams, and attached Aries will begin to think more seriously about the future. As a Taurus, you are a fixed sign and don’t always welcome change, but this time, the universe will help you clear out all that has become unproductive and outworn. If you feel you are not compatible, you may leave and open yourself to a new relationship—better for you.Mid-year, you may find the house or apartment of your dreams to lease or buy. Your sweet aspects for finding exceptional housing, or fixing up present space, will extend from July 16, 2014 to next year, August 11, 2015. That is the phase good fortune Jupiter will tour your house of home and property for the first time in over a decade.
You will be able to find a large, spacious and sunny space complete with big closets, and very possibly one that offers you a view. You are now in a period of exceptional prosperity, so you may have already found lucrative sources of income last year, but if not, speak up for a raise or adjust your fees. You’ll continue to have the Midas touch until July 16, so you will want to make the most of it.Later in the year, when Jupiter enters fire-sign Leo, a sign that blends beautifully with your air-sign Gemini, your skill in communication will be in high demand.
You may have your own TV or radio show, see your traffic climb on your blog or website, or be offered a major book or magazine contract. Jupiter has not been in Cancer for twelve years, so it is a major advantage to have the planet of good fortune in your own sign.Yet life last year has not always been easy for you.
Jupiter will be standing by to bolster your interests until July 16, 2014.In your career, influential people will go out of their way to help you this year. Your work will pay off, for you are entering your most lucrative financial phase of the decade. Be confident you can see your dreams materialize and keep doing the spadework you need to do to succeed.

You will have competitors who will nip at your heels this year, but with all you learned in 2013, you can stay ahead of the pack.In love, you may flirt with a new person, and fairly quickly notice that you and your lover are experiencing deepening feelings.
Starting July 16, Jupiter will orbit in Leo for the first time in twelve years, to stay until August 2015, and introduce a new golden era for you.Romance will glow brilliantly once Jupiter arrives in Leo—you’ll have some of the best aspects you’ve ever had for falling in love. Love won’t be the only benefit that comes to you after July 16—all your most personal and private aims will get a big push forward. Your home or family circumstances may require attention, because since October 2012, taskmaster Saturn has drawn your attention to this part of life. Any kind of club would do, whether it is a professional group, social club, health club, or any other group dedicated to a single topic. Getting involved with social media will also benefit you now in ways you have not imagined. Friendship will bring you great personal growth in the first half of 2014, and if you are single, your involvement with new faces may easily spark a romantic introduction.In terms of love, if you hope to have reconciliation with a past sweetheart, try in early January while Venus looks back. Later, Saturday, May 24 would dazzle for a first meeting, when Jupiter will be in sync with Saturn, the planet ruling new love in your solar chart.
Attached Virgos may have found that a partner has become needy or demanding lately—if so, try to clear the air.
The full moon weekend of July 12-13 may be divine or just the opposite—all will hinge on how things have been going all along. With Jupiter still in Cancer standing near the Sun, however, chances are, you’ll find the outcome to be perfect for you.Financially, Mars in Libra will increase your spending and you may have some unplanned expenses, but Mars will also increase your determination to make more money.
By July, the time you already spent focused on your career during the earlier months will begin to pay off, and you will be able to safely resume socializing, confident your career will keep the momentum you had so carefully built. If you do not find the job of your dreams in the first half of the year, friends and acquaintances will be the source of your most important leads and tips during the second half.
You will begin to strategize your career gains differently, and your new approach will be just as effective, probably more so.February may bring back an old lover to your life, and you may be very happy about that prospect, depending on past circumstances. Late July through August will be simply glorious for generating new love, so make sure you schedule time off to enjoy this marvelous phase. These new commitments will allow you to lay the foundation for a bigger, more stable, and infinitely more interesting life. Goals that you felt were beyond your ability to handle in the past are now ones you will be eager to tackle, and they will change and improve your status. You will need to learn the ropes in new territory, but your efforts will lead to substantial reward.From January through most of July, foreign people and countries will be fortunate for you. You may take an overseas trip, or you may do import-export or work of goods, services, or information. Academia may beckon now too, so you may go back to college for a degree and be rightly proud once you complete your studies. Publishing and broadcasting opportunities will shine particularly brightly.Later, once Jupiter enters Leo, July 16 for a twelve-month stay, you will have an exciting chance to be recognized professionally. Simply said, mid-2014 to mid-2015 will be your biggest and most important career year in over a decade. Watch the new moon March 1 plus ten days—you’ll have a super chance to meet someone new and right for you.
Attached Scorpios will feel the eclipse of April 28, for that one will point out areas to discuss and smooth out to bond more closely. You are about to hit your stride, and although certain elements of your life still aren’t perfect, you have been through enough in previous years to know you can handle all that life throws your way.You must be gratified by how strong and solid your income has become, for your performance has been impressive. Additionally, you may get a bank loan, infusion of venture capital, or mortgage with attractive terms. You may win a generous court or divorce settlement, get back child support, or be awarded an inheritance. If you try for a grant, scholarship or financial aid, the answer should be pleasing, and in this dazzling year for money, you may even win a raffle prize.

