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SEUTECH offers a very strong solution for Vehicle access control, traffic violation and parking system depending on vehicle plate number using very reliable video analytics software.SECUTCH ANPR allows for the capturing, recognizing, and storing of license plates containing both Arabic and Latin characters at very high recognition rates. These areas are highly sensitive and often see a high turnover of vehicles entering and exiting their premises. Most parking operations suffer from a lack of knowing who their customers are and how often they use the facilities. Secutech provides unique security solutions, including hardware,software, men guards and security srevices. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. NPR cameras are designed specifically to capture and enable the recording of vehicle number plates - day or night. The IR Lab camera shown above is a medium cost high-resolution monochrome all-in-one camera with a 10-40mm varifocal auto iris lens.
The camera can reliably capture images of vehicles up to 110mph at 30 metres - day and night and in all weathers. In addition to exceptional character recognition, SECUTECH system is able to recognize the colors of license plates, very important when plates have to be uniquely identified by color due to similar plate numbers such as the current situation in EGYPT.

Employees, suppliers, and visitors all represent different classes, requiring different access rights.SECUTECH ANPR technology, combined with barriers, helps control the flow of vehicles in and out of a premises and identify vehicle types such as employee, taxi, or unregistered.
The challenge for enforcement authorities becomes how to efficiently and effectively provide safety and security to law-abiding motorist and pedestrians. Parking areas already use barriers to control access, so they are a natural candidate for integrating an ANPR system in order to increase safety and provide statistical information, information that can be used to grant loyalty rewards or provide other value added services.ANPR also solves the problem of lost ticket cases which can lead to lost revenue since the max charges may not cover the cost of time.
They incorporate many advanced features such as fast shutter speeds, headlamp glare and daylight  filters, and integral infra-red (IR) illumination with variable intensity. The unit has 20 special IR LEDs and incorporates dual glass technology which eliminates IR LED reflection in to the lens at night. Once the information is extracted from the number plate, it can then be cross-matched with any number of agency watch-lists, and send real time alerts for quick actions. Therefore if an employee is entering or exiting, the camera reads the plate number and determines if the vehicle has access or not. With our ANPR solution, the attendant simply inputs the plate number and is able to view a photo of the vehicle along with entry dates and times, eliminating false claims.System Controllers can receive alerts when unauthorized or unregistered vehicles reach a gate. The system can also be set to grant access during specific times; for example between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

As vehicles speed pass the ANPR cameras, their plate numbers are captured then automatically processed against a watch list. Also, management reports, such as traffic flow summaries and queries can be generated, a powerful tool in evaluating operational and security procedures.
Cameras are typically positioned on an overhead gantry for optimal viewing of plate numbers.A live overview traffic camera allows authorities to monitor traffic conditions such as accidents and violations in real time. Real time information makes for quicker response times and safer roads.Therefore, by applying our ANPR technology, authorities can remotely monitor highways and roadways without having to add man power. Instead the same human resources can be applied to respond to safety and security threats making for a more efficient and effective enforcement system.

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