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Albert Einstein was a German-born Theoretical Physicist and Philosopher of Science that developed the Theory of Relativity, and is known for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2. The Destiny number reveals the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that were with Albert Einstein when he entered his human body. At a Kindergarten age, children love to play and explore Math with fun Math activities and games. Children will enjoy completing these Math games and worksheets whilst learning at the same time.
During Kindergarten, children have already started to develop their understanding of numbers and place value. Here you will find our range of kindergarten worksheets which will help you child learn to write numbers up to 10 and shade in the correct number of objects. The following worksheets will help to develop pencil control and forming numbers correctly. The numbers are dashed and show the children how to start the number and the letter strokes needed. There is also a counting challenge on each worksheets which involve shading in the correct number of items or animals to match the number.
The letters are double thickness to allow the children to write in the space and see more clearly the shape the numbers make. All the Math sheets in this section support the Elementary Math Benchmarks for Kindergarten. The worksheets here involve matching numbers of objects such as shapes and animals to their values.
After your child has learnt to count objects up to 10 and write their numbers, they are ready to start adding on.
The worksheets here will support your child in counting one more than a number of quantity.

The sheets in this section will help your child to write the numbers from 1 to 10 in words. If you are looking for some counting sheets to help your child learn to count, look no further.
All the free printable kindergarten worksheets below support the Elementary Math benchmarks.
The following worksheets involve using the basic skill of counting on and back with numbers up to 25.
All the Math sheets in this section follow the Elementary Math Benchmarks for Kindergarten. We welcome any comments about our site or worksheets on the Facebook comments box at the bottom of every page. His name, and the numbers derived from it, reveals Albert's development, as well as the talents and issues he will be working with during this life. Albert is extremely idealistic, sometimes to the point of being naive about people or methods. To inflate your balloons, you will need to purchase a helium cylinder for 30 balloons or helium cylinder for 50 balloons.
We specifically do notpass on your contact or personal details to third parties without your permission. From time to time, he finds himself involved in a project whose very life depends upon his willingness to sacrifice something that relates directly to his ego. Part of Albert's hunger for fame has to do with his need for validation; Albert is his own harshest critic. Albert Einstein realizes his greatest satisfaction when he is involved in some activity that directly benefits the public good. Politics, law, protection of the environment, teaching, and healing are areas in which Einstein would succeed.

He should have friends and associates from all walks of life, all colors and religious backgrounds. A wide diversity of people and experiences stimulate and bring forth qualities within Albert Einstein that would otherwise lay dormant. Many with Albert's Destiny number find themselves in the arts, especially in literature, painting, and the visual and performing arts.
The 9 Expression suggests that Albert Einstein has reached the point where a breakthrough can occur; during this lifetime Albert can apply all that he has learned along his evolutionary path and complete a major stage in his development.
Albert Einstein has the ability to synthesize many diverse bits of knowledge into a unified whole.
He tends to be preoccupied with his vision or cause, and sometimes overlook the needs of those closest to him. Ironically, Albert Einstein is a very loving and sincere person, but often neglectful in expressing what he truly feels.
He should try to be more spontaneous and courageous about showing his real self, including his vulnerability. This causes him to encourage the best in people, but occasionally makes him vulnerable to being taken advantage of. The surest way to personal satisfaction is for Albert Einstein to become part of some larger social cause.

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