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The first time you joined a multi player game you probably didn't think about setting your call sign up so you probably joined with one of the defaults. It really is annoying doing ATC with people who don't change the defaults for the simple reason that if someone else joins with the same call sign everyone gets confused!
If you are not sure of the numeric format for flight numbers I suggest you stick with just 3 or 4 numbers, i.e.
BA's code is actually BAW and ATC can (cough and has) be confused with what BRI stands for. To make matters worse the callsign really refers to how the airline is reffered to over the radio.

After much thought FSopen is proposing a new standard that combines all of the above with this format. And as the shortened version takes the 1st 3 characters the airline code is always correct. Simply right click on this file airlines.cfg and save, overwriting the current version on your PC.
Usually, the person you are calling will have given you the number in a format similar to the one illustrated above. OK most of us in the UK pick this up very quickly but ATC struggle with some of the more obscure airlines.

You will also find a complete listing of all of the country codes for every country and satellite in the world.

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