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This blog post addresses a question about the consequence of changed meanings of name number when our name is changed.
When dealing with several names to uncover meaning with numerology, I conduct readings on both names.
Why?  Because I know nothing happens without some deeper reasoning.  Ergo, I know significant numerological meanings  can be found in both names.
For example, if your familiar name-number is a 2 and your married name-number is  7, combine these two numbers to make 9 and begin to research the conjoined symbolism from there.

The creepiest part about my birth name, and the different name I was called right after birth, is that they both come out to the same number, number 19. I’ve offered a lot of thoughts about this and the topic of symbolic numbers in general.
I have a question that came up when I went to a kabala numerology where aparently you work with numerology but your name numerology has to be in harmony with your birth numerology in order to fulfilled your destany or path, base on your experience is this true and how would one calculate both name and birth numerology to reflect your astrological highest purpose.
Numerology, like astrology helps determine the nature, natural gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and predict the future, open the most suitable time for decision-making and action. With the help of numerology you can choose business partners or your spoose.

It is hard to say exactly when numerology was born, for the reason that in ancient times (in Babylon, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome) that separate science just was not there, it was another more common form – arifmomantiya (prediction on numbers).
Pythagorean doctrine greatly influenced the formation and development of religious secret societies of Europe, such as the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, anthroposophy, and others. Since then and until now this option numerology continues to evolve.

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