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When Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, God revealed to them the basic structure of the original language. Many Bible verses contain hidden or confirming messages buried within the text that are revealed when overlaid or analyzed with what I call the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. After the destruction of the First Temple in ancient Israel, the Hebrew language was no longer used. The original Hebrew alphabet contained foundational knowledge from God that men could never discover. Similarly, the Hebrew Alphabet Number System combines numbers and symbols to explain the universe, the earth, and our existence. According to ancient Hebrew law, a person had to be twenty (20) years old to become an adult citizen who was fully accountable to the law.
The curtain in the Jewish temple, which separated the people from God, was thirty cubits long.
When applied to days, months, or years, the number forty (40) does not necessary mean an actual measurable amount of time. In Moses' time, the people of Israel were told to make a bronze snake and lift it up on a pole. The Torah required Israel to celebrate a special year-long holiday every fifty years called the Jubilee.
On the fiftieth day after the Lord's resurrection, Christians celebrate the holiday of Pentecost commemorating the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
It seemed a paradox that God would tell the first couple to be fruitful and populate the earth, yet forbid them to eat the fruit that would give them the knowledge they needed for survival. At the moment man took that first step of disobedience, he began a journey away from the Lord. After the encounter with the serpent, Adam's eyes were opened and he saw that he was naked. In the Garden God resided with Adam and Eve in a separated environment, fenced in from the processes of life and death on this earth. Man was designed to live forever, but because of sin, he must take a detour, much like the Israelites when they wandered through the desert between Egypt and the Promised Land. It is just as impossible for sinful man to go through to the other side (heaven) as for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Abraham was promised a son when he was one hundred (100) years of age, and his wife Sarah was eighty years old. The number 100 can be expressed in the Hebrew system as one (1) in three dimensions or domains.
All the senses (taste, smell, touch, and even sound) are involved in eating or to judge if the food is palatable. To decide whether the proper meaning of a number in a particular instance can be determined by adding or multiplying other component numbers, we must examine the biblical contexts and compare several Bible verses that use that number. A thorough study of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System reveals that God has imbedded his complete plan for humankind in it.
We could continue through the whole alphabet and still not fully capture the meaning of God. You may download any booklet, chapter or article that we have written for free and hand them out to anyone you think might find them of interest. The United States one dollar note contains a wealth of information about when and where that note was printed.
There are twelve different Federal Reserve Banks responsible for printing paper money in the United States. The serial number of a bill appears twice, once in the lower left hand quadrant and again in the upper right hand quadrant on the front of the bill. In the lower right quadrant between the portrait of George Washington and signature of the Secretary of the Treasury is the Series Date. New Treasurer of the United States - A suffix letter is added to the current series year (e.g. The Plate Serial Number appears twice: once on the front of the bill in the lower right quadrant above the Federal Reserve District Number, and again on the back in the lower right corner. The front (or obverse) of the seal shows an American bald eagle behind the national shield.

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At that time man lacked direct experience, so he needed to be taught how to think and function in order to deal with his environment. Similarly, people must die and then be resurrected in order to become a finished product in accordance with God's full pleasure and intent. It is the only language that survived after the confusion of Babel to retain some of its original design.
In it was buried the concept of creation, the source of the beginning of the universe, and the first step toward diversity. For instance, in our bodies the most important organ is the brain; therefore, we might assign the number one (1) to it. It is always silent, indicating the qualities of being hidden, incomprehensible, unexplainable, and infinite. In Exodus 32, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the carved stone tables of the Ten Commandments, he saw that the children of Israel had made a golden calf. One creature had a steer head, representing the physical world coming from a world of light.
Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
The number forty-nine (7 x 7) represents a double portion of trials, tribulations, struggles, or weapons (if we are looking at earthly things). The book of Revelation describes seven churches, seven spirits, seven stars, seven trumpets, seven bowls, and seven candlesticks. These eight people represented a new beginning for mankind after the world was destroyed by water. At the time of Jesus' death this curtain was split in two, allowing people direct access to God. Israel spent forty years in the wilderness being tested by God before they crossed over Jordan to inherit the Promised Land. All debts were forgiven on that day, all property returned to the original owners, all slaves freed, the high priest changed to another family, political ties were cut and money reevaluated to its original worth. The number fifty (50) is also connected with Israel's future return and restoration to the land God gave them (1968-2018). Adam had been commanded by God to multiply and subdue the earth, but was forbidden to eat from the tree of knowing good and evil.
So Adam and Eve used their own judgment, basing their decision on what seemed good to them at the time, rather than depending on God's provision for life.
Mankind still strives to be independent from God, and thus experiences strife and difficulties in the midst of an evil world governed by Satan. He has made provision for his children's salvation so they can return to life in conformity with God’s holy nature.
The image of Nebuchadnezzar, which he erected and then commanded to be worshiped, stood sixty cubits high and six cubits wide. This refreshing life-giving water, which comes from hidden places, can sustain us on our journey. God told him that from the two of them would be born descendants as numerous as the stars in the heavens including royalty and the Redeemer. The domains could represent, for example, heaven, earth and under the earth with God as the head (1 = Aleph) over all.
If a shepherd has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go in search of the one that went astray?
If many references indicate the same or similar meanings, we can be reasonably assured that a true interpretation has been established.
He is hidden in every level of human speech and thoughts that are expressed in the alphabet, yet we could never fully define him with mere symbols like letters of the alphabet.
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The finished product (a human being from God's perspective) can only come to his full potential by being born on the other side of reality after his earthly life is through.
Since they do not choose to conform to his image, they will remain dead and eventually be eliminated in the lake of fire. Those languages do not incorporate the above three linguistic dimensions that were embodied in the original text. For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. The seventh tribe of Israel, Gad, was the first to engage the enemy to enter the Promised Land. The image of that serpent not only symbolically reminded man of the original problem of sin, but it will also assured them that God had provided a means of salvation and restoration to live in the midst of a desert experience. God knew where Adam was hiding, but he wanted Adam to communicate with him, to express his inner thoughts and answer back with his mouth (Pe). This seemed an impossible proposition, but the Lord assured Abraham that nothing is impossible with him. And if he finds it, truly I tell you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine that never went astray. It has a mouth and can talk to God, so Resch can also mean the brain where all bodily functions are anchored and connected.
When food is crushed by the teeth, its components - fruits, vegetables and meats - lose their individual identities. The 13-letter motto, "Annuit Coeptis" means "He has favored our undertakings." Below the pyramid the motto, "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means "A new order of the ages," standing for the new American era. We operate over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space at two warehouse locations on both the East and West coast. Therefore, in order to understand the complete message of biblical prophecy, we must study some details of the original Hebrew Alphabet Number System. The Hebrews used tables to show how they prioritized things like metals, fruits and vegetables, planets, and even our weekly cycle: the first day, Sunday (the sun), is followed by Monday (the moon). But this brief conceptual analysis will give you a glimpse into the complexity of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System and how it can be used to discover hidden meanings in Bible texts, especially those that relate to the Apocalypse.
By covering their idol with gold they tried to legitimize their fraudulent religious expressions. These concepts can only be understood when Beth (the house) is connected with Aleph (God the Creator). God designed us to live with the door open, which means that we will experience strife in our lives, rather than closing the door to avoid conflict.
Four males and four females came from the old world into the new, progressing into the Cheth (8), a new beginning on a higher level.
The number one hundred (100) could represent someone (1) being inside or outside a circle (0). So it is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost.
In a philosophically similar way, when specific experiences in our past are mixed together, we can begin to see meaning and purpose for our lives, which can be expressed as a sense of general well-being. These concepts connect to the spiritual-physical side of man and are interwoven in the fabric of human history.
Humanity often borrows ideas from the Creator God in order to give our enterprises an image of legitimacy.
With one run for each letter of the alphabet (26) and 32 bill per run, there are a total of 832 bills per serial number. Daleth symbolizes a world of opposition between good and evil, life and death, justice and injustice.

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