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Most of the time, numerologists focus on people's names, using a simple chart to change names into numbers.
To determine a person's number, the numerologist picks the corresponding numbers from the chart and adds them together.
Many numerology systems also use a person's date of birth to arrive at another number known as the birth, life or destiny number. Some numerologists use charts or diagrams to examine the numbers and letters in relations to one another. Numerologists will interpret the results and the connotations of each number to make recommendations or theorize about a person's future.
Like astrology, numerology is a type of applied mysticism - it correlates a mystical symbol with a person's life. The technique used to determine a person's number has also been used to associate people's names with the number of the beast, or 666, which appeared in the book of Revelation. By the end of kindergarten, a child should be able to identify the position of an object using the numbers first through fifth.

Using objects such as a doll or match box car, help your child grasp ordinal numbers by lining up five objects and then ask questions, e.g., which car is second in line? When writing compound ordinal numbers only, the last number is written as an ordinal number. The practice has roots in Greek, Latin and Hebrew gematria, or the practice of turning words into numbers for the purpose of divination. Some argue that unborn babies select their names themselves and communicate them to their parents psychically, making sure their name will suit them and yield the correct number. If the result has two or more digits, the numerologist will add those digits together, repeating that step until arriving at a single digit. In some systems, the number 77 might be a master number, but most would add the two digits together for a total of 14, and then add one and four for a total of 5. These diagrams can resemble astrological charts and can add additional layers of meaning to the numerological reading.
For this reason, some people have credited numerology with helping them to make personal or financial decisions.

Many people associate this number with the end of the world or the devil, although with enough tweaking it's possible to make virtually anyone's name total 666.
People have used gematria to study and interpret the Torah, the Bible and other religious texts. According to numerologists, the name a person receives at birth is more significant than nicknames, names taken upon marriage, or otherwise changed names. But regardless of whether a numerologist uses a simple or complex system to determine the results, the final analysis will often sound much like a horoscope. However, there's no proof that the system works or that there is any real correlation between the numbers and their associated concepts. We'll look at this and some of the other controversies surrounding numerology in the next section.

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