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This guide will be free through Amazon’s KDP Select program  for the next three days. Starting today (March 13th) to the end of Friday (March 15th); you can grab a free copy directly from Amazon. When combined together, all three detail an easy-to-follow blueprint for building a Kindle business. Last month, I promised to start a brand new series showing how to build an authority website from scratch. Thanks for the awesome resource man, will check it out and write a review on it as soon as I’m done with it man, good luck on the sales! Not yet man, still stuck with an upcoming wordpress training for the CB marketplace but I will start writing the kindle book as soon as I’m done with this. And now that you mention the other two books related to building a Kindle business, I want to read them too!
After reading this book I have another question: would you recommend creating a lead magnet before writing ebooks? I was wondering if you have done a recent update with regards to your success with kindle book selling.

I know that have a really engaging list is a key point when it comes to promoting and being able to offer free books is a bonus all round. Steve, I am a true fan of your books and I really thank you for all the information you are sharing. This is not an easy strategy, but it works for people who don’t have an existing platform. Thanks again man, rated, tweeted now I’m ready to get my self publish on watch out AMAZON! I absolutely loved the book and based on the process that you shared with us it’s no wonder you are crushing it on Kindle. 1) The 100+ book sales are mostly in the IM space…but I’m confident my children’s numbers will go up once I have 20+ books, where I can have something basically for free at all times which will increase my brand awareness on Amazon.
1) The 100+ book sales are mostly IM., But I’m confident my children’s numbers will go up once I have 20+ books, where I can have something basically for free at all times which will increase my brand awareness on Amazon. I like that you can absolutely apply some of your Kindle Marketing techniques to also build a loyal audience in an authority blog format. And, this is gonna be great that you are now ready to get your next project going with building an authority site from scratch.

Thanks Wesley… should have the first installment this week and might do a follow-up post asking for reader participation. However, as I see it, without a list of let’s say 1000+ ultra followers who are willing to download, read and leave a review (as we are with your books) reaching any success with Kindle is going to be though. Will you be posting any statistics regards using the kindle publishing platform and how it’s working for you.
I know that if I ever decide to put some books out there I have THE guide for making it a success.
Actually I was using a lot of these strategies, but you provided with even more good ideas. I kind of made a shift in the focus of the blog, but still working on bad habitual patterns, but more the focus of what causes them, and reframing the sense of identity that causes most bad habits anyway. So I ask that you download this freebie and submit a review if you find this information to be useful.

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