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By Andre VltchekMay 15, 2015 "Information Clearing House" -  First they manufacture monstrous lies, and then they tell us that we should be objective!
We are obliged to fight those who are burning our dwellings, to hit with full force those who are attempting to rape our women, and to confront fire with fire when innocent beings are slaughtered. It lies in the morning, during the day, in the evening, even at night, when most of the people are sound asleep.
For grand deceits it relies on countless numbers of propagandists who pose as academics, teaches, journalists and “public intellectuals”.
It is also brilliant in how it ensures that its inventions get channeled, distributed, and accepted in all corners of the world. Servile local media and academia on all continents work hard to guarantee that only one narrative is allowed to penetrate the brains of billions. Huge English language Internet-based magazines and sites in the United States, Canada and Russia are also exposing the lies of the official Western propagandists: Counterpunch, Information Clearing House, Global Research, Veterans News, Strategic Culture, New Eastern Outlook quickly come to mind. And there are hundreds of important sites doing the same in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and French languages.

We have to make sure that they get goose bumps when they see our films, read our books and essays, listen to our speeches. The coup killed 2-3 million people, murdered all intellectualism, and lobotomized the 4th most populous country on earth.
The second book, unique because it covers an enormous part of the world – Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia (“Oceania – Neocolonialism, Nukes and Bones”), showed how the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and France, literally divided and destroyed the great South Pacific island cultures and the people. Now classes are being taught using my books, but only a very limited number of people are influenced by the facts exposed in them.
The elites in both Indonesia and Oceania made sure that the books are not widely read by the people. After all, we are supposed to create for our brothers and sisters, not for a few researchers at the universities, especially when we realize that most of the universities are serving the Empire by regurgitating official nomenclature and supporting demagogues. After we compile our arguments, we publish the results in some small publishing house, most likely in the form of a slender book, but almost nobody reads it because of its tiny circulation, and because the findings are usually too complex, too hard to digest, and simply because the facts do not shock anybody, anymore.
One million more innocent people were murdered somewhere in Africa, in the Middle East, in Asia; what else is new?

But our message should be often “abridged”, so the billions, not just those selected few, could understand it. And so is the “Communist Manifesto”, and ‘J’accuse!” Our revolutionary work does not have to be necessarily brief, but it has to be presented in a way that could be understood by many. My recent book, “Exposing Lies of the Empire” has more than 800 pages, but I made sure that it is packed with fascinating stories, with testimonies of people from all corners of the globe, with colorful description of both victims and tyrants. Our determination and our beliefs have to be presented in a loud, potent, even “dogmatic” manner, our voice should be creative, artistic, powerful!
Let us convince the masses that their tyrants –the imperialists, the neo-colonialists and all their dogmatic preachers – are nothing more than pitiful, greedy, poisonous fools!
After living for many years in Latin America and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides and works in East Asia and the Middle East.

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