A new career position may be awarded to you at the full moon March 16, and later, at the new moon, August 25 plus two weeks.
Either moment will be the right time to raise your salary, too.Things are about to glow even brighter in 2014’s second half. Good fortune Jupiter, your ruler, will give you an opportunity to travel far and wide when in Leo from July 2014 to August 2015. Leo will be more helpful to you than when Jupiter was in watery Cancer, and now Jupiter may even help you find true love. Meanwhile, Mars in compatible air-sign Libra, from December 7 2013 to July 25, 2014, will jazz up your social life and help you make new friends and have you interacting more with present friends. You may wed after the new moon June 26 in late July or August, especially happy months for you. Extra money will give you many options, and among them, you may take an important trip overseas together.Your career will get strong emphasis from the moment the year dawns through July 2014, allowing you to make major professional progress if you stay on your toes. Competition will be strong for the position you want, but that won’t faze you—you have what it takes to get it. When Mars retrogrades from March 1 to May 19, progress will be slow, but far better among VIPs and clients you worked with in the past. Financially, the second half of 2014 will be outstandingly strong so keep going—your efforts will pay off.This year will continue a trend to bring surprising news in regard to your home, and other property, or concerning one close family member who is under your care. Have contingency plans ready if news requires a quick shift or decision at the end of March through April, and at some point in October. Your overall health will likely improve substantially too, so not only will you look trimmer, but also your eyes, skin, and hair will radiate well-being. At work, you are getting ready to take on new responsibilities, and a bigger, more luxurious office will likely come along with your new impressive title. If you have not yet been awarded your news, the eclipse of April 28 will have a hand in your professional progress, as will the new moon of November 6. On a day-to-day basis, Jupiter will see to it that you get assignments that can lead you up the ladder, and your work environment should be quite pleasing too. You may get engaged or wed in late July or August, your most joyous months for an engagement or marriage. Jupiter will take on the role of Cupid until July 16 of your New Year, so look your best and stay optimistic. Married and attached Pisces will enjoy great happiness together and may decide to welcome a baby this year. The first half of 2014 will give you the right setting in which to show your creative talents to best advantage, especially while Jupiter remains in Cancer until July 16. You will have strong VIP support, allowing you to take the creative risks you need to take to make a name for yourself. After Jupiter leaves Cancer, Jupiter in Leo will help you enjoy all kinds of projects that will encourage you to express yourself in new, compelling ways.You may be starting a new business or undergoing a lifestyle change, because you appear to be focused intensely on cash flow from January through July, due to Mars in Libra. You may be spending more than usual during this time, but it will be a temporary situation. Keep an eye on finances at the lunar eclipse of April 15.After July, you will see an increasing demand for your goods or services.
Watch for the full moon June 12 to bring a culmination to your career, with plenty of publicity resulting. Later, from September through December, you will see many more exciting developments surfacing.
Watch, too, the new moon in your honors, awards, achievement, and fame sector, November 22, when, in the days to follow, your name will be on everyone’s lips.

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