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The world's most accurate astrology team shows you how to apply astrology's ancient wisdom to reveal the turns in the road of life and describe the best ways to navigate everyday situations.
Unique month-at-a-glance journal-calendar of the major astrological events for your sign, with Key Dates and high-energy Super Nova Days.
Out of a secure traditional wisdom that once maintained the harmony of Creation in this land, Sun Bear and Wabun bring a needed message to the children of a confused and disintegrating civilization. Read an ExcerptTHE MOONS AND THE TOTEMSThe moon, or month, during which you were born determines your starting place on the Medicine Wheel and your beginning totem in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.
Sun Bear, a sacred teacher of Chippewa descent, is the founder and medicine chief of the Bear Tribe, a multiracial educational society.
Shelly Wu is the author of Chinese Astrology, Chinese Sexual Astrology, and The Karma Sutra.
A unique and exciting new Astrology System based on a blend of Celtic Tree knowledge, ancient wisdom and modern astrologyCeltic Tree and Animal Spirit Astrology is a completely new and carefully devised system of astrology linking many aspects of Celtic myth and symbolism into the modern-day zodiac. Carole Somerville has been studying and using astrology, Tarot Cards and other forms of divination for 30 years. This is the first book to bring together in one comprehensive source all information you need with virtually no calculations to be made. Connected loves, let’s take some time this day A 1-13-13A to put our hands on Mamma Earth and send her and all her inhabitants love.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Now, with this special 25th anniversary edition of the late Sun Bear's classic bestseller, readers old and new can benefit from the teachings and techniques of the Medicine Wheel.In The Medicine Wheel, Sun Bear and Wabun put forth a whole new system of earth astrology to help guide people not only in their daily living but also in their life paths.
It is a message of balance, of self-reliance, of attunement with the spirits of the natural world — skills well nigh lost to our overspecialized, pre-packaged, left-brained education.
The first moon of the year, the Earth Renewal Moon, marks the time when the Father Sun returns from his journey to the south and begins, once again, to precipitate growth in the Earth Mother and all of her children.
In the first section, you will learn about Zi Wei Dou Shu, or "emperor astrology," the best-kept secret for millenniums and formerly accessible only to royalty.
Her columns and feature articles have appeared in the Associated Press, on ABC News, and the BBC, as well as in Psychic Interactive, Your Stars, InTouch, and LIFE magazines. Let’s feel ourselves a part of this wondrous universe and wherever we are on this planet and this wheel of life, emotionally and physically, remember that we are always connected.
This is more than just another system of personality classification and analysis, it is a compendium of fascinating information about various animals, minerals and plants, including their characteristics, their healing and spiritual qualities, as well as the uses made of them by the native people of this continent.

The most accurate and profound divination tool ever discovered-a kind of Dewey decimal system of the universe-will help you identify your inborn capabilities, achievement potential, and life path.You may be familiar with the Chinese birth year-animals, but did you know you actually have four of them? Wu teaches Chinese Astrology at the Online College of Astrology, and can be heard on radio talk shows worldwide. Trees provided a connection to the world of spirits and ancestors through doorways into other worlds. She then went on to enhance her expertise by studying with the Mayo School of Astrology, receiving their diploma in 1984.In the 1980s Carole established herself as a leading writer for key astrology magazines including Destiny, Your Stars, Exploring the Supernatural and Your Future. The Medicine Wheel's philosophy is derived from a basic principle known by all people who live close to the earth: Once you fully embrace the elemental forces of nature, you become a part of the whole. I have the deepest trust in Sun Bear's vision; I have equally deep trust in the medicine ways he and Wabun offer us to restore healthy relations among people and the Earth. Each year, each month, each day, and each two-hour period of the day are distinct and denoted by a combination of Chinese animal signs (branches) and one of the five Elements (stems). In the 1990s Carole's print media clients extended to include The Daily Mirror, The People and the Psychic Companion's new magazine Destiny. Let this book be your first step toward finding peace and prosperity — and your own special place in the circle of life. Her work began to incorporate dream analysis, supplying telephone forecasts and information booklets. The moons of Waboose, those of rest and renewal, bring the time to contemplate the growth of the previous year and prepare for the growth of the year to come.Following the moons of Waboose are those of Wabun, Spirit Keeper of the East. Finally, in the third section of this volume, you will learn about the Chinese astrological subspecialties, from the IChing, feng shui, and Chinese palmistry, to Face reading, 9 Star Ki, and what the combination of your western birth month and eastern birth year reveals.The interactive CD-ROM included with the book makes it easy to create Chinese astrological charts for yourself, your friends, and family members.This book has it all!
These three moons are those of awakening growth, when the Father Sun begins to illuminate all of earth's children and prepare them to bring forth their proper fruit. This led to Carole becoming the astrologer for a number of other regional newspaper clients.Through the nineties, Carole's forecasts were seen and heard throughout the world including America, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Africa. The first moon of Wabun is the Budding Trees Moon, which begins at the time of the spring equinox, which usually occurs on March 21. Carole also worked as a consultant for the Psychic Friends Network helping them establish and then write their quarterly magazine Destiny. As well as turning out a range of exciting articles on New Age subjects, Carole answered reader's problems and analysed their dreams.Just prior to the start of the new millennium, Carole took a degree in psychology. The moons of Wabun are those of illumination and wisdom, as earth's children prepare to grow in their proper way.Next come the moons of Shawnodese, Spirit Keeper of the South.

In recent years along with her astrological work, Carole has been studying complementary therapies and Reiki. These are the moons of rapid growth, when all the earth comes to flower and bears fruit for that year.
The Strong Sun Moon is the first one of Shawnodese and begins on June 21, the time of the summer solstice.
Carole is also a member of the International Natural Healers Association.Her experience is wide and varied and includes writing, taking workshops, counselling and healing.
Carole's objective is to employ the knowledge and experience she has gained through her professional and personal experiences for the benefit of others. In her work, Carole helps people take charge of their lives through improved understanding and through taking a more positive attitude to making choices. Trust is necessary in this season, since growth is so rapid there isn't time to ponder progress.The autumn is the season of Mudjekeewis, Spirit Keeper of the West. The first moon of Mudjekeewis is the Ducks Fly Moon, which begins on September 23, the day of the autumn equinox. These are the moons that bring us the time of introspection, the time of gathering strength to look within and contemplate the growth and progress made in the preceding seasons.
These are the times to prepare for the season of resting and renewing to come.Each moon has a particular totem, or emblem, in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, which shares characteristics with the people who are born during this time. From your starting totems you will learn about yourselves, at the same time you learn more about your other relations on the earth.
People do have a responsibility to their totems, to give them respect, liking and gratitude for the lessons and the energies they contribute to the continuation of life on our common Earth Mother.As you travel around the wheel, you should strive to learn as much as you can about the totems of any place that you stand, so you are always growing more knowledgeable about those who share the earth with you.
When you stand in the place of a different moon, you have the capacity to take on the characteristics of the totems for that moon and to learn from them, as well as from your fellow two-leggeds.
The more you are willing to learn, the further you can travel on your journey around the Medicine Wheel.Remember as you read of the moons that not all people will have all of the same characteristics, even though they share the same moon and totems.
It is possible, during the time you stand at one position, to sometimes have moods or phases that seem more fitting to those of another moon. These can remind you of positions through which you have passed or give you hints of the places you'll be traveling to next.

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