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Pro Plates are about professionally produced custom show plates, bespoke road-legal number plates, personalised for car, motorcycle, truck, trailer or agricultural vehicle.
Add your favourite sports team or cartoon character badge to your Pro Plates Design, choose from 100s of styles to create your own personalised, custom Show Plates. We are the UK's leading Show Plates manufacturer supplying to the Trade and Public delivering quality products and service.
You can also visit our Facebook page, using the link below to see samples of what we can do.
All our prices include postage and packing, so there will be no extra charges added at check out.
We accept Paypal for online payment or you can choose to give your card details by phone if you prefer - enter your phone number and we will call you. We are also in the process of adding pressed metal legal number plates to the website in standard, oblong and jap sizes.
Our Number Plate Builder will allow you to create and view your number plate design in a variety of sizes prior to placing your order on our secure server. Once you've got your hands on your new number plates, it's important to know that they're attached securely to your car. If you have a personalised registration number, why settle for standard number plates to display it on? Placing an order through this site is totally secure and your details are protected and never shared. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.

If you see an image and you are the individual copyright holder please contact us immediately if you wish for such images to be removed.
We sell legal plates, show plates and custom designed number plates for special occasions including wedding number plates, birthday plates, sports event plates, engagement plates, christening plates, new baby plates etc. Once you have an idea email or pm us on Facebook and we will preview your plate for you. So confident in fact that if you can get your plates delivered cheaper we will beat any competitiors price by 10% . Please note you do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal option, once you select the Paypal option you will be guided through how to pay if you do not have an account. Simply click here and follow the instructions to design your custom number plates - you'll love it. Number plates from DesignUrPlates can be supplied with an optional number plate fitting kit.
Our number plates make excellent car show plates, that finishing touch that can really make your car stand out from the crowd.
Put together a personalised number plate with DesgnUrPlates and show off that number in style! If however you’re not happy to order on-line then please feel free to call us on 07866424673 (local rate) 7 days till 10pm. The internet can be a most unpleasant shopping experience if you choose the wrong company to buy from. You cannot simply make up a registration number for your car or motorcycle reg plate and use it on the UK highway.

All our acrylic plates are printed on high quality acrylic using a reverse print process meaning no leaking or fading.
Other companies will offer free delivery, an assortment of other goodies to get you to buy from them.
Either yourself or the person you're buying custom number plates for must already own the registration number you will use. Please be aware that all of our show plates are not for use on the public highway and by doing do you are in breach of the road traffic act.
Show plates are therefore sold on the strict understanding that they will not be fitted to a road going vehicle and it is your responsibility as the purchaser to use them only in a legal fashion.
These show number plates are shaped to the design your number plate space has, so give the complete look when they snug fit into the number plate area.
When making a plate if either of the font size or even the font is changed this will not make the number plate road legal.
You can design your Range Rover show plates on our state of the art show plate builder, and choose more options than anyone else.

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