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International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a standard account number which is developed within the framework of European Union Regulations. The structure of account numbering methods and number formats of each country and each bank are different and this leads to errors and delays in the completion of banks transfers. IBAN was created to help resolve this particular issue and facilitate electronic banking transfers through the clear and precise indication of the beneficiary account number in transfer orders.
4- Bank 2 checks if the IBAN of Customer 1's account is correct by calculating the IBAN validation algorithm.
The transfer is executed with validated (correct) IBAN, hence, the account of Customer 1 will be credited faster and easier when the transfer message is received by Bank 1. First four digits of IBAN include two digits for country code and two check digits to verify the validity of the IBAN. When the IBAN is printed or written on paper, it is written from left to right in groups of four digits separated with spaces. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) has been introduced to standardise the identification of bank accounts. The original bank account number, plus the additional characters, will be known as the IBAN.
Implementing the IBAN system will help improve the quality of information exchanged between banks, either within in Lebanon or internationally.
The Central Bank of Lebanon - Banque Du Liban, has ruled to introduce IBAN to Lebanon and have instructed all banks in Lebanon to implement IBAN.
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited - Lebanon will communicate IBAN to customers by letter, physical statements, payment advices and on new cheque books. HSBC Bank Middle East Limited - Lebanon, is unable to provide IBAN for accounts held with another bank and advises you to approach the respective bank for assistance. Although the payment will be processed, it might be delayed, and a penalty may be imposed upon the ordering customer (remitter), however from 1 July 2010, these payments will be rejected.

Where both the debit and credit accounts are with HSBC Lebanon, you can continue to provide the standard HSBC bank account number. 9) Currently, I use electronic delivery channels (ie Personal Internet Banking, Business Internet Banking, HSBCnet, HSBC Connect, SWIFTNet); do I need to the IBAN when initiating electronic payments to Lebanon banks? Yes, please ensure that you provide a valid IBAN at the time of initiating the payment instruction to ensure that your beneficiary gets the credit on time.
10) I have standing instructions loaded with HSBC for periodic payments; do I need to give revised instructions with IBAN? Yes, if you currently have standing instructions set-up today you must advise HSBC of the IBAN number for your non-HSBC beneficiaries, by submitting an Accounts Services Form - you can find a copy on the internet or pick up the form from your local branch. 11) What if I give an instruction over the counter at a branch, do I still need to provide the IBAN of the beneficiary? HSBC encourages you to use our eChannel - HSBCnet, for an efficient and seamless payments service, to find out more please contact your Relationship Manager. 14) Is there any service charge if we fail to provide IBAN at the time of making payment requests? For the time being, there will not be any additional charges, other than normal transaction processing fee. On this page I have compiled a collection of examples of birth, marriage and death certificates as well as census and others. By studying the document it will show you what information you can expect to find if you have this kind of record for your own ancestor.
It sounds like a small thing, but if you've ever had to reinstall Windows on your computer and couldn't find the product key in your pile of paperwork, you'll know this simple, free app can solve a big problem, especially if you're not comfortable digging around in the Registry. AIRCEL AIRTEL ANDHRA PRADESH ASSAM BIHAR JHARKHAND BSNL CHENNAI DELHI ETISALAT GUJARAT HARYANA HFCL HIMACHAL PRADESH IDEA JAMMU KASHMIR KARNATAKA KERALA KOLKATA LOOP MOBILE MAHARASHTRA MP CHHATISGARH MTNL MTS MUMBAI NORTH EASTERN STATES ORISSA PUNJAB RAJASTHAN RELIANCE SPICE STEL TAMILNADU TATA DOCOMO TATA INDICOM UNINOR UP (W) UTTARAKHAND UTTAR PRADESH (E) VIDEOCON TELECOM VODAFONE WEST BENGAL. The main purpose of IBAN is to facilitate automatic processing of money transfers, prevent delays and any extra costs due to use of wrong account numbers in money transfers. Commencing this date, all banks in Lebanon started generating an IBAN for each account that is used in money transfer. As the business and financial transfers are globally increasing, the need has arisen to develop a special number for transfer of funds in domestic and foreign currencies.

IBAN has also allowed sender banks to verify the validity of the provided beneficiary account number. It includes the two check digits which are calculated with a specific mathematical algorithm. The remaining part of IBAN includes the national account number, (named Basic Bank Account Number- BBAN).
In electronic transactions, the IBAN is used without spaces and non-alphanumeric characters (punctuation mark, slash etc). We advise you to do this well in advance of 1 July 2010, to ensure our systems are updated in time to avoid payment delays or rejections. This will have an impact on the process you follow today and we request you to provide the instructions as outlined in the table below. Therefore for non-HSBC instructions you will need to provide your instructions in spreadsheet format with the beneficiaries' IBAN. Will there be any charge should the remitter fail to incorporate my IBAN at the time of making payments? When a customer, who intends to make a payment transfer, gives the beneficiary's IBAN to the sender, the sender bank will validate the check digits of IBAN before the payment transfer reaches the beneficiary's bank. Structure and length of the BBAN varies between countries, provided it must have a fixed length of no more than 30 digits and a Bank Identifier in a fixed position. If you have any questions related to this process please contact your Relationship Manager.
Therefore, if the beneficiary's IBAN is incorrect, the payment transfer will be stopped before transmitting it to the beneficiary's bank. The length, format and elements of the remaining part are determined by the country itself.

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