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Call Before You Dig is a free service up to KEC's meter that locates underground wires and lines in Kootenai County. Call IUPPS at 811 or 800-382-5544 at least "two full working days" but not more than 20 calendar days prior to the start of your project. At least the first four colors -- red, yellow, orange and blue --A must be shown before you can beginA digging safely. Find current information about Registration Number Required for all Timber and Agriculture Tax Exemptions! With the Peoples Gas Natural Comfort program, it's easier to bring the benefits of natural gas to your next homebuilding project.
Call the toll free number, 811, at least 48 hours before digging or excavating and have the following information ready: start date, phone number, type of work, job location and special marking instructions. This prevents digging equipment from hitting or cutting off power, water, phone, cable or gas lines.

Learn more about our company and our commitment to sustaining the environment and community.
By installing natural gas appliances and choosing from a menu of other energy-efficient and environmentally responsible options, you'll do more than build homes that are up to 30% more efficient. One easy way to improve a home's energy rating is with a natural gas tankless water heater – and it has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than an electric water heater does. View the color code for marking underground utility lines established by the American Public Works Association. In our continuing quest to promote Underground Damage Prevention, the Safety Division of the PUC instructs Homeowners, Professionals and Government Agencies to use the 811 DigSafe phone number. According to federal data, accidents like the one Gordillo described are the leading cause of damage to gas distribution pipelines nationally. Non-English speakers can use our translation feature to get information in your preferred language.

Damages to these lines can disrupt service to an entire neighborhood, and could include fines and repair costs. If you do not want your identity connected to comments on this site, please refrain from commenting or use a handle or alias instead of your real name. Nationwide, from 1994 to 2013, damage caused by digging by a third party – someone other than the utility or a contractor hired by the utility -- totaled nearly $378 million, and caused 139 deaths and 445 injuries. The trend was so alarming that the Transportation Dept., about 15 years ago, issued best practices to reduce these incidents, working with utilities, professional excavators, and other stakeholders. The utilities have 48 hours to send out a locator to mark the location of the underground lines with paint, for example, or other visual cues.

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