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All my brackets have rubber bumper protection in place, so no metal part of the bracket ever touches the painted portion of the car.
I am one of those people that refuse to run a front plate especially if I have to drill through anything. Let me just chirp in here and say Craig makes a very fine product, and is a fair person to deal with.
That's my ST in the photos, and had I known the damn dealer was going to *rivet* the freaking plate bracket onto the front grill, I would have told them to back off and not touch it. Got a service appt coming up, and will ask them how hard would it be to remove it, as I'd much rather use Craig's bracket. What I may end up doing is picking one up from you and just leave it in the car and if I get pulled over just tell them I just got the bracket and didn't put it on yet.
You can also put it out to the extreme right or left under the fog light, but it doesn't look as good.

States require a front license plate to be displayed and some, like CA, have fines as high as $157.00. They are hand crafted out of architectural grade aluminum, powder coated or polished and come with all stainless steel hardware. My only concern with the positioning your showing is that is where most of the air comes from for the intercooler. If the bottom bar that the swivel part sits on could be a little longer it would be perfect for a charger. I've gotten 2 no plate tickets on the ST within 3 weeks of each other from Meter Maids of all people. I wanted the motorized front plate setup, but after installing one, they aren't as sturdy as I thought they would be and that car is back for me to do some stuff to and the plate now hangs down to where it will get caught on speed bumps. I don't see why it wouldn't fit the SE and Titanium as well, I just haven't tried it myself.

I am only providing you with a solution and 100's of Cobra customers so far, like this solution as well. Heck, keep it in your trunk or behind your seat with your plate mounted to it and if you get pulled over, get it out, install it and say you forgot to put it back on after you washed your car last time. Some guys can go a lifetime without being hassled about a front plate, but others aren't so lucky and a $100+ fine can be painful.

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