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So 66 reduces to 12 and 1+2 = 3 where 3 symbolizes creative perfection – mother, father and child. Pay special attention to your own three important personal birth numbers and your current name.
Knowing and using your important personal frequencies gives tremendous power and confidence! I see 66 all the time( at work, home, stores, car plates , anywhere you can put a number) I am going through a Huge change in my life and I know I’m not the same person I use to be. I have been following the number 66 actively since at least 2007, but unknowingly since I was born.
There is a negative side to it because we are humans and we are very destructive to ourselves and each other. If more people were aware they were being called upon, summoned by the power and energy of the number 66; there would be more kindness and selfless giving of each other.
This message of 66 and Woman that I have just read is heavenly, a divine message from above you are truly a magnificent healer.

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The full number of a word still reduces to the exact same single digit as before (in this case 3), but you get the added perspective of another layer. Whether it is your name, your address, your personal year or the compatibility of your relationship, this ancient science is a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding. Most of the websites on the web provide angel number meanings which all say the same thing, or simply imply that its the mark of the beast. However, I see 66 all the time, and its always before a situation happens that might get me upset, disappointed, or if my ego might get pushed a little. I have noticed there is, let’s say, energetic residue that sticks to me when I allow the frequency to flow through me. You knew specific things that I never shared before with ANYONE, and you easily explained to me in detail the things in my life that are strong along with the ones that need to be worked on.
See whether these situations trigger you on a deep level to grow and get a new perspective.

So make sure your current name is supporting you… not creating unnecessary obstacles. The thing about 66 and seeing it, is that there is someone or something printing it or putting it out there, to be seen. I take care of the unwanted remnants through meditation and energy work, but this is a recent practice. I've told many, many people about Tania's gift and they've ordered their blueprints to learn from her as well.
Just knowing other people hade gone or are going through the same thing as me, makes me feel better. I have been dealing with the negative consequences of allowing others’ energy streams to flow through me.

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