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People with a Destiny number 1 become known for their forbearance, patience, organizational skills and persistence.
Destiny number 1 makes their owners idealistic, polite, kind and willing to help and quick in making judgments.
People with a Destiny number 1 are not very romantic, in regard to marriage or love, they are unhappy.
These men who care about a political career, not related to any party and not working, becoming famous and occupy high positions.
If this business, they find their luck in the 35-49 years and make enough investments to ensure their own future in the form of real estate and bank accounts.
The English Alphabet consists of 26 letters (2*13), having 5 vowels: A, E, I, O, U and 21 consonants.
The alphabet has also been decoded as a "hyper-dimensional" representation of the mathematic ratio known as pi.
Unlike some other languages such as Hebrew, English letters have no official meaning beyond their potential sounds. The benefits of birth name numerology is determined and calculated by totaling the day, month and the year in your date of birth. Give your birth day, month and year in the calculator in here to get your numerology benefits.
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People with such a Destiny number enjoy the fruits of others become important in small circles, consciously or unconsciously. Since they can clearly see the future and put forward relevant plans, they are succeeding with little effort.
If we add more and spirituality, they are led by religious organizations and become real teachers.
Although most of the time they are right, in periods of low solar (October, November, December), they can make mistakes.
Sometimes Y or even W will be considered vowels to yield a symbolic 7 vowels, leaving 19 consonants.
Sometimes ABC is compared to 123, and used in bullet points and sub-headings, but this rises out of the known order of the letters and has no deeper meaning.
Because the alphabet can be evenly split up, it has the potential for an atbash cipher, similar to that of theHebrew alphabet; however, the letter swapping rarely produces a readable word. One may only want to use single digit numbers (1 through 9, 10 would be 1 again, and so on) and go from A=1 to I=9 and then begin again at J=1, K=2 (K2) and so on.
When learning the alphabet, most children are told that "A is for Apple," and this creates the association between the letter A and the color red, something which matches the color associations of people with synesthesia.
With your date of birth you can know the exact benefits than with your name (we can change the name but not birth date). But as the number 1 in the world of achievement and success is rare to find an outstanding spiritual leader, the Destiny number 1.
They are confident of success, careful, sensitive, and look boldly in the face of difficulties.

If they are writers, by all means classicists who rosary in expressing their thoughts, their theme is always original. The English letters can also be assigned number values for use in Gematria, or the numerology and numeric comparisons of words. Using gematria one can compare words on another level in an attempt to find a deeper meaning. By treating each letter like a heiroglyph, using comparative symbology or free-associations based on the shapes, one can attach various meanings to each letter to achieve a heightened understanding of the use of symbols in language. If the holders of a work of Destiny numbers, then take an important position due to his good business qualities. For instance, using A=1 to Z=26, the word "alphabet" has a value of 65 which is the same value as the words: avalon, shambhala, android, solar, and today. If they are born in a period of strong sun (Aries, Leo) or 28 of any month, the good progress achieved in their work.
Sometimes the values of English words are compared to the values of words in other languages such as Hebrew or Greek. They are recognized both by superiors and his subordinates, and occupy a dominant position.
The only thing they can recommend – not to give a passing temptation, to which they are susceptible.

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