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Plane Finder AR adds a layer of augmented reality to its previous (and free) Plane Finder app, now charging $4 for the privilege of seeing the flight number, speed, destination and other such details of overhead planes. It works by picking up the ADS-B data from the planes, which is why not every plane the iPhone is pointed at has information to be displayed. News reports last night claim that the BBC is planning to delete over 11,000 online recipes. When a Polish train driver noticed a truck blocking part of the track ahead of his vehicle, he didn't have time to bring the carriages to a stop before impact. Scientists have discovered a previously unknown property of spider silk, and used it to create a remarkable new "hybrid" material. Plane Finder 3D works by tapping into the ADS-B signals used by aircraft to relay their location to ground stations. It helps that population density is high and there are many aviation enthusiasts sending data to their servers.

Less dense areas, including good parts of North America, are in need of more volunteer data senders. Having your own receiver could have the advantage of seeing local aircraft that are not on websites like flightradar.
Would be better if it worked like an astronomy app - saw a plane in the sky but don't know which one it is?
Flightradar24 Pro does that, though you do need a camera on the side opposite the screen for the augmented reality view. Little thumbnails appear, highlighting the flight number, speed, altitude, last port of call and destination, and how far away it is from you. So he used the three seconds he had to sprint through the train, warning passengers of the impact. The new bio-inspired thread, which acts like both a solid and a liquid, could lead to a host of new materials and technologies.

Should you want a more up close and personal look, Plane Finder 3D has just taxied up to the Google Play gate.
There are over two-dozen cities tracked in Plane Finder 3D, each with satellite imagery ground maps.
Just point your phone at it, and using the camera, GPS and gyro, Plane Finder will not only know which plane you're looking at, but also overlay the flight path and give you all details! You can pan around and zoom in on any plane, then tap to get the flight number, airline, and go into first-person mode.

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