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As noted in the previous post on theory in error feedback, the research on expertise and ACT-R Theory suggest that learning a language is similar to learning other activities like chess, music, and math. The University of California Press e-books collection holds books published by UCP (and a select few printed by other academic presses) between 1982-2004.
Our local index includes more than 2 million works in various formats that meet these criteria.
I regularly find myself questioning some of my behaviours and actions in my classroom and wonder how I could have handled a situation better. Ereading Worksheets has the best reading worksheets on the internet, and theya€™re all free. When you develop a long-term illness, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or fibromyalgia, you may feel like you have entered a new world in which all the rules of life have changed and there is no obvious way forward. Introduction This is the launch page for the pages here at Gizmo's Tech Support Alert that list sites with free ebooks and audiobooks.
With the holiday buzz quietly behind us, are you still forging ahead with the new goals you wanted to implement into 2013, or, like most people, are you already noticing a backslide? A Free Reading Resource for the Classroom Early Readers, Chapter Books, Non-Fiction, Read-to-Me Audio, and More 36 Profiles with Personalized Recommendations Based on Reading Level and Interests Use Epic! Big Universe  is an amazing site which parents and teachers will love, because you can read whole picture books online – hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from.

You’ll enjoy this site so much you could spend hours here looking at books, however there are limitations. This entry was posted in Books and Reading, Classroom Activites, Web 2.0 Tools by Cathy Oxley.
In this post, we'll look at Skill Acquisition Theory (SAT), which is based upon the work in ACT-R. There are well over a million free ebooks and audiobooks at the sites listed within these pages.
Ita€™s the middle of January, and studies show that 80% of our resolutions are now as out of our thoughts as the boxed up Christmas decorations. Teachers or students can read books, create their own books and upload them, as well as creating a virtual bookshelf and finding other friends who like similar stories. There are 3 pages that separate sites on the format of the ebooks, Kindle, ePub and Online Reading. One of the reasons that resolutions are often sidetracked is that they cause us to focus on what we need to give up, instead of asking for more of what we want. You can create online bookshelves and interact with other members free, but you can only create one e-book and it will cost a small amoun t to upload it to Big Universe. Temptation Spirituality Self-Control Leadership Laziness Integrity Complaining Compassion Commitment Blaming Others Authority Attitude 52 in all!

Most major writers, from Plato to Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Proust, or John Le Carre, are accessible on the Internet. There is a main page for both ebooks and audiobooks that lists all the sites carrying each. In the listings, you can start reading a book by clicking on or selecting its title (or on the phrase that describes where it is, if you're looking at a detailed book description, or at a listing that has multiple links). You have no doubt heard of Vision Boards by now a€“ many celebrities and self-growth experts from Oprah to Maria Shriver advocate their use, and there are numerous books and websites on the subject.
In addition to the subject pages, we have 3 special pages below: In these special pages, you will find many (not all) award winning publications available for your online reading.
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