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Lynn has been ahead of the times for generations in perceiving the psychology, cosmology and spiritual nature of numerology. This new website is designed to reflect the ever changing information that is rapidly accelerating upon the planet.
Lynn says, “over the years I have gone through deep struggle with my own dark side along with stages of transformation into a greater connection with expanded consciousness. His vision, too, is always expanding and seeking to integrate ever changing patterns of human spiritual evolution.

As one experiences the growth process, it becomes necessary to let go of outworn and outlived parts of the personality and let the newer level of awareness thrive. Each of these is provided to offer you additional information and services for your understanding of numbers and personal growth. Now it is time to release that older vehicle of communication and build upon a new foundation of inspiration and ever expanding information”. Humanity is waking up to a greater perception of its cosmic destiny, and this is reflected in our evolving perception of the contribution numbers can make in our lives.

Please enjoy your search for self and the clues of personal understanding that are cleverly crafted in the wonders of numbers.

